Posted 2 January 2024

Playstation Plus best/cheapest option

What's currently the best way of getting PS Plus extra/premium? Had a quick look via search and can't see anything. Vaguely remember seeing discounted gift cards then using them to sub.
Cheers, Happy New Year.

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  1. Toon_army's avatar
    Yeah best bet is buying cards from say CDkeys or Shopto. Mines just ran out but luckily I gameshare so its still working. I did have the Extra but tbh never used it.
    They had a deal on 2 weeks ago for the basic £40 but it's back to £60, suprised they haven't done a deal for the January sales
  2. SnoopZ's avatar
    As above post and Extra is the no brainer tier it's awesome if you haven't played all the AAA games on there and want to.