Posted 12 April 2024

New Xbox Gold Stack Limit

Posting as a heads up as many people on the site stack these codes. Microsoft have limited the cheaper countries so you can no longer stack 3 years of gold to convert to game pass, new limit is 13 months…its
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  1. dipsylalapo's avatar
    The limit is for Game Pass Core, Game Pass for Console, and PC Game Pass

    Game Pass Ultimate can still be stacked for 36 months. Unless I’ve missed how it now works
    Chinese-spyware's avatar
    You’d previously buy 36 months of gold from a cheap region and then convert that to 24 months of ultimate.

    This change means you could only add 12/13 months and convert it to 8
  2. ScotIand's avatar
    Is there a thread on here explaining exactly how to do this in the first place?
    Chinese-spyware's avatar
    You can follow the method here but only buy a single 12 month code now…059
  3. Moss.b's avatar
    Just when I was liking my switch from ps to Xbox they first mess up the rewards and now this, even stacking them cost has gone up. Time to abandon ship. (edited)
  4. bobdylan's avatar
    Ohh that is really naughty, that is going to affect a LOT of people (me included). Luckily, I have just recently renewed both my son's Game Pass for another 2 years (via Turkey) but clearly will need to find another country when the 2 years are up (edited)
  5. Ashbeck's avatar
    Very annoying though I did stack 3 years back in early 21 and used it 4-5 times max. Nowadays I use the perk on my ee account so no need. Guess year at a time in future will have to do.
  6. Hammerheads29's avatar
    Can I still buy 3 years of Game Pass Core and convert it to Ultimate for a quid?
    the-running-man's avatar
    No, not as far as I know.
    MS put a stop to that last year.
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