Posted 2 days ago

Need new pillows - advice please

My wife says that we need new pillows

We bought some "hotel quality" pillows from a major store about 3 years ago

What would you advise for replacement pillows?
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    Hotel quality doesn't really mean anything. I've tried a lot of different pillows including a down one from John Lewis that cost >£80, memory foam, and synthetic filled. In terms of comfort to cost, I found that the firm ones sold be Premier inn were very good (side sleeper). I couldn't really get used to sleeping on memory foam pillows and the most expensive one from John Lewis was one of the worst as it would go flat in the middle and need shaking every day.…ws/?_gl=1*1wvvp7h*_up*MQ..&gclid=Cj0KCQjwk6SwBhDPARIsAJ59Gwfa391PA9oPBVwm87ydAgCPPNzIM_ExLnwCd8-_Z0fJBA9VlsSC3N4aAhAwEALw_wcB (edited)
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    I don't have any suggestions, but whoever does is probably going to ask whether you and your wife sleep on your back, side, or front? What's your budget?
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    Yes, it is not only relevant how you sleep but if you prefer a natural pillow or synthetic one. Budget is also a factor as natural down pillows can cost as much as a cheap mattress.
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    I’ve tried a few different pillows including memory foam and from eve etc. bought a tempur cloud pillow a couple of years back and it’s been one of my best purchases. Expensive but worth it. I mainly sleep on my side by the way 
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    Pillows can also come in soft, medium or hard.

    I went to Dunelm where they had may pillows and I was able to touch and feel them all before buying.

    Or try John Lewis or M&S
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    Our pillows were purchased from Dunelm about 3 years ago.

    They felt ok at the time (we did try them in the shop before purchase) but they have deteriorated over the last couple of years.

    are there any specific brands or any specific type of pillow filling that people would recommend?
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    Relyon pillows
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