Posted 18 hours ago

Mini nas fir plex

Has anyone brought from aliexpress.

I want to get a mini pc which will also run plex majorly

There's a mini pc/nas on aliexpress…ml?

I will leave it running 24/7

So want to.know if it will run.plex server as will only be running 1 stream but want to know if it will handle 4k
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  1. Uridium's avatar
    Have you looked at the previous deals for mini pc's from AE on here? There have been plenty with lots of discussion in the comments
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    One stream is nothing for modern SBC's. No problem at all.
  3. t3r4's avatar
    I'd go for either one of the deals for the AliExpress ones here, throughly read the comments as people go through the caveats etc.

    Personally I bought a used HP Elitedesk instead, cost me about £50 and I put my own drives in. Has 2x3.5 inch bays and 1x2.5 inch bay. Runs about 12W (my drives are old though) and works pretty well, and is a well built thing, I'm never sure about the AliExpress stuff really.
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