Lay-Z-Spa Air Pump Not Working

Posted 28th Jun 2020
Hi guys,

I finally managed to get a Lay-Z-Spa Paris. I took it out the box today and followed the instructions. I began inflating using the included pipe and using the air pump/bubbles button.

It said to inflate for 5 mins in the manual but after about 2 minutes I noticed a funny burning smell coming from the (egg) jet.

It sounded like the motor was really struggling and then something that felt like a hot fire ember landed on my foot.

I have a professionally installed socket outside which has and always has worked fine, have I just been given a dud unit?

The bubbles/massage system button no longer works on the egg so I am unable to inflate the rest of the tub or the lid.

I know a few on here have these.Any ideas guys?

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