McDonald’s food for thought digital vouchers: New items added

Posted 1st Apr 2023
Mcdonalds have added new items to their Food For Thought £1.99 digital vouchers.

Previously you could choose from either Big Mac, Fillet O Fish, Vegetable Deluxe with medium fries or side salad

Now you can choose from:
Big Mac
Fillet O Fish
Quarter Pounder with Cheese
McChicken Sandwich
6 Chicken Nuggets
-with medium fries or side salad

To complete a food for thought survey, you need a McDonalds receipt with a 12 digit code and head over to (however people report you can complete the survey without a code by selecting ‘no’ where it asks ‘Do you have your receipt available?’ and hitting ‘next’ then keep hitting ’start’ until the survey questions begin)

The voucher can also be added to the app meaning you can collect points. Just hit ‘more’ then ‘scan vouchers’.
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