'Service ESP' coming up on panel on dashboard on Vauxhall Astra 2012. Any idea what it means?

Posted 6th Dec 2016
My car felt a bit juddery a few times the other day.
Yesterday same, today worse. Particularly in low gears/speed. It feels a bit like when you are in the wrong gear and it is juddering.

After driving about 15 mins or so then this 'SERVICE ESP' has now come up on the dash panel. And the symbol of a car with squiggly lines underneath has lit up too.

This has now happened a few times today.

My manual has nothing at all about 'SERVICE ESP' in it, but the car symbol indicates Electronic Stability/Traction control.

I have just hit 45,000 miles.

Hubby just says take it to garage, as he says with anything to do with cars but I do like to have an idea before I go in and get hit with a £400 bill!

Any ideas welcome.

Does this just mean it needs some kind of service, hitting 45,000 miles?
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[Guide] Understanding service ESP

A warning sign on your car’s dashboard is something which fills every driver with dread. The immediate fear is that something important has snapped,, which will inevitably cost hundreds if not thousands to repair. Of course, most of the time this isn’t the case, with whatever is at fault being easily repaired by a mechanic.

What does service ESP mean?

ESP refers to the ‘Electronic Stability Programme’, which helps to keep your car more stable when you’re driving along slippery roads. It can be understood as a form of traction control. Mandatory on all cars sold within the EU after 2014, having ESP fitted on your drastically reduces your chances of being in a road-traffic accident.

If service ESP is appearing on your Vauxhall Astra (or other Vauxhall car), this means that your ESP system is malfunctioning or has switched off. You’ll need to have this seen to by a mechanic – failing to do so will increase your risk of being in an accident.

My car is juddering and service ESP is showing – What does this mean?

If you’re noticing that your car is less stable on the roads and service ESP is showing, then your traction control has stopped working and your car has become less safe to drive. You should contact a mechanic as soon as possible. Take particular care when driving on wet or icy roads, as your car will be particularly vulnerable to sliding on these surfaces.