Posted 28 December 2023

PlayStation+ deals


My PS+ expired on 23/12 and I never got any of the deals (30% off lapsed subs for eg.), luckily I’ve been away and not been using the PS5… but was hoping for something on the Extra sub.

Anyone think we’ll get a deal now? And if not… what’s the best way to get something off if I buy the year sub?
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  1. OutSpoken's avatar
    Mine expired on 20/12 - I’m still waiting for a ps+ deal too. A lot of people were adamant that we’d see better offers around xmas because of sales history, but this is a clear example we cant always go by previous years business practices.

    Oh well, maybe we’ll see a new year deal! (edited)
    GlanzaV's avatar
    I think the reason I got mine on 23/12 was because there was a deal… I’ll maybe hold out until I’m back and see
  2. stedaman's avatar
    To be fair its always had a deal, only this year they are being stingy
  3. paddyposh's avatar
    Is there still a way to get it from Turkish account ? I know prices gone up a lot but still considerably cheaper than Uk prices. I can buy games fine on Turkish account but ps plus always gives an error
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