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QNAP TS-251 NAS 2x2TB & 2gb RAM - £302.93 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Bargain for a great media server including disks. Need to upgrade ram if you want to run VMs - can do up to 8gb You need to be an Amazin prime member.



Unfortunately now showing as no longer available. Was going to order last night...decided to have, was still worth it.


Got this recently.Using mostly for karaoke and backing up files and streaming.Great NAS!

thr0tt Doesn't look like it.


Thats a good price. I got the 253A 2 years back and its served me well since then- though i've been having some issues over the last month or so that i'm trying to sort out. (Recently discovered a bitcoin miner hogging all the resources so that might have been the cause)

Qnap 5 bay NAS with 8gb ram loaded with 5x2tb WD red hdds £579.45 Amazon
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
This is not your cheap crap NAS it's very powerful and should be good for years to come and the price is fantastic the hdd alone probably Cost £325 and the enclosure is around £600… Read more

Set it up. Got it running qsync from desktop mainly for my Lightroom catalogue. That then syncs to IDrive. Polished piece of kit, really happy with it


Woohoo despatched thanks op for this


Hope it won’t take too long for mines on back order. Been wanting to buy a fast NAS for ages to replace one I have. Was going to get the EX4100 as that appears with 24TB for 500 on refurb site on WD but obviously this is leagues ahead. Fast NAS important for RAW photo storage for me then backed up to cloud


Any Qnap or Synology servers coming out with this processor?


Excellent deal. Just because people could not see&get it at the deal price,...ought one to throw a tantrum?

QNAP TS-251+ -2G 4TB 2 Bay NAS | Installed with 2 x 2TB WD Red Drives - £299.82 @ Amazon - Prime Exclusive
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
high end nas with intel celeron 2ghz processor with hdmi out and kodi also a powerful plex server. usual price £299 for just the enclosure, so essentially you are getting the 2x wd… Read more

Unfortunately now showing as no longer available. Was going to order last night...decided to have, was still worth it.


had a email now 3 times to say sorry following item have been delayed: do i keep this or not now hmm :(


Random question as this is perfect for what I'm after pricewise. Would any of you know a way I can buy this with PayPal credit? Long shot but doesn't hurt to ask.


a heads up to anyone buying this. Install the plex package from the plex website and not the qnap app centre. Performance is far better when it comes to transcoding and converting items for syncing. :D


Hi can anybody let me know if this will be hit by VPN filter thank you for any info as ever me

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Buffalo LinkStation 210 (1 x 4TB) £99.16 @ Amazon
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
A cheap little nas that is populated with a 4tb drive. It is not the best functional drive but for my basic needs of streaming 1080p content to my android tablet and storing my le… Read more
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I would help you if I could. But it was a few years ago and I cant remember.


Many thanks. I've tried a similar approach and only found a foreign article on opening the case. I'll keep searching!


If it's under warranty then don't touch it or the won't fix it. I just googled it and found a guide about how to pull it apart. It wasn't difficult. The hardest part was reinstalling the OS on a new disk.


How did you open the case without destroying it? My disk controller or ram has died and i want to remove the disk before sending off to buffalo.


Yeah I’m still trying to decide. I can live without the app too but like to have it as a backup - I currently have a MyCloud and rarely ever use the app, it’s just nice to know that I can if I need to.

RAVPower FileHub Plus - Wireless Travel Router / SD Card Reader / USB Portable Hard Drive Companion, DLNA/NAS Sharing Media Streamer 6000mAh External Battery Pack £27.99 from SVT / Amazon
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Handy little device this, with media sharing, battery pack, SD card reader and more. Perfect for staying connected when on the go. Price has dropped again, just be sure to click … Read more

The Ethernet port is for plugging into a wall, at a hotel room for instance, so you only pay for one internet service but you can connect multiple devices. That, or it’s an emergency router. The transfer feature does actually work well. SD card and USB stick/Hard Drive connected, go into the app and select what you want to move on the SD card and where you want to move it to. It’s as simple as that.


If you like fiddling, you can do the same (albeit DIY'd) with a Pi ZeroW. I had a play recently for something similar (wireless hotspot to transfer photos from phone to a HDD) and to stream from HDD to the phone using custom web pages etc. Allbeit is a very DIY project and nowhere near as 'nice' looking (the Pi laggy-banded round a 2.5 HDD and power bank lol), it is pretty cool to play around with.


I just got mine and I'm already disappointed. I thought I would be able to hook it up to a device that doesn't have wifi via an ethernet cable and then give that device an internet connection via the FileHub wifi. Turns out the ethernet port can only connect to a router. I've no idea why I would ever use it that way because my router has wifi (obviously) and plugging this into it would consume a valuable port. The one use case I can benefit from with this is being able to backup photos while on holiday, assuming SD card to USB transfer works as I expect. For that it's probably worth having but I was hoping to get more out of it.


I’ve been trying to connect it to my fire stick (apparently you can do it). But I have no idea how so I’ve just given up. Luckily I’ll use it as expandable storage for my phone and tablet.


It’s basic and doesn’t include certain functions. You’re best connecting to it directly in the WiFi section of your phone etc. Then going to your browser and typing in the address bar. You can connect from there and have access to a few more features.

10TB WD My Cloud Mirror (Recertified) £246.99 @ Western Digital
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Excellent price deal for a 10TB NAS, set up as 5TB Raid 1 mirror for security so if one of the two 5TB drives dies just pull it out and replace it and your data is safe. This won'… Read more

That's good to know!


Thanks for the help :) I risked it anyway and bought one, at the very least I guess I could use the Drives in another Case and resell the housing!.. btw if its useful for anyone else I contacted the guys at Resilio and they said to install Sync using this file:


Appreciate the heads up though! I'm glad I was able to nab the 10TB, should fit nicely into my digital streaming plans and trying to downsize my physical collection.


Read my replies to the other two comments about the other sizes having lower prices. My FAQ in the offer details gives more info as well.


Yes, these offers don't last long.

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Whole Earth Peanut Butter Organic Smooth & Crunchy NAS or High Oleic 340g, Instore & Online £2 - Tesco
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
Reduced from £3, I bought in store (Hoyland, Barnsley) where they only had crunchy on offer but it's online as well and they have smooth NAS or crunchy NAS and High Oleic on offer.

I had another type subbed for this smooth one.. and it was one of the nicest peanut butters i've had, i eat it spoon fulls when hungry lol.


This is unbearable to eat (fierce)


The WWF are involved with RSPO. Who are Rainforest Rescue in reality? They don't even have a varified Twitter account (skeptical)


From another thread about this brand of peanut butter: Here’s what Rainforest Rescue has to say about sustainable palm oil, such as that used by Whole Earth, What about sustainable palm oil (RSPO)? Major palm oil producers and consumers established the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in cooperation with the WWF. Members include Wilmar International, Cargill, Nestle and Unilever, and the label association is chaired by a senior executive of the Unilever Group (Dove, Knorr, Rama, etc.), one of the world’s biggest purchasers of palm oil that consumes an annual 1.4 million tons. The aim of the industry label is to promote the production and sale of palm oil even further and restore its social acceptability. The RSPO does not rule out the clearing of rainforest. Only primary and “high conservation value” (HCV) forests have been considered off-limits for palm oil plantations under the label since November 2005. An internationally recognized definition of HCV areas has not been established, however, and the transitions between primary and secondary rainforests are blurred in practice. Most of the social aspects that have been defined by the RSPO are general principles and human rights, the compliance with which should be self-evident. Nevertheless, farmers and indigenous people are displaced from their lands, threatened and arrested if they resist the land grabs. Compliance with the criteria is not reviewed adequately, and violations are rarely punished. Wilmar, the world’s leading palm oil company, is involved in 100 land conflicts and human rights violations in Indonesia alone. Sinar Mas, another major RSPO player, has cleared tropical rainforest all over the country for its palm oil plantations, and is still expanding rapidly. Climate protection is a consideration that the RSPO ignores completely. Greenpeace International considers RSPO to be “little more than greenwash”. In our view, the label essentially deceives the public.


Read this first. ------------------------------------------------ Here at Whole Earth we take environmental and social matters very seriously and want to help protect our planet. We only use 100% sustainable palm oil that has no impact on the environment, local people or local habitats. We have created this page to help simplify the complex nature of the palm oil debate. We hope it will explain why we are supporting sustainable palm oil and you will find it useful. If you would like more information we have included some helpful links at the bottom of this page. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Western Digital 4TB Intellipower SATA 6Gb/s 64 MB Cache 3.5-Inch NAS Desktop Hard Disk Drive - Red (WD40EFRX) - £103.12 @ Amazon
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
It can be bought cheaper with shipping from from either China or America but I would pay the extra and get it form Amazon rather than the market place. I paid a fair bit more back … Read more

It's not in my desktop either, it's in my archive system which is what it's designed for.


"Intellipower" No thanks. Don't want laptop speed Hard drives in my desktop.

QNAP TS-253A 8gb Ram and 2TB WD RED NAS £403 @
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Same products from would cost around £500.… Read more

Coming up at £419 with standard postage at 7.45 euro. No option to select economy shipping. And I can't pay with my balance which I've just put on to buy this!


1 back in stock right now


Theres no Hardware transcoding support in Plex on the 251+ model there is in the 253. I wouldn't waste your money on the 251.


It is if you want to watch 4k which the 251+ does not support. There are some other differences such as 2 HDMI out's and more USB3 sockets on the 253A. Some details here:


Is the 253 better than 251+? £300 for the 251+ with 2x2tb WD Red and 2gb ram with this Amazon UK listing:

RAVPower FileHub Plus, Wireless Travel Router, SD Card Reader USB Portable Hard Drive Companion, DLNA NAS Sharing Media Streamer 6000mAh External Battery Pack (Not a Hotspot) £27.99 Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
I've just purchased one of these hubs, after seeing an offer on Amazon (redeem promotional offer under £39.99 price to reduce it to £27.99). It's a bargain price!
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Apologies everyone. I think the order finished the day after I purchased it. Just received mine, and would recommend it, even at £39.99.


Unfortunately no good as a nas for a pc only allows copying files no playback. Good for tablets android etc in a hotel but that's it. For a cheap Nas at home pi is the best cheap solution


The promotion has gone now.


Promo not working should be expired


Router, card reader, HDD, media steamer - does it do the dishes as well?

HGST Deskstar NAS 8000GB hard drive £206.14 	IT-Supplier
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
This hard drive is ideal for use in NAS (Network Attached Storage) computers. I already have 4 of these drives in my NAS and have just purchased a fifth one. This is the most compe… Read more
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This is a great price and would have a couple if my old motherboard supported them to raid. I don't understand anyone who would risk this amount of data without any form of mirroring. Hot from me.


No idea why this is going negative - Deathstars were ages ago. Good price for a drive from a major vendor with good reliability stats on Backblaze. Although Backblaze don't run this exact drive - they have HDS, HMS, HUH and HUS type drives. Sku 0S04012 is HGST part code: HDN728080ALE604. That's Deskstar 8TB, 7200rpm, 128MB cache vibration sensor. Worth stating that other manufacturer's 8TB drives do well on Backblaze - even <cough> Seagate. HGST model numbers decode as: H = Hitachi D = Deskstar, M = Megascale, U = Ultrastar S = Standard, N = NAS?, H = Helium 5C = CoolSpin technology, 72 = 7200rpm? 80 = Full capacity — 4TB 80 = Capacity this model, 40 = 4TB A = Generation code L = 26.1mm z-height E6 = 512e SATA 6Gb/s, 52 = 512e SAS 6Gb/s, N6 = 4Kn SATA 6Gb/s, 42 = 4Kn SAS 12Gb/s 0 = Reserved (2 = Reserved) y = Data security mode, 0 = instant secure erase, 1 = data encryption, 4 = secure erase, 5 = TCG encryption


LOL Lotta XXX (devil)


Now that’s showing your age!



Buffalo Linkstation 520 2-Bay  NAS Enclosure - [LS520DE-EU] £69 delivered @ Box
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Nice little unit for those that don't want to spend a small fortune getting a set up together. It's for the enclosure only (No drives) If you already have some decent drives to add… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Roflmao i thought I was the only person who says it as it is brutally!


Doesn't matter if they have it tattooed on their ass cheek it doesn't change consumer law. They are 100% legally obligated to accepted DOA returns, the contract of sale is between you and them and consumer law dictates that they must either fully refund or exchange products that arrive faulty. This INCLUDES any postage to return the DOA product, the buyer should not be a PENNY out of pocket. Come on guys, know your consumer rights, don't let these assholes fob you off!


I’ve recently purchased this with twin 3TB drives and used the RAID1 option to give mirrored storage. I was impressed with the build quality and ease of setup. It may have some average reviews but it works extremely well with a MAC setup.


It's in their returns policy, supposedly to speed things up and for newbies , if is worth challenging in court is another matter but i believe ebuyer have a similar approach, 6mth warranty on items, after that it's back to the manufacturer to sort stuff out


Is that even legal?

WD Red 4TB NAS Optimised 3.5 inch SATA III Hard Drive - £83.99 Delivered @ Maplin
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Free delivery and a great price for the 4TB version. Mine's going into my Synology NAS. These are designed and tested for 24/7 runtime, primarily for NAS devices, not desktops. A… Read more

warranty claim with WD rather than send back for a refund


I ordered two and one is DOA. Gutted.


Finally arrived today. Full retail box with 3 year warranty.


Yep, all gone now. Expired too.


OOS :( expired

WD RED 3 TB NAS Hard Drive In stock on April 10, 2018 Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
Target audience: Prosumer, SOHO and workgroups or users who want to enjoy streaming media, backing up PCs, file sharing and managing digital content quickly and easily Designed an… Read more

Put them next to the big noisy core switches in the data centre.


how do you stop the clunk every 5 seconds the reds make?


The pound was worth more 4 years ago.


It shows as £88.95 for me now so expired on ebuyer? 😞


4 years ago the pound was worth $1.70.

340g Whole Earth Organic NAS or Hi Oleic Crunchy/Smooth Peanut Butter £2 rollback from £3 @ ASDA
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
it's back down to £2 - Have a peanut butter Easter. Cheaper to buy organic than standard as that is £3. Whole Earth is natural peanut butter with no added sugar. "Our hi-olei… Read more
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Saturated fat is still being condemned? The sugar and margarine companies still having their way? Good price for the organic (y)


When will these types of companies get it, people who like organic are prepared to pay the extra to ditch the plastic they already pay through the nose for the porduct. :(


Great find though if you like the crunchy version you can get 1kg for £5 at B & M!


Nice find - we usually have this in and at £2, cracking value. Heat added (strong)

RAVPower FileHub Plus,Wireless Travel Router, SD Card Reader / USB Portable Hard Drive Companion, DLNA/NAS Sharing Media Streamer -Includes 6700mah Power Bank - £27.99 del w/ promo - Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
Hey all. Saw this on hukd hack in December didn't actually get around to purchasing but it seems to be back and at a better price with the promo applied. Haven't looked into other … Read more

I bought this in December but never used it at I don't really know what it's for apart from the powerbank


Just bought this a week ago for £37, any chance I can get the diffence back, never done this sorta thing before espically with "fulfilled by" items.


Hi! Prior to posting I searched all ravpower active deals, this item wasn't shown. I can see site admin revived a thread of this item from January at roughly the same time I posted this. Sorry if it's a duplicate.


Can you install a vpn on it? Lots of people on windscribe deal would like it if so for their tv and firestick etc to get netflix us.


I tried this and had Chromecast issues when browsing media from an iPhone or iPad on the TV. My Android phone was OK with it though.

TerraMaster F4-220 NAS Server 4-Bay Intel Dual Core 2.41GHz 2GB RAM Network RAID Storage (Amazon Lightning Deal)
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
id been considering a synology ds218j to manage my make my media accesible for a home network but saw this on lightning deal which appears to be excellent value for a 4 bay. good … Read more
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Yes but one stream only processor isn't very good for software encoding


Yes, I do. Did you have to train to become such a pedant, or were you born like it? :D


its back on, but not as a lighting deal. the headphones are still not going through with the AUHH5TMQ code. must have been a one time use code or its not stackable


my mistake


Oh well it too late. Deal no longer available

My Cloud EX2 Ultra Diskless NAS (Recertified) - £72.49 @ WD Store
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
My Cloud EX2 Ultra Diskless NAS (Recertified) Only £72.49 with Free Delivery

If you don't want it I will buy it of you.


Any comparison with the Seagate cloud drive thingy equivalent?


Not showing stock anymore for me.


It must have an app for cctv. On wd website there is a list of compatible cameras. Some synology nas has this option. For this price I am willing to try it. If it is good enough for me i will invest in decent HDDs. If it is not what i want it goes on ebay.


Anything started with term Cloud under WD products you won't be able to connect to PC directly using USB, you must attached the Cloud through Ethernet cable e.g. from Sky/Virgin router to My Cloud then you can access the My Cloud from your PC under Network shortcut (on Windows 10 under File Explorer) and then you will see your My Cloud (after you initialize your my cloud very first time). Only five steps to configure the drive and I believe WD Cloud provides the simplest guide :) . You can use this My Cloud for daily stuff incl. CCTV and you get 2 free CCTV Licence too (but not sure you will get with Re-certified tho). Only software I will recommend you not to use on this NAS is Resilio Sync (best software for daily use) but use so much NAS RA :)

WD 10 TB NAS Hard Drive - Red (Used - Very Good) £223.22 Amazon Warehouse
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
WD 10 TB NAS Hard Drive - Red £223.00 Amazon in the warehouse deals.

Not only do I have to backup my own data, I do backups for my wife, parents & siblings. They all take too many photo's and videos on their phones. They all expect me to have backups of everything. I guess its like most families.


Just recently got a NAS with two 4tb drives for less from Amazon. Granted it wasn't the newer model with WD red drives but the NAS manufacturer gives a few years, 24 hour, warranty so even though they are Seagate drives it's not too bad. I bought a Seagate barracuda 2tb to replace one of the drives, yet again, in my old Iomega nas but it doesn't seem to work alongside the older barracuda for some reason. From Amazon and the warranty is showing up as an oem drive. At least I got an atom based NAS with 8tb of drives, twin network ports, 2gb memory, hot swappable drives and 4 usb ports for just over £160 so I don't have to continue using my older 256mb arm based nas.


WD are awesome, great HDD's however unless you have a large music collection or do editing 10TB isnt required :)


Raid or storage spaces (y)


Cold 10tb isnt even big enough for my porn collection

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