Posted 8 December 2023

PlayStation Plus subscription advice needed please

Hi, we’ve bought my daughter and her fiancé a PlayStation and we’re wanting to get a PlayStation plus premium membership to go with it. Can anyone please tell me what would be the cheapest way to get it? Are there any offers on atm or do you think any will be coming soon? I’ve looked through HUKD and I can see we’ve missed a few deals.
any thanks for any help x
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    Best way to get it cheaper is to check the key selling websites like cdkeys and shopto. I use shopto as they are very reliable. You can get PSN top up codes much cheaper than what they are actually worth. Like for example on shopto the £100 PSN code is selling for £87.85 (edited)
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    Would I need to buy £120 worth of vouchers to cover the cost of the premium? Or does it let you add more via your bank card on the PlayStation? (Sorry im hopeless about this!)
  2. SnoopZ's avatar
    Hold off a week, there will likely be a 50% off Christmas sale starting very soon.

    Also PS+ Extra maybe a better tier, they can always upgrade to Premium.

    This was last year's sale so expect similar.…mas (edited)
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    Don't buy yet, wait for a likely sale shortly.
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    Above I got a discounted gift card and got the basic subscription.. cd keys, shopto....
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    I’m thinking of getting the higher one but the middle one seems good too. I’d be gutted if I got them the higher one at £120 and then Sony were to bring an offer out for half price or something. Although I’m not sure if they do put any special deals on over the Christmas.
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