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Posted 23 March 2024

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 24 Months + 2 Weeks Requires VPN (Xbox Turkey) using Xbox Live Gold Conversion

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As Microsoft have recently changed the conversion rate to 3:2 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, here is the cheapest way that you’ll be able to convert 3 years of Xbox Game Pass Core (Previously Xbox Live Gold) to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (24 Months + 2 additional weeks)


1) Go here* and purchase 3x Xbox Live Gold 12 Month (Turkey) codes.
2) If your on a Laptop, download URBANVPN, it’s free and fast, connect to Turkey. If your on mobile, use Windscribe, it’s also fast & free.
3) Once connected to Turkey, visit microsoft.com/redeem*, and sign in if prompted, then redeem the codes you purchased.
4) Now, you can either use the £1 Xbox Game Pass for 14 days to convert your Xbox Game Pass Core subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, bringing the total to £87.97, or use this deal* to convert your Xbox Game Pass Core subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, bringing the total to £90.46.
5) Once you’ve done this, you will have successfully added 24 months + 2 weeks of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate into your account, this saves you £152.03.
CDKeys More details at

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  1. That_Bloke's avatar
    I don't think we're allowed to mention that it's possible to do this more cheaply (around £60) using codes from a well know auction site, without using a VPN?
    mossmanfly's avatar
    Just join Ultimate, either direct from Microsoft or a normal Ultimate code, not a trial code.
  2. marra's avatar
    Can this been done more than once as I did the conversion years ago when it first came about and it's just run out . Thanks
    Iru786's avatar
    Yes it can . I just did it this week again.
  3. m_zafar's avatar
    First time I have used this method, I must admit I over analysed it. Was straightforward and took 10min max.

    Got the codes 3 times at £29.99 a go from CDKEYS

    Downloaded the windscribe vpn app. Had to use my mobile data as my ISP was blocking the VPN. Connected to Turkey Istanbul

    Redeemed the codes individually

    Disconnected from VPN

    Confirmed I had 3 years core subscription

    At the subscription page selected renew ultimate (had a 3 month trial that ended at midnight). It asked for a £1 14 day trial. I accepted.

    It notified me that my new expiry date is in 2 years time (it isn’t 100% clear what it’s doing).

    Then I cancelled the reoccurring billing. It warns you that you will loose games and benefits (which made me think twice). However, it’s fine.
  4. Rocksteady's avatar
    My GPU is due to expire in May, no reason why I can’t hold on to these codes and use once out of sub, right?
    the1philosophist's avatar
    I advice against this to be honest. I have both from key shops in the past to redeem few months later but some of the codes have been redeemed already in the meantime. I think part of the business model is hoping some people don't redeem what they pay for. Similar to how they overbook flights.

    To be fair this was not with cdkeys but still not sure if it's worth the risk.
  5. David_Vallance's avatar
    COLD can be had for 50- 60

    Just managed to get three years core from the bay £51 (£17 per year of core), cdkeys code for 3.49. just redeemed it perfectly so worked out at £54.49 for two years and 1 month of Ultimate. So look around. Can be got for a lot cheaper than this.

    I also got a £5 pay pal offer (I think account specific) so for me £49.49
    shinds's avatar
    sorry how??
  6. FellowPazzini's avatar
    WOW this is frustrating as hell. Can't get the Redeem Code to work after changing location in MS & Xbox. The Turkish redeem page just doesn't work. Spent ages trying now. I wonder if I can get a refund from CD Keys.
    mossmanfly's avatar
    CDkeys won't refund you if you have viewed and accessed the codes.

    You don't need to change your location on your account. If you don't use a VPN to actually say you are in Turkey it won't work.

    Log in to your account via redeem.microsoft.com normally.

    Activate a VPN set to Turkey. You can check IP address location if you wish by using whatsmyip.com or something similar.

    Redeem codes.

    Then turn off VPN and then join Ultimate in which ever way you wish, code, direct via the Xbox console, another VPN code. Your choice as long as it's not a trial code.

    If you have changed your location on your account then I would make sure its back to the UK as MS only allow so many changes over a certain period of time otherwise your account will be stuck and you will encounter issues especially if you want to use the Xbox Store. (edited)
  7. Madtooth's avatar
    No need for your Xbox account to bet setup first via turkey etc?
    mossmanfly's avatar
    No, the Xbox account doesn't need to be set to Turkey.
  8. tushar's avatar
    Would this work if we already have 8 months GPU left from previous deal?
    STRICKIBHOY's avatar
    See the bold font in capital letters?
  9. syncshadowz's avatar
    After I’ve done this, would I need to use the vpn every time to use gamepass, I presume not?
    mossmanfly's avatar
    Only for redeeming. Then everything works the same as if you bought direct via Microsoft themselves. Do it all the time for games where they can be a lot cheaper than UK prices.
  10. Superkat29's avatar
    Could you explain the conversion and VPN to me please? Trying to sort my sons game pass ultimate for a little cheaper than the auto renew price.... cost of living crisis and all that!

    I understand the buying of passes, but I'm lost at VPNs/conversion to ultimate etc
    Callum_Arnold's avatar
    I'll tell you the process that I used. 1. Purchase the keys from CD keys. 2. Go to the Microsoft redemption page ensuring you are logged into your Microsoft account. 3. Turn on your VPN connected to a Turkey based server 4. Enter your redemption code and redeem. At this point you should have a Game pass Core subscription with an expiration date equal to the amount of redeemed codes. I did two for 24 months game pass core. 5. I then disconnected the VPN and followed the link to the £1 offer as I hadn't used that before. During the process I was informed that my subscription would be converted to ultimate and it gave me a new expiry date. 6. Deactivate automatic renewal so once it expires you can repeat the process. If you are not eligible for the £1 offer you may have to purchase 1 month of game pass ultimate and I should imagine when you are redeeming it you will be given the same conversion notification. I hope this helps, feel free to ask any further questions. (edited)
  11. 1_eyed_jim's avatar
    Does not work. I bought 3 keys as instructed but you can only redeem up to 13 months on a Turkish account now, Xbox is cracking down on this
  12. banshee3099's avatar
    How much cheaper is this than normal?

    Is it ok to have Xbox live subscription running but not the game pass?

    Will it just stack on to my current Xbox live subscription I don’t have game pass at the moment (edited)
    WohnJick's avatar
    24 months £240~ this is for the catalogue of games on Ultimate gamepass

    Since you don’t have gamepass, you can stack this on.

    You will get the catalogue games which incl Xbox live too (edited)
  13. shinds's avatar
    cannot get it to work

    Can't redeem the codes - It keeps saying:

    Try That Again

    Something happened on our end, Waiting a bit might help
    mossmanfly's avatar
    Should work ok. If its a location issue or codes not working, then you wouldn't get this message. Just try the codes again.
  14. iby2012's avatar
    Had a look on ebay how much does gamepass convert for? Is it the same 3:2 ratio?

    Edit: checked days 4:3? So 3 years GP is 27 months GPU (edited)
  15. fast_and_curious's avatar
    I admit I m very novice when it comes to things like these. I just bought xbox for my son he keeps asking for GPU. If i follow the steps in this deal, will this work streamlessly, or do I need to do something else. Your help is appreciated
    ThatWiggyLad's avatar
    If you needed a hand, let me know and I would help you. Your son deserves gamepass
  16. TheNotoriousDHG's avatar
    Can't redeem my code using a VPN. It usually works, but for some reason I'm getting an error message when I try now.
    AlexHay's avatar
    Was having problems on pc but works on mobile with windscribe
  17. pc5020's avatar
    Might have to get this now as it looks like the cheap £2 1 month US codes have gone from Eneba...:(
  18. Stretch_Woodhead's avatar
    Type in Google "Xbox redeem" make sure your VPN is english then you will auto be logged into Xbox account if not logg in make sure VPN is english.On the redeem screen then switch your VPN to Turkey then active your code then repeat the process by typing Google and Xbox redeem every time then untill three codes are redeemed I had to relog back out 3 times separate for it to work then I had to get the final code from cd keys and change my VPN to USA to convert to ultimate Games pass
  19. wizardamas's avatar
    Can the codes be redeemed on console?
    SmokeyNegroni's avatar
    Yes, this is what I eventually did as the instructions weren't entirely clear on this point.
  20. xzinkx's avatar
    Is there anyway to get this cheaper? The previous deal was almost £60, this is almost £90 and therefore significantly more expensive.

    Three years ago I stacked 3 years (I think) for around £70.
    Gamblor64's avatar
    Just have to wait until the turkey codes drop in price. I imagine they will at some point
  21. LuckyIori's avatar
    I've read a comment on another thread that says you can have an active GPU subscription and still add the core 12 months and they will automatically change into Ultimate at 3:2 ratio, is this true?

    Reason I'm asking is because I recently bought an Xbox Series S and paid the £1 trial for two weeks of GPU and thought I could maybe save a few quid by not buying the month of GPU

    Can anybody confirm please? Thank you
    mossmanfly's avatar
    No it's not true. If you have an active Ultimate, then the ratio is different. A 12 month Core code gives you 4 months Ultimate.
  22. Raaawr's avatar
    Xbox have put a limit of 13 months for turkey and some other countries so this deal is over.
    makeshiftam's avatar
    I know they messed with it but still works.

    I just did 2 years Turkish gamepass core to 16 months ultimate, brings it from today till August 2025. (edited)
  23. shalton's avatar
    I saw a deal on here a few days ago. It was £2.99 for 1 month.
    I take it that the £2.99/month is unlikely to be a regular thing? Looking for my son.
    Thank you in advance for any advice.
    Royvedas's avatar
    Did you find your son?
  24. Bargain99hunter's avatar
    Believe you may need to have your region set to turkey???
    mossmanfly's avatar
    There is no need to set region to Turkey at all.
  25. garyho1220's avatar
    Thanks for this info:
    Microsoft have recently changed the conversion rate to 3:2 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
    That's why I can't find a similar price that I bought last time, last time I paid around £60 for 2 years.
  26. banshee3099's avatar
    It’s called. Turkiye now lol
  27. makeshiftam's avatar
    That’s extending though when you’re already subscribed. I let mine run out *bought 2 years of gamepass* and it gave me 16 months.

    literally says at the top of the deal. (edited)
  28. EggEgg's avatar
    Groundhog Day 
    banshee3099's avatar
  29. KeenoMorgan's avatar
    Mine expires end of March. Would it be ok to buy now and use in April?
  30. David_Vallance's avatar
    Look on a well known auction site no VPN needed for the core codes. Just US for the CDKEYS code.
    Paid with PAYPAL and got an auto £5 discount but think it maybe auction site specific or account specific.
    Sorry can t give you much more info than that, go look.
    iby2012's avatar
    Yeah they have a deal going on at the moment. What did you get/cost? (Who was the seller?)

    OPs deal of 12 months Turkish gold for £29 is ok. But it's been cheaper.

    Nevermind saw your previous comment. Will have a look. So the final conversion was off cdkeys? All UK? Or mix? (edited)
  31. shinds's avatar
    Finally after some faffing got this to work, Finally accepted the codes.

    Thank you.
    stevano's avatar
    How did you get to work. I’ve done this previously but now comes up with the error before I even put code in. 🤷‍♂️ (edited)
  32. ishdaking's avatar
    I've managed to get xbox ultimate for free with bt full fibre might help people who are with bt
    tdk2bu's avatar
    Yeah where do you go to find the code to activate? I should have 6 months but can't find where to activate it.
  33. Jon12116's avatar
    Ive done this today, oddly enough, it didnt transfer to a 1 to 1 ration like it has previously, this time it only gave me 8 months

    EDIT: Disregard this, i realise it now goes to a 2:3 ratio (edited)
  34. IDontWantToSpendMore's avatar
    52506068-j2HrT.jpgCheers boiiis. It worked....
  35. ezion7's avatar
    Hi, any advise on following: I have purchased 12 months of gold which I have activated and want to upgrade to ultimate via step 4 link (Now, you can either use the £1 Xbox Game Pass for 14 days ), it gives an option for £1 first 14 days, however when I try to purchase it it wants to charge full £12.99 of my card.
  36. afuahboom's avatar
    I have a few months left on the xbox gold the old version. Will this work or will I need it to run out first ? Thanks
    mossmanfly's avatar
    Yes but you won't be able to buy 3 lots of 12 months as the maximum Gold/Core is 36 months. So bare that in mind and don't buy 3 lots of 12 months.
  37. fastclau's avatar
    This is the way!!
  38. shinds's avatar
    Once this is done - Can we use the XBOX as normal right? I don't need to connect to VPN everytime?
    ahmedhussainx's avatar
    exactly, as you said.
  39. David_Vallance's avatar
    sorry tried to post link to listing, but it appears its not allowed.
    yhyhyhyhyh's avatar
    It's because it has to exist to be posted.
  40. Royvedas's avatar
    I seem to remember this being around £20-£25 a year, a few years back. No, I don't have a time machine.
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