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3TB RED Drive NAS - £62.50 @ eliasimonint ebay
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
Normally £120 on Amazon today £90 Prime but ebay they are £62.50 free delivery. WD NAS hard drives are the essential solution for NAS applications. These drives are cool and qui… Read more

:) :) :) :) :) :) :{


It’s a great find none the less, thanks for sharing voted Hot.




These were posted not long ago. I wouldn't trust my data on them.


refurbished though? only one year warranty

Synology DS918+ NAS enclosure £453 delivered @ Amazon France
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
This is just about the most 'bells and whistles' Synology NAS you can buy before moving into enterprise territory. Slots for 4 hard drives @ up to 10TB a pop. Intel quad core proce… Read more

I think it's fine not to use RAID at home. RAID is for disk redundancy rather than data redundancy, for people that need to have high uptime. If you can wait a day or two to be back up and running then it's fine not to use RAID. Even with RAID you should still have a local and cloud backup (Synology have one which is quite good value compared to Back blaze).


Delivery now 1 to 3 months. Good price though.


Thank you. The bank does a sigh of reliefe


Your HP microserver is probably using windows or ??? the synology uses a form of linux and ext4 file system. So how your existing drives and data are setup (JBOD raid(x) ) will determine how you get your stuff onto a new system. Synology normally treats all the drives as one big pool (RAID! or raid5). windows can read ext4 drives with some software , but reading NTFS drives on syno is more problematic.external . Stick with what you know, and just spend the money on Large drives 4 x8Tb should see you thru.. These are good (afaik) but expensive ....


I'm one of these people who doesn't believe that all of my hardware is going to simultaneously fail at the same time, so i'm quite happy to have a single bay drive. I've got everything backed up externally anyway. Ideally i'd like to get a separate external hard drive for backups, but being on a low income it's not something that's going to happen any time soon.

QNAP TS-328, 3bay, 2GB RAM, Budget-friendly RAID 5 NAS (Network-attached Storage) Used - Very Good  £209.91 Amazon warehouse
Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
I might be wrong , but anyway i ordered the NAS drive with 2 x 4TB drives for 209. Waiting for replies from experts.

Thanks for the updates. I will cancel my order


Agree with previous comments. Click on 3x6Tb drives and same list appears with top one still £209. Scroll to end of list and you find that model at £774


I have seen similar (priced deals). and yes it's almost certainly WITHOUT HDD , so dont get your hopes up. 3 bay is a bit odd as it limits your options for expansion and usage eg raid5 2+1, 3xjbod or 3 single disks rather than RAID10 on a four drive unit :shrug: Great if it comes thru WITH HDD


I think you got unlucky, I have a TS-659 that has been on 24/7 for about 8 years now and other than 2 HDD failures it's been bulletproof - as have the ones at work. I assume you got it replaced/refunded?


I have one of these paid £200 without hdds. But now it died on me only 3 months old.

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Seagate 3 TB IronWolf 3.5 Inch 5900 RPM Internal Hard Drive for 1-8 Bay NAS Systems @ Amazon
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Previously a hot deal @ £83 the other month.

Couldn't agree more. It's a little fast, yes. I'd prefer it was 4400 RPM at least so it could be even cooler and quieter and power frugal.


Hot, but make sure you realise this is for always-on sytems. For other use cases, you can get a 4TB Seagate from Amazon for £4 more. Had the 4TB delivered today, it's for an unRAID/Plex media server, so the drives will be spun down most of the time. And it's very very easy to replace the drive with any other drive without interuption of service or loss of data if it ever starts to die. If I was buying it for almost any other server application, like a CCTV NAS that's running and writing data all the time, I'd get the IronWolf from this deal. 3 year warranty on the Ironwolf range, and you only get two years on the 4TB drive linked.


I was messing (highfive)


Of course, but it's not particularly fast and not a very good size. Most people (i'm guessing) don't have 8 bay computers or NASes because they're usually very expensive or computers don't have the space. So at least 4GB size is much better to take better advantage of the number of bays. Otherwise you might as well get a 4 bay NAS or pc (a lot cheaper) and put in 4x6GB


So can I not put this in a 9-bay NAS then?

Buffalo LinkStation 210 3TB (1 x 3TB) 1-bay NAS Drive @ ebuyer
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
This was previously a hot deal at this price. I'm just starting to look into NAS drives and remote storage. Ideally I'd like something that could connect to my Wifi wirelessly and … Read more

Does this run Plex?


This one has a USB port for external drives too, but it's only USB 2.0


I've got two of the 2-bay 6TB variety, bought within months of each other, and there is a different, clunky, interface to each. That's not to say they don't work for what I want, they do, but the WDMyCloud is a lot more straight forward if all you want is some extra storage that is available to various devices on your network - that is the advantage over a simple HDD. If all you need is basic extra storage for one computer, then an external HDD will be cheaper and straight-forward. If you want network access, and don't need the bells and whistles of RAID back-up, then a single drive NAS like this is what you want. If you do want to have the peace of mind that RAID back-ups might provide, then a multi drive NAS or a server is the way to go. Personally I mirror data on external HDDs and store them at a different location, and use the servers, NASs, cloud drive and multiple HDDs for my day to day data storage. As an aside, the 2-bay versions of this (and the WDMyCloud) have USB ports at the back for daisy chaining additional drives to, so this is a useful way of adding extra storage if you have limited USB ports on your computer - I've got 6TB externals on both of the 2-bay Buffalos and a 3TB portable drive tacked to the WDMyCloud.


Got one of these. There's no wifi so it has to sit near your router. I use it to back up my various computers to, via Time Machine (Macs) or AOMEI Backupper and FreeFileSync (Windows). Since it's already duplicating the computers, it doesn't need its own redundancy. While the interface certainly isn't slick, it works well once set up. Before people start the criticism, I also do periodic backups to a pocket drive that lives at a friend's house.


I didn't say that it is pointless, I said that it is "almost" pointless. if you decide to spend a decent amount of cash on one then the least it can do is provide 2 drives mirroring each other so that if one drive dies then you still have the other one. All you need to do then is replace the faulty drive. Otherwise it's just a fancy hard drive. I suppose if you already have dual/3/4 drive NAS in your network and you just want to add some additional disc space but with the extra functionality of a NAS then why not. Otherwise I can't see the point.

WD EX4100 My Cloud NAS (Diskless) £241.99 or 16TB for £750 @ Amazon
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
I've no idea what this is like (or if the software is any better than on the lower end WD NAS stuff as that gets slated) but i'm still on the lookout for a NAS for myself and saw t… Read more

I will have a go at it eventually because I have a use for it.


It doesn't take very long at all, longer to streamline or add apps. But let me know if you're having second thoughts about bothering with it and I'll take it off your hands (y)


Ah okay, didn't even know there was a desktop app!


I've got one of these but I only paid £103 for it not a massive amount, its still in the garage in the box not had the time to setup as yet.


Everything is still connected to it on my network and works fine, can log on through ip address and quick connect, just the way I always used from desktop app doesn't, tried deleting and reinstalling app, it can find it on network but user name grayed out,I can't remember the other options that appear in bottom right but the other way to connect then errors and says failed to connect. Not got time to mess with it when can still access it.

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My Cloud Home NAS (Recertified) 4TB £94.99 - With Code - Western Digital NAS also 3TB and 2TB
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
4TB £94.99 3TB £84.99 2TB £79.99 The 4TB will sell out in a flash so don't hesitate. The all-new My Cloud Home storage device plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router at home so you … Read more

4TB back in stock! Just got one. Go go go...


For anyone looking at shared drives its very useless for it. however, you can make a shared drive by placing them in a public forder and mapping that by mapping to its i.p address. However it cant be seen externally so a bit useless too. Also the usb port drive cant be used to backup the My Home - meaning if this failed its a endgame for the data. Plus to copy from a usb drive to this it has to be done on the mobile app. Awful device WD stores supports terrible too. im trying to get a refund - paypal are assisting as they ignore you - read the reviews online - i made the mistake of not doing so


Thanks for the info. I may have to get one with high capacity to push it to its limits. It sounds like they have screwed everything down so the less tech users have a simpler experience. I mean 95% of people I know would still have a hard time getting their head around why this would be any use, while at least half of them will be using some kind of remote cloud, and many of them paying regularly for the service. Sometimes simple is better, like for my friends who have all the holiday photos they have ever taken on the one SD card that they bought with the camera, and think that their pics are safe and that it is where they should be stored!


It mounts a network drive in Windows by way of the WD Discovery software. So have to login with this first each time before it mounts the network drive. Its not possible in Linux as there is no software for it. There is no mounted network drive in Android except an anonymous unsecure samba share. Can use this for Kodi. The samba share is fast transfer... Everything else is slow. The filesystem on the cloud is kddfs... Never heard of that before. It does backup with Googlecloud , dropbox & one drive copies it all, can't select folders. There is 2 way sync and backup through 3rd party Windows10 apps.


So no mounting of shared volumes even?

My Cloud NAS (Recertified) 5TB £114.99 Western Digital NAS
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
It's the older style but decent price for the 5TB WD Red that'll be inside. This will sell out in a FLASH so don't hesitate if you want it. More info on Recertified NAS and HDD fr… Read more

Check on the other Home offer, someone who has one has explained the differences.


Are there any differences between the two models or is it just storage size?


Avoid this then as I'm a computer programmer and the off site access using their awful software just does not work. Their forums are full of people with problems accessing their data off site. Great as a standalone home network storage but nothing more.


I haven’t had experience with the ‘Home’ but even the old one will do what you’re after. Are you sure you have it in your basket? If you haven’t already completed the purchase I would be very surprised it is still there. But if it is, grab the 5TB and if it doesn’t meet your needs then all you need to buy is an empty NAS of your choice and pull the 5TB out. A 5TB WD red will cost considerably more anywhere else.


Reminds me of an Xbox 360

Buffalo Terastation 1400 NAS - With 4x 1TB Drives £289.99 delivered @ Box
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Thought was worth sharing this, it comes with four 1TB drives included and would be ideal for those perhaps on a lower budget wanting to get into using NAS. Reviews are good and i'… Read more

im not sure about the j's, i think id look at the plus models for media streaming. iro plex, the free version will allow you to stream and transcode your media, but it wont do any of the backup or syncing, you pay for that functionality with plex pass (i have lifetime)


My experience of bufferlo nas's thus far has been whilst the hardware tends to work the software is rather terrible, it's slow un-inuntative and doesn't seem to get updated very often.


Thanks - so something like this and install the free version of plex would do for my (probably basic) needs I.e. easy backup of photos/playback of home video clips/ripped DVDs/music etc?


look at a synology or qnap, and maybe look at plex on the same for the dvd's to nas


Can anyone recommend a reliable but fairly straightforward NAS to setup? I have never had one before, am complete novice but like the thought of auto backup photos from phone. And is it possible to store DVDS on NAS to stream to smart tv?

Synology DiskStation DS218j/8TB-IW entry-level 2-bay 8TB(2x4TB Seagate IronWolf) NAS for home and personal cloud storage £367.47 Del @ Box
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Thought this was a great price for the Synology Diskstation, especially as it comes ready to go with 2 x 4TB IronWolf Seagate Drives. IronWolf are specially made drives for your NA… Read more

Works out cheaper if you get the unit and hard drives using this offer: £151.64 for the unit and 2x4TB drives (2x£103.18) = £357.85


Anyone got opinions on Seagate v WD for warranty RMA's?


For anyone not in the know, the iron wolf's are equivalent to the WD reds.


Can I plug this into my iPhone for Apple’s new iOS update?


Got this Thursday Amazon 118 but diskless

WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra 16TB (SIXTEEN!) NAS £449.99 @ Amazon
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
I had a quick look and couldn't see if it's been posted already. I'm in the market for a NAS but this is a little bit overkill for me (only need a 4/8 really) thought I'd post it f… Read more

Expired. Great price for two 8TB Reds.


I got the plex life time pass. £71. I've got this NAS ask set up. but you will have issues streaming 1080p content outside your network. buffers alot as it doesn't transcode on the fly. but if you optimise each movie in plex. works great. just very time consuming. or just download 720p lol


Not really a solution for me then as it's not free and I'm not buying a synology nas Anyway, I'm out.


You can go for synology plex enabled nas or cheap nas connected to your network that has access to plex running pc. But still you have to up and run pc and nas device. Cheapest way is buy plex Android and iOS apps separately. But you can’t do mobile sync without plex pass. As I know plex app on tv will work without paying any money.(highfive)


yes I know but you need the plex pass to access video content which is $4.99 per month and it sort of defeats the purpose of a NAS if you have to have your PC running. PLEX:- The “Free to Use” Parts: The Server and Apps There are some details to get into, but the summary of “free” is simple: The media you own is yours. Of course, we don’t charge you in any way for that.The Plex Media Server is free to use and includes the Plex Web App.“News” and “Podcast” support are free for all users.All of our non-mobile, public apps are free. These include Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Plex Media Player, Roku, Smart TVs, TiVo, and game consoles (PlayStation and Xbox).Our mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone) can be used for free, but have limitations. Until the mobile app is unlocked (through an in-app purchase or a Plex Pass subscription), video and music streamed from a Plex Media Server has a 1 minute limit, and photos will be watermarked.

WD 6 TB NAS Hard Drive Retail Boxed £182.99 @ Amazon
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Great price for this, normally hovers around £250. there is cheaper 6tb drives but for the purpose of what this drive does it's the best on the market. I have 10 of the WD Red 4TB… Read more

These are excellent drives however these WD Red's are overpriced for 6TB i would want minium 8TB or 10TB for this kind of money.


I’ve never had a problem either the few times I’ve sent one back but lots of people have so thought it was worth mentioning Ebuyer is also oem


Holding out for wd shop to have another 20% off. Got 6tb drives for about £150 delivered last month, need a few more now. Maybe Monday


It's crazy how slowly the price of these drives has dropped. I literally bought four of these something like 4 odd years ago at this price. What's holding the price so high? I've been holding out for ages to get a new set before my WD 3's go bang.


Cold. 174 here with prime! Yes I know it's OEM but never had a problem with returning these! Ebuyer £177. + ship. Few others here:

Buffalo LS210D0201-EU 2TB (1 x 2TB) LinkStation 210 1 Bay Desktop NAS  £79.98 Amazon
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Buffalo 3.6 out of 5 stars 58 Reviews Buffalo LS210D0201-EU 2TB (1 x 2TB) LinkStation 210 1 Bay Desktop NAS Considering the price of Cloud storage this isn’t bad.

Thanks Damian, I can’t open that kellkoo link btw. I think I would prefer a NAS rather than an external USB drive as already have one, I like the idea of auto backup from mobile phones. Any deals you would recommend at the moment? Looking for between 2tb - 4tb.


As for just local; deal on here at mo 4tb


Yes it would. NAS will allow you to drag and drop your files from any device attached to the network alternatively you could just buy an external drive if it’s just yourself and there’s also Cloud storage. This one here will do local and cloud


I’m just looking for a simple storage solution for photos/music etc. I’m not familiar with NAS. Would this be a suitable first time NAS for a newbie please


Extra tenner for the 3gb. Might pass though as someone mentioned high pitched current one does that!

Seagate 6TB Expansion USB 3.0 Desktop Ext Hard Drive for PC, NAS, XO and PS4 now £89.99 delivered @ Amazon (8TB is £119.99)
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Decent price drop :) Ideal add-on storage for your PC, Xbox One or PS4 Drag and drop file saving, right out of the box Mains powered 2 years warranty All plugs available … Read more
Get dealGet deal



Deal has expired :/ 129.99 now


I'm inclined to believe mrpipster. Camelcamel sometimes is hit and miss with lightning/one day deals. While the Amazon invoice is concise, it can also be misleading, to which I'm not discounting a possible alternative voucher/promotional code could have been used. The thing is, your Amazon Order Details/Invoice *sometimes does not reflect the actual price of the deal when your bought said item. It is actually labelled as 'Promotional Applied' which brings the difference of the item(s) to the discounted price. For example: Gillette fusion 10 refills blade regular price = £25 *lightning deal price = £15 You purchased the blades during the lightning deal session. When you look at your order details, the lower section, 'Delivered **DATE**; Sometimes it will NOT SHOW the lightning price you bought it at but the normal price = £25 Sometime it will SHOW the lightning price in which you bought it at = £15 So looking at the attached image by mrpipster, it may be misleading to say he bought the drive at full price but used a promotional code/Coupon to bring the price down. I have come across a few products that were cheaper earlier this year than Black Friday or even Cyber Monday. I was looking at buying this a while back, and If I recall correctly, the £89.99 price was the same price for the Black Friday last year or the Amazon Prime day, and when you consider how Amazon shuffles prices like a pendulum, there is possibility for it to have been reduced to £74.99.


8tb showing £173.17 now :/


All 3.5" external usb drives will contain standard native SATA drives. The 8TB model is a special made exclusively for Amazon - comes in a plain compact brown box with no usual Seagate branding. The enclosure is the one that was used in a previous generation model and should be very easy to shuck without any damage to clips.

Synology DS218+ 2 Bay Diskless Desktop NAS £289.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
Synology DS218+ 2 Bay Diskless Desktop NAS. Black Friday Deal at Laptops Direct with free UK delivery. Best price I've seen for a while and I've been keeping an eye on it for the l… Read more
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Would this be any good as a dedicated streaming PC (gaming done on an Xbox)?


I'm going to buy a hard drive and use plex as the server. I might be in touch by pm if I get stuck when setting it up if that's ok? You seem to know your stuff. Thanks


I just plugged a 2TB drive into one of my Shields. It's working as a Plex server and I can copy files to it from one of my Synology servers. A couple of observations... * Make sure you apply any pending updates to Plex before attempting to set this up. * Enabling network access to the USB drive took a while. It seemed to fail several times before the username and password were revealed. * The Shield only supports SMB1, this it turned off by default in the latest builds of Windows 10 - you have to enable the SMB1 Client feature if you want to access the Shield. * Network copy performance is reasonable (but not great). I'm getting ~40 MBps when copying over a 1 Gig wired connection.


Yes -


Not necessarily, the Shield will function as a NAS, so you could create network shares and copy data over Ethernet or wireless...

DiskStation DS218j synology 2 Bay nas server - £118.56 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
DiskStation DS218jSynology DiskStation DS218j is a 2-bay NAS server which perfectly fits home and personal users to build your own personal cloud. Simple yet powerful, Synology DS2… Read more
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Thanks for posting hope you got your order in before hand though




Can anyone confirm - this seems to have expired?


So I can take a pic on my phone/s and it will auot backup on this? Thanks


Depends on your requirements. The range of Synology apps for your phone is quite varied and very practical. One app in particular has automatic photo uploader. (DS File). Only Synology and Qlogic offer this function - automatic photo/ video uploader. You could make your own via 3rd party apps hooked up to IFTT - but for an "out of the box" functionality where everything 'just works' then a purpose built NAS, specifically Synology, is the way to go.

Synology DS418play 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure £397.97 @ Amazon
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
Synology DiskStation DS418play - Multimedia-enhanced personal cloud solution Synology DiskStation DS418play is a 4-bay NAS designed for ultra-high definition multimedia enthusiast… Read more

Well, I wouldn't claim my elderly dad would be able to do it, but I managed it. I generally followed the guides here which are superb. Once you've added one of SAB, Sonarr, Radarr etc, they all follow the same pattern.


Exactly what Im wanting to do now - Ive been running PLEX for donkies off a gaming laptop, and now I want something that will work with SAB, Sonarr etc plus local file backups. Was it easy to set up?


Would this be any good as a dedicated streaming PC (gaming done on an Xbox)?


I bought this a year ago & it's been great for me. I run Plex (natively), along with SABNZB, NZBHydra, Sonarr, Radarr, Cadigann, Jackett, Deluge (all through Docker). I no longer really have to leave my computer on. Radarr & Sonarr keep an eye out for my movies/shows, once found, pushes them to SAB/Deluge which downloads, reports back to Radarr/Sonarr which rename & move to correct place on NAS, then inform Plex that something new is there. I do nothing now apart from tell Sonarr/Radarr if I'm looking out for anything new. It easily pushes a 4K video to my TVs/Shield/Apple TV etc (Gigabit ethernet). I've not tried more than 1 consecutive 4K stream, but it copes with at least 1 4K along with a 1080p to a different room. I'd totally recommend it to most people. Heat from me.


Just files and media station? You don't need the 918.

Synology DS918+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure - £482 @ Amazon
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
Copied from Amazon - Normally over £500 so a small saving (but a saving is a saving i guess) Product Description Synology DiskStation DS918+ - Powerful and scalable 4-bay NAS for … Read more

Mine still hasn’t arrived. Tried to contact the seller multiple times via different channels but am being ignored. Have discussed with OnBuy who advised they are also currently having issues with the seller who are in turn experiencing issues with their suppliers. Apparently items are incorrectly being marked as dispatched when they aren’t even in stock. Have raised a PayPal dispute. Has anyone done one of these before? Are they fairly straightforward? How long might it take to resolve? Thanks


My box was the same - brown tape on synology packaging - no outer packaging. After reading your comment I've created a synology account and added the SN but I haven't set up the unit yet. Is your 'register extended warranty' option enabled on the synology website (under devices)? Regarding the warranty, you never know what they might say to get out of it, for example; it wasn't bought from an approved reseller. I think normally warranty and support in the 1st year is with the retailer directly, then anything after is with synology. I just try to use the credit card protection on anything I can just in case.


I got mine today too. Finally. Some hassle about lack of comms, but it arrived within 9 days since placing order, which isnt too bad. But the box wasnt sealed i.e. Opened box taped down with brown tape. I did register the product on Synology website with the serial number which it did register without any issue. Just wondering - shouldnt the warranty n support be with Synology directly after registering...?


Mine also arrived today


Same here, received mine today after he said via email it would be with me by Wednesday. No automated emails since order confirmation or tracking number - it just turned up. Looks brand new and fine - just a bit of unnecessary stress about the order. I just hope Vargtech is still in business in a few years to handle any warranty issues - if not I paid via credit card I just hope PayPal doesn't invalidate the section 75 relationship in this case. Regarding the unit, it is surprisingly plasticky (skeptical) unexpected considering the price.

QNAP TS-453Be 4-Bay 1.5 GHz Intel J3455 Quad-Core 2GB RAM NAS £396.76 @ Amazon
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
The TS-453Be features a simple physical design that can easily fit into office and home environments. It provides a PCIe port that can boost its functionality: a QNAP QM2 exp… Read more

I don't think most people understand what is this good for. This particular model had 10G networking, it is useful to have VM's connected directly to NAS storage. Not useful for average joe IMO.


According to the three camels, it's the lowest price it's ever been on Amazon from Amazon or any other third parties. It's also the lowest price I've ever seen anywhere, to date. I don't get why people are voting cold. If you're looking for a QNAP TS-453Be, it's the best price. Not a fantastic deal, admittedly, but still the best price.


I think this is the ** normal ** price on amazon. I have been expecting a much lower deal on Black Friday


I think people are voting cold for 2 reasons; A) No HDD 's included or B) It's not synology


Don't know why people are voting cold. Lowest ever price on camelcamelcamel and also good transcoding support as per Plex . Have been looking for a good NAS since I returned my ex4100 which was a big disappointment.

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