Just eat didn't deliver food and refuse to refund - is this normal for them?

Posted 29th Feb 2020
I placed an order from Just Eat today and the food was never delivered. It was from a restaurant that Just Eat manages the delivery for.

When the driver left the restaurant, I carefully monitored the driver's location on the GPS tracking. As the driver came close, my wife went outside to intercept the driver so that he wouldn't ring the doorbell (which might wake our baby). My wife waited and no driver arrived, so she came back inside. The order had been registered on the Just Eat system as having been "delivered" - but it wasn't.

When I spoke to customer service, I was told that "the order was marked as delivered, this means, it was delivered to you successfully" and "I am afraid that we can't process a refund for you since our delivery partner confirmed that it was delivered." I asked to speak to a manager who said the same thing.

Is this type of situation normal with Just Eat? Has anyone else had the same experience?
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Just Eat aims to deliver quickly when you order with them through one of their many partner restaurants and takeaways. You can enjoy all your favourite foods, from pizza or burritos, KFC to McDonald's, but when your order doesn't arrive as planned it can be disappointing and leave you wondering what next.

Well, here is what to do if your Just Eat order doesn't arrive:

1. Double check you have properly placed your order, do you have a confirmation email, have you entered the right address. Maybe your order is just a little late. Mistakes are easy to make so it is best to just check over everything first.

2. Ultimately, once the order has been passed onto the restaurant it is out of Just Eat's hands and so the responsibility passes to the restaurant.

3. Delivery usually takes 45-60 minutes from placing an order to the delivery arriving at your door.

4. Just Eat states that it is not responsible for delivery times therefore if you're Just Eat order never arrived you should first contact the restaurant from whom you ordered to claim a refund or discuss a re-delivery.

5. If the restaurant refuses to either refund your order or send it out for delivery again then you can contact Just Eat's customer services.

6. You can use the live chat function to contact Just Eat or call them, make sure to include your order number

7. However, you must remember that according to Just Eat's terms and conditions, the only way to get a refund is through the restaurant from whom you ordered your food.

8. In some circumstances Just Eat may offer you a credit voucher once you have contacted their customer services.


Do Just Eat give refunds?

No, Just Eat is just an intermediary between you and the restaurant so it doesn't give out refunds itself.

If you're wondering how to get a Just Eat refund, the answer is that you will have to contact the restaurant directly.

However, it is important to remember that if you pay with PayPal, your transactions are protected and you can claim a refund via PayPal.

Another clever way to ensure you don't pay for food that doesn't arrive is to pay in cash upon delivery, that way the restaurant can't take your money before you have received what you paid for.

What is Just Eat's refund policy?

Just Eat do not offer refunds, you must contact the restaurant directly. In some circumstances, Just Eat may offer you a credit voucher, but you must first get in contact with the restaurant before getting in contact with Just Eat's customer service.

Do Just Eat refund missing items?

Just Eat notably downright refuse to give refunds for missing items, claiming that this is the responsibility of the restaurant to compensate customers. But if you are persistent enough you may be given a credit voucher for the missing items by Just Eat but this may take a lot of back and forth with their customer services.

How to use Just Eat refund credit?

If you are given a Just Eat refund in the form of credit vouchers, it is simple to use. Here is how:

Sign in to your Just Eat account. Click 'account credit' and type in the voucher. Then the code should be added to your account and you will receive a 'paycode activated' message. When it comes to placing your next order make sure you choose to pay from your account on the payment page.

Why won't Just Eat refund me?

Usually, Just Eat refunds given by the restaurants you ordered from taking 2-14 days, this means that whether you paid by Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal or credit or debit cards, you must wait up to two weeks before the money will be deposited into your account. If you have been waiting longer than this then the best way to resolve the issue is to contact the restaurant's customer service.

How to raise a complaint at Just Eat?

Simply contact Just Eat's customer service by using the live chat or calling their contact number.
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