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WD Red 8TB 3.5" SATA NAS HDD/Hard Drive £218.28 delivered @ Amazon Global Store
Shipping from United StatesShipping from United StatesFound 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Seems a good price for a reliable NAS drive, I've brought 2 of them However shipping is from the US. Hoping its packaged well :)
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I'd have to agree, it looks like you are correct and the fees are included.


A seagate ironwolf 8TB at scan is £224.99. Surely it’s worth the bit extra for less hassle...


On the Amazon page, below the price (£212.70 + £5.57 delivery) it says "Import Deposit Fees included", if you hover over that (or click it) a box appears which shows that £36.40 of the price is the deposit which it says they use to "cover applicable taxes and duties on import". So the way I read it £218.28 is all you should have to pay, never actually tried it myself though.


I saw this on the main page: Dispatched from and sold by Amazon US. Purchase is subject to separate terms and conditions. Learn more. Which includes this: "When ordering Amazon Global Store Products on, you are responsible for lawfully importing the product into the UK and act as the declarant for customs purposes into the UK. The risk of loss and title for Amazon Global Store Products that you purchase pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. You may be subject to taxes and fees levied by UK customs and tax authorities ("Import Tax and Fees"), which are triggered when a shipment is imported into the UK." Where did you see that and what does it mean by "deposit"?


Amazon says Import fees deposit is included in the above price.

Synology DS918+ 4-Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure - £461.76 @ CCL eBay
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
I think £461.76 is pretty good price but needs to hurry up as code will expire today.

Why expired? Its still available Yep code has been expired.


Fab kit


Simplicity, ease of use, setup and support.


Can someone explain these to me? I just don't get why people pay so much for them I have a an old atom motherboard in an ATX case that acts as my server, I don't get the prurpose of these devices at all? The only thing I get that it offers over freenas is 4k streaming, which I don't do. I do play 1080 over my nas and don't get the difference? Kodi points at the file and pulls it over the network, why would I transcode? Is it due to file size of a 4k file?

QNAP TR-004 4 Bay DAS / NAS Expansion Enclosure £209.99 @ Amazon
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
This is a fairly new product and not widely available Choose Amazon in other sellers to get this price. Order now for delivery between 17 April - 22 May TheTR-004 USB 3.0 RAID e… Read more

Shame it doesnt have e-sata like my icy box


Its not a NAS its additional storage for a NAS or USB storage.


I was about to say the same thing.


You need a NAS for that. This is an expansion for NAS's or can function as a DAS with its USB interface


I can't see a LAN port(s) on this??

Synology DS218+ 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £269.99 at Amazon
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Been eyeing this one for while, cheapest so far. Down from £302.99. Only 6 left. I just ordered one. My first post so please be gentle

Buy a used Dell T1700 from eBay with a Haswell Xeon in it.


After doing some research, I've cancelled my order. I know I need to expand this in future but this (DS218+) doesn't allow it as part of existing RAID but adds them as secondary drives. Also no possibility of RAID 5. Going to buy DS918+ which is £218 more (i.e. £488) than this but if I am going to have RAID 5, so the difference will be far less in actual usable storage. Also quad core processor, double ram and possibility to add M.2 NVMe SSD for improving read/write speed.


Good price, but for me, I find using a Nvidia Shield with Kodi on and a cheaper Synology stuffed full of Reds does everything I want.


Have got an icy box with four hdds in but it's just a a esata usb enclosure. No cpu or network. Any thoughts on replacement. The psu is not providing enough power for


QNAP TS-231P, Got in cheap. iniatially had 2X HGST 4TB drives in it but too lound so now have a 1TB SSD. Apps seem similar to Synology. Trying this as an experiment and if I like it, will consider selling synology and replacing with QNAP. Like the flexibility with the QNAP.

Synology DS218 2 Bay NAS Desktop Enclosure £239.96 at Amazon
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Currently 7 showing as in stock direct from on Amazon
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Be aware of Synology. If you search online for 'Synology blue flashing light' you will see their own forum full of issues. We have one at work (ds216+) that was fine for just over 12 months with about 1tb of data on it, then it failed. Tried a new power supply, different drives, reset etc... but it's dead. It just sits there powered on with a blue flashing power light and never boots properly. Occasionally it will boot up (but only without drives in) but will drop off the network in 2/3 minutes. It appears theres no fix for this but it seems quite a common thing to occur with Synology. Meanwhile at home I have a Zyxel nas, that cost me about £50 originally (without drives) that's about 8 years old and working fine!


Dropped in price again to £239.96 (y)


Trust pilot isn't looking good. 295 from laptops direct for the 218+ and I could pick up tonight (from South Normanton)


I haven't actually, though I am tempted. Id have to look into reviews from UK buyers first.


Thanks, you ordered from them before?

WD 2TB My Cloud Home NAS drive (Recertified). £74.99 delivered @ WD Store.
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Use code 5OFF1UK at checkout. INTRODUCING A NEW CLOUD THAT PLAYS BY YOUR RULES The all-new My Cloud Home storage device plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router at home so you ca… Read more

That's odd isn't it. If it ain't broke, and all that.


It really struggles with any 4k content which is something it's predecessor didn't have any issues with


It's a budget NAS. But a NAS all the same.


I said it's not really a proper NAS. Of course it is a network attached storage device but by today's standards this thing is terrible.


It's storage, it can be attached to a network...

WD My Book 8 TB Desktop Hard Drive - Black - £139.99 @ Amazon (good for NAS)
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Not as good a deal like the one posted a few days ago here for £129.98, but it's the second best price ever according to the camels . Makes it £17.5/TB compared to £16.25/TB on… Read more

Price back up to £156.58


I didn’t think i did. The earlier posts brought up “endurance testing” which I was explaining is unnecessary. A test for dead sectors is fine but a quick ‘once over’ the drive itself isn’t a proven way of exposing future faults - they degrade over time, at any point and an early spot of a failed sector isn’t future-proofing the drive.


I think you are missing the emphasis of the context: shucking, warranty. Most NAS will default to giving a disk the once-over when it's first added, but I'm gussing you are the one to go for the alternaive YOLO option. While neither is replacement for the other, remember that prevention is better than cure. I admire your nonchalance, and glad that it's all working out for you so far.


Thanks Hege. Have ordered 4 10TB Elements for my NAS :-)


The idea was to test the external drives before taking them out of the USB enclosure, so in case there's a problem you can easily return them. Even though I very carefully remove the drives from the enclosure, there's always the risk of breaking a tab or leaving a mark on the enclosure, that would most likely be used by the manufacturer to invalidate you warranty, making you the proud owner of a very expensive paperweight. I'm not that worried about the drives once they are in the NAS. I completely agree that the drives in a resilient raid container should be treated as consumable items.

Synology DS218 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure price drop to £251.99 on Amazon
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Got a camelcamelcamel alert, the Amazon (new) price is now lower then the 3rd party (new) prices (used from Amazon also available for around £220): Synology DiskStation DS218 - Ve… Read more

How is this different from the J equivalent?


Thanks for all your thorough answers (y)


It takes regular 3.5” drives so no compatibility issues. (You can use 2.5” with a caddy). I swear by Western Digital’s Red Range made for NASs (but ideally bought from different production batches to avoid a bad batch which could cause the whole thing to fail). General advice is also to use similar drives (size, brand, model) across your array. But I’ve currently got an old Apple Time Capsule drive 500GB, an external Samsung drive 2TB and 2 WD Reds 3TB. Happily working for the last few years. As storage requires I upgrade smaller drives to Reds. Not sure what the setup is at your work site, but maybe it’s some enterprise deal hence the high cost and scarceness of parts. I don’t transcode so can’t comment. I run Emby with transcoding turned off on the server. I just make sure all my clients can Direct Play (Odroid C2 with Kodi, Apple TV 4 with MrMC etc.).


Does this take 2.5" hard drives? I'm looking into NAS at the moment and still getting to understand it all. Event though an old HP microserver would have a low cost for a used enclosure wouldn't the 2.5" inch drives (on average) be more expensive than the 3.5" inch drives per TB? Also would you have a problem with compatability with hard drives? I'm not that trained up on PC's / servers but we have a couple HP RAIDed servers on site and it was a bit awkward (and expensive per TB) to find replacement hard drives. Also what about transcoding with non pre built NAS? Any information is appreciated.


Not for everyone, I like others have old Microservers worth nothing gathering dust, clearly its not for you but others may find the link helpful.

RAVPower FileHub Plus Travel Router, SD Reader, USB, DLNA NAS Sharing Media Streamer w/ 6700mAh External Battery Pack  £27.99 @ Amazon / SVT
Refreshed 24th FebRefreshed 24th Feb
Great price again :) - £27.99 delivered for prime and non prime, apply promo on page and checkout OR use code DBFCHKXP at checkout. Storage backup: transfer files between… Read more

Same here


I fancy one of these but the code doesn't seem to be working.


Mine arrived yesterday. A cinch to setup, literally took 2 minutes - 1 to download the app and the other to login and set it up. I have it connected to a Netgear PLP1200-100UKS 1200 Mbps homeplug and it gives amazing network coverage and fast speed. I don't know if I would use it as a media streamer or powerbank though.


It's not USB 3.0, it will take around 2 hours to transfer a 64GB card. I've got 2x128GB in my camera...


Soon.... But not now

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WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra, 20 TB , Black(2x WD Red 10TB) - £410.89 @ Amazon
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
£10 more than last time but it was £600 earlier today. Upgraded with the powerful Marvell ARMADA 385 1.3GHz dual-core processor. 1GB of DDR3 memory to multitask with ease Ce… Read more

Mine got here all safe and sound, just unwrapped it - smells like new plastic to me :) Now time to start the long disk testing process...


Mine arrived this morning. I've not unpacked it yet. Should I be smelling for anything in particular?


Anyone got theirs yet? How does it smell?


Thanks op I had looked at the USB attached ver at £460 but this is so much better.


That's what I did with the 2 10TB Reds I got out of a MyBook Duo I got from Amazon a couple of weeks back.

Synology 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure DS218j at Amazon for £145.86
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Not expecting much from this deal but the Synology 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure is the cheapest it's ever been on Amazon and cheapest around . If you pair with another HotUKDea… Read more
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This is currently £151.49 Should note that you can use the £5 voucher to take the price down to near what this deal was.


Yes, it is very easy to set if it is an ip cam as it has a built in app, I run 2 cameras. If you want run more than 2 you will have to pay for a licence.


No, i'm lactose intollerant.


Must be an onkyo fan


I haven't played with it a lot. I have a couple of IP cameras, the older 4MP versions of these... Note that Surveillance Station supports 2 cameras without purchasing additional licenses. If you want a larger CCTV setup, then i'd look into one of the Synology NVR models like this one (I believe this is licensed for 5 cameras out of the box)...

Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS Hard Drive 3.5" SATA III 6GB's 5900RPM 64MB Cache - £99.98 @ Ebuyer
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Seagate IronWolf ST4000VN008 - Hard drive - 4 TB - internal - 3.5” - SATA 6Gb/s - 5900 rpm - buffer: 64 MB For everything NAS, there’s IronWolf. Always on and always working, Iron… Read more
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Yes it is. For the particular product (Synology DS218+), they have confirmed me that the total vat and duty would be £48 to my address in UK. The cost of the item in their site is £225, which brings the total price to £273.. :)


what this means is on checkout you pay Newegg the required VAT and duty. Then if you get charged more by the courier because of their miscalculation then they will refund the difference.


I have contacted them regarding this. This is what I’ve heard from them. “If for some reason, you were overcharged, we will offer a refund of the overages in 60 days. This should cover any tax or duty charges for customs clearance, but if for some reason, the customs is requesting additional tax or duty charges for clearance, we can also reimburse any additional tax or duty charges that is being required, after we receive a copy of your paid invoice.“


import taxes will wipe out any savings


Yeah, learn from my mistake and don't be tempted. (annoyed)

Seagate IronWolf 10TB NAS Hard Drive 3.5" SATA III 6GB's 7200RPM 256MB Cache - £269.99 @
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Great deal for those looking for this particular drive, but appreciate its not for everybody.
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They're not ironwolfs though.


That's raw obviously and with manufacturers rating a GB at 1000 MB yet Operating Systems rating 1024MB it appears no where near that. 11 are in a software ZFS RaidZ3 Array so only 8 drives are data with 3 redundancy. The remaining 12th drive is a cold spare so that should any of my drives fail I can replace it quickly. Just a bog standard HP DL180 Gen9 2U Rack Server with dual Xeon Processor and 64GB of RAM.


We use Netapp arrays 12 x 10Tb RAID6


Raid144 (lol)


Thats pretty impressive! What hardware and Raid level do you use with these

4tb NAS Single Drive  My Cloud Home (recertified) £94.99 @ Western digital
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Great price for a 4tb NAS. dont forget Quidco at 10%
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Does anybody know whether there's a WD Red in these?


Just use Google photos. A lot easier.


Can't you just map a network drive?


Integration with smart devices for example smart TVs and mobile phones isn't great I've gone back to my 10s of OTG memory sticks and haven't switched it on for months.


Awful in what way(s)?

3TB RED Drive NAS - £62.50 @ eliasimonint ebay
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Normally £120 on Amazon today £90 Prime but ebay they are £62.50 free delivery. WD NAS hard drives are the essential solution for NAS applications. These drives are cool and qui… Read more

:) :) :) :) :) :) :{


It’s a great find none the less, thanks for sharing voted Hot.




These were posted not long ago. I wouldn't trust my data on them.


refurbished though? only one year warranty

Synology DS918+ NAS enclosure NOW £427 delivered @ Amazon France
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
This is just about the most 'bells and whistles' Synology NAS you can buy before moving into enterprise territory. Slots for 4 hard drives @ up to 10TB a pop. Intel quad core proce… Read more



Has this expired now? Can’t seem to get that price.


I wonder how long it will be before product bought from sites like these don't have two year warranties, or warranties at all if we leave the EU.


Now down to a cheap as chips £427!


I think it's fine not to use RAID at home. RAID is for disk redundancy rather than data redundancy, for people that need to have high uptime. If you can wait a day or two to be back up and running then it's fine not to use RAID. Even with RAID you should still have a local and cloud backup (Synology have one which is quite good value compared to Back blaze).

QNAP TS-328, 3bay, 2GB RAM, Budget-friendly RAID 5 NAS (Network-attached Storage) Used - Very Good  £209.91 Amazon warehouse
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
QNAP TS-328, 3bay, 2GB RAM, Budget-friendly RAID 5 NAS (Network-attached Storage) Used - Very Good £209.91 Amazon warehouse
£209.91Amazon Deals
I might be wrong , but anyway i ordered the NAS drive with 2 x 4TB drives for 209. Waiting for replies from experts.

Thanks for the updates. I will cancel my order


Agree with previous comments. Click on 3x6Tb drives and same list appears with top one still £209. Scroll to end of list and you find that model at £774


I have seen similar (priced deals). and yes it's almost certainly WITHOUT HDD , so dont get your hopes up. 3 bay is a bit odd as it limits your options for expansion and usage eg raid5 2+1, 3xjbod or 3 single disks rather than RAID10 on a four drive unit :shrug: Great if it comes thru WITH HDD


I think you got unlucky, I have a TS-659 that has been on 24/7 for about 8 years now and other than 2 HDD failures it's been bulletproof - as have the ones at work. I assume you got it replaced/refunded?


I have one of these paid £200 without hdds. But now it died on me only 3 months old.

Seagate 3 TB IronWolf 3.5 Inch 5900 RPM Internal Hard Drive for 1-8 Bay NAS Systems @ Amazon
Found 30th Nov 2018Found 30th Nov 2018
Seagate 3 TB IronWolf 3.5 Inch 5900 RPM Internal Hard Drive for 1-8 Bay NAS Systems @ Amazon
Previously a hot deal @ £83 the other month.

Couldn't agree more. It's a little fast, yes. I'd prefer it was 4400 RPM at least so it could be even cooler and quieter and power frugal.


Hot, but make sure you realise this is for always-on sytems. For other use cases, you can get a 4TB Seagate from Amazon for £4 more. Had the 4TB delivered today, it's for an unRAID/Plex media server, so the drives will be spun down most of the time. And it's very very easy to replace the drive with any other drive without interuption of service or loss of data if it ever starts to die. If I was buying it for almost any other server application, like a CCTV NAS that's running and writing data all the time, I'd get the IronWolf from this deal. 3 year warranty on the Ironwolf range, and you only get two years on the 4TB drive linked.


I was messing (highfive)


Of course, but it's not particularly fast and not a very good size. Most people (i'm guessing) don't have 8 bay computers or NASes because they're usually very expensive or computers don't have the space. So at least 4GB size is much better to take better advantage of the number of bays. Otherwise you might as well get a 4 bay NAS or pc (a lot cheaper) and put in 4x6GB


So can I not put this in a 9-bay NAS then?

Buffalo LinkStation 210 3TB (1 x 3TB) 1-bay NAS Drive @ ebuyer
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
Buffalo LinkStation 210 3TB (1 x 3TB) 1-bay NAS Drive @ ebuyer
£89.99£105.9315%Ebuyer Deals
This was previously a hot deal at this price. I'm just starting to look into NAS drives and remote storage. Ideally I'd like something that could connect to my Wifi wirelessly and … Read more

Does this run Plex?


This one has a USB port for external drives too, but it's only USB 2.0


I've got two of the 2-bay 6TB variety, bought within months of each other, and there is a different, clunky, interface to each. That's not to say they don't work for what I want, they do, but the WDMyCloud is a lot more straight forward if all you want is some extra storage that is available to various devices on your network - that is the advantage over a simple HDD. If all you need is basic extra storage for one computer, then an external HDD will be cheaper and straight-forward. If you want network access, and don't need the bells and whistles of RAID back-up, then a single drive NAS like this is what you want. If you do want to have the peace of mind that RAID back-ups might provide, then a multi drive NAS or a server is the way to go. Personally I mirror data on external HDDs and store them at a different location, and use the servers, NASs, cloud drive and multiple HDDs for my day to day data storage. As an aside, the 2-bay versions of this (and the WDMyCloud) have USB ports at the back for daisy chaining additional drives to, so this is a useful way of adding extra storage if you have limited USB ports on your computer - I've got 6TB externals on both of the 2-bay Buffalos and a 3TB portable drive tacked to the WDMyCloud.


Got one of these. There's no wifi so it has to sit near your router. I use it to back up my various computers to, via Time Machine (Macs) or AOMEI Backupper and FreeFileSync (Windows). Since it's already duplicating the computers, it doesn't need its own redundancy. While the interface certainly isn't slick, it works well once set up. Before people start the criticism, I also do periodic backups to a pocket drive that lives at a friend's house.


I didn't say that it is pointless, I said that it is "almost" pointless. if you decide to spend a decent amount of cash on one then the least it can do is provide 2 drives mirroring each other so that if one drive dies then you still have the other one. All you need to do then is replace the faulty drive. Otherwise it's just a fancy hard drive. I suppose if you already have dual/3/4 drive NAS in your network and you just want to add some additional disc space but with the extra functionality of a NAS then why not. Otherwise I can't see the point.

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