Posted 26 January 2024

Shopping in Asda and have the checkoutsmart app? Get Rolo/MilkyBar desserts 4 x 65g for 25p each after cashback.

If you're shopping in Asda before 29/01, and have the checkoutsmart app, you can get £1.50 cashback on both items. Listed at £1.75 online. Making them effectively 25p each.

Bare in mind checkoutsmart takes a 5% fee if withdrawing under £20.
A Minimum £5 cashback balance required for cash out.

4287632_1.jpgRolo desserts
Milkybar desserts
There was also £1.50 off milkybar gold desserts 4 pack, but couldn't find this listed at Asdas site.
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  1. greencode's avatar
    always worth checking this app when you go into any supermarket. I’ve reclaimed around £260
    Adam's avatar
    I can only upvote your comment once, but this comment deserves some more
  2. Wongy111's avatar
    Not quite sure why this isn't a deal Adam
    No Asda here anyway
    Adam's avatar
    If this was shopmium it would definitely be, due to the cashback provider being checkout smart and the 5% fee and minimum £5, i wouldn't want people to have to keep money built up in an app for who knows how it may be until they gain the £5 back. Also the deal price would need to be £1.75, which is a really bad price for these items.

    Ah that's a bit rubbish :/ , ours is across the toll 👎. (edited)
  3. Misslovely's avatar
    Thought that app closed down 2 years ago
    Adam's avatar
    Still going strong (i hope) in the background .
  4. anaxom's avatar
    Thanks for sharing this offer from CCS. Bought all 3 today in asda with £4.50 cashback
    Adam's avatar
    , glad someone has made use of the post
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