Is there any cordials/Squash without sweetener?

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Posted 28th Mar 2018
I miss when you could buy a bottle of dandelion and burdock, cloudy lemonade, Cherryade and it was delicious, but now you can't buy any of them because there all no added sugar and I personally want to restrict to consuming too much of it. I am not fat and now and then I want a sugar drink, but it seems like we are getting no choice anymore, here are some examples,



Lemondade Schweppes…008

Dr Pepper…292

It seems like the only big name left (correct me on others I'm sure there is)
is coca cola and the price has gone insane,

I remember it was five years ago a 3 Litre bottle would always be on offer for 1£, now its 1.5 Litre bottles, 2 for 2.50£, I know inflation etc., but 2.5x ... swell as coca cola upping the price because of sugar tax which is not even being imposed yet.

I am now looking into other ways of getting my sugar drinks as I think its only time till there is no options left and were just going to have to get dirty with sparkling water and oranges and a bag of sugar,

Let's look at coca cola, 1.5-litre bottle, 1.25£, in this bottle there is 162G of sugar, a 5kg bag of sugar costs £3.15, this equates the sugar to cost 10.2P. I know there is other crap in coca cola, but it's got to get things into perspective, and hopefully, people will try to opt to go buy oranges, and sugar and just make some fizzy pop

or please reply with sugary drinks that are still available not riddles with sweeteners
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