McDonald’s food for thought digital vouchers: New items added

Posted 1st Apr 2023
Mcdonalds have added new items to their Food For Thought £1.99 digital vouchers.

Previously you could choose from either Big Mac, Fillet O Fish, Vegetable Deluxe with medium fries or side salad

Now you can choose from:
Big Mac
Fillet O Fish
Quarter Pounder with Cheese
McChicken Sandwich
6 Chicken Nuggets
-with medium fries or side salad

To complete a food for thought survey, you need a McDonalds receipt with a 12 digit code and head over to (however people report you can complete the survey without a code by selecting ‘no’ where it asks ‘Do you have your receipt available?’ and hitting ‘next’ then keep hitting ’start’ until the survey questions begin)

The voucher can also be added to the app meaning you can collect points. Just hit ‘more’ then ‘scan vouchers’.
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  1. showstopper's avatar
    Doesn't let me add to the app, says coupon is not eligible for a prize.
    austinc's avatar
    Upon completing the survey you are given a choice of receiving the code by email or viewing the voucher on the survey finish page. select this to get the code instantly.

    You are then shown a QR code with a 12 digit code underneath (screenshot incase you lose the page)

    To add it to the app, first open up the mcdonalds app, hit ‘more’ on the bottom right then ‘scan vouchers’

    Tap the link that says ‘manually enter code’

    Make sure you enter the code in upper case or it wont accept it.

    An easier way is to do the survey on a different device so you can scan the QR code with your app on your phone.

    Hope this helps (edited)
  2. PaulandPam's avatar
    I didn't have a receipt and just clicked no don't have one and put a random four letter code in and a load of made up amounts and dates and it worked perfectly.
    Heres the link I got…500 (edited)
    austinc's avatar
    you don’t need to put anything in. just keep hitting enter. it errors out a couple of times but on the 3rd or 4th time it starts the survey.
  3. TheShadowWalker's avatar
    Also to note that the receipt code must be used within 60 days of your visit. And I believe when you get the foodforthought code that will last till end of next month
  4. Amillion's avatar
    So glad they added the mcplant, was getting bored of the fillet o fish
  5. Ash92's avatar
    We’ve just got 5 of us fed for £10. Lets you add 5 of the vouchers at once. Cheers OP!
    jamie15's avatar
    You can use 5 same transaction now? Wonderful if so it used to be 1 deal per order
  6. dijital's avatar
    Not a veggie but the addition of the McPlant is good stuff. Nice burger.
  7. n_s's avatar
    Thanks OP. Stocked up the offers section of my app (can add multiple). Recommend using a 2nd device. Process takes under a minute for each code. I clicked 'No' on receipt page then select start 3 times (page will return error missing receipt details until 3rd attempt) and you're in. Blah blah the survey then on completion click print and a QR code appears. Grab your app, tap on more then scan voucher, scan the QR code then click save the offer.
    49893927-T2zW0.jpg (edited)
  8. Serena_x's avatar
    Thanks. Managed to stack 12 so far. Haven't tried any more
  9. Midge's avatar
    Not used em since November since using a drive in and them getting my order wrong.

    Thanks for the link buddy.
  10. RoosterNo1's avatar
  11. brandy's avatar
    Thx op it works
  12. Ash92's avatar
    Cheers, I know whats for tea
  13. supermann's avatar
    It says the fake code I provided has expired.
    bracey100's avatar
    happens sometimes just try again
  14. bhavani123's avatar
    I order mainly through app. Can't find any codes in my app orders.
    rapid85's avatar
    If you scroll up the OP has kindly provided instructions on how to get it on your app. If you mean having a code to enter for the survey, they are provided on receipts. If that's an issue, again, there are instructions above to do it without having a code. (edited)
  15. Truffian69's avatar
    Well shared.
  16. dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    Just keep clicking to end bfore do u want to answer more
  17. dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    I think u can stack em
  18. Smiley119's avatar
    Thanks for sharing
  19. RoosterNo1's avatar
    I did the clicky thing yesterday (no receipt ) and it generated a code, but it never displays the email properly on my android phone ! (no barcode)
    Any ideas as to why ? other emails display pictures ...

    so I have to type in the code manually at the screen - where it tells me the code is invalid 😡
    jamie15's avatar
    Choose the option to show it on screen after survey finished, then screenshot it
  20. Anon32's avatar
    They stopped doing the paper vouchers now. So you just fill out and they email you a voucher or you have to do it through the app? Miss these. Want the mcchicken sandwich one.

    EDIT: answered above. Hate the way answers get hidden on the site now. Looks like you get emailed them. Also when you get the new receipt can you rinse and repeat?  (edited)
  21. jjmmww1's avatar
    Thanks also just stocked up my app 5 codes ready to use now
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