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Keter bench seat

Hope this is the right place to come for some advice.  Got one of the Keter storage seats but the lid bit that you sit on has started to crack and let in water although the structure of the seat is still sound and it seems a shame to tip it.  Can anyone recommend something to stick on to cover the seat that will flex enough with the plastic and stand up to the Scottish weather.
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    Get an old soldering iron and melt some tie wraps along the crack on the inside. Being careful not to go all the way through
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    There is a dedicated tool (plastic welding gun) for this purpose that uses small metal wires - under a tenner for all the bits too!…AGU (edited)
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    The sealant you use around sinks and baths. I believe that there are some colored versions so not just white if that does not suit.
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    It might be worth contacting Keter and see what they suggest. Not sure if they give a guarantee but you might get a new bench seat!
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    This has happened to mine, I contacted Keter and they told me they don't do spares.
    In their marketing blurb they suggest they're indestructible which is not the case.
    One idea I've had is to superglue some plastic strips over the cracks (maybe using plastic spatulas or the stuff you use to fill bumps in car bodywork)
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    I had one of those and I got it cheap from b&a because it was ex-display and had a big missing. I phoned keter up to ask if I could buy spares as it was hardly their fault, and they sent them out free of charge. Always worth a try.
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