Posted 22 February 2024

Sharm el sheikh hotel advice

Were thinking about going to Egypt on holiday at the end of June but not sure what hotel to pick. We usually go to Marmaris but prices are too high this year. So looking for some advice on sharm. We usually just relax during the day and sometimes go for a walk during the nights. I've seen there is somewhere called naama bay in sharm but not sure if it's worth visiting?
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  1. Justintime12's avatar
    Sharm isn't a very nice place for walking about at night as you get constant aggressive hassle from beggars etc.
    D3LL80Y's avatar
    Totally agree, I would never go back there. A shop owner attempted to lock me inside to try force me into buying something.
  2. RhysLloyd2002's avatar
    I found sunrise montemare to be excellent when I went there last year. It's also a short walk to el fenar beach, which is the best place in sharm for snorkeling if you're into that.
  3. oldcodger's avatar
    If you read the news, and todays FCDO advice,anywhere in that part of the world is getting dodgy, and given past history, could become an unhealthy place to be, sensible advice is look elsewhere for your holiday.
  4. Ab101's avatar
    Sharm El Sh***, honestly go anywhere else, your stomach and bum will thank you. If your younger and want to go somewhere with your mates for cheap drinks etc then it's ok. Wouldn't touch it otherwise, rather go to Benidorm for a holiday like that
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