Posted 28 November 2023

PS5 PS Plus

Just got a ps5 ordered but missed out on ps premium deals - best place to go for deals or for now just wait before getting it?
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  1. redcantona's avatar
    The advice from those that know better is to wait for Xmas sale.
    Rumz's avatar
    Fair - no rush from me so I'll probably wait for the Xmas sales
  2. jamesWHUFC's avatar
    Wait till around 15th December.

    In previous years this has been the cheapest time to get PS+ on the online store.You can then buy PS Plus credit from CD Keys or elsewhere to make it cheaper still. (edited)
  3. SnoopZ's avatar
    Yes best to wait for Christmas deals, make sure you're a new subscriber or expired one, you may get a bigger deal. Someone said it was 50% off Essential last year, you could then get that and do the upgrade to Extra or Premium. Most people think Premium isn't worth it including myself and I'll downgrade Sept 2024 to Extra.
    Rumz's avatar
    Yea I'll wait I'm a new subscriber so won't get anything yet. Hopefully good Christmas deals
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