Posted 7 hours ago

Stray PS5 £5 Asda Grimsby

May be store specific, but Asda Grimsby have this for £5. Picked up a copy myself but no ideas as to whether they have any more left unfortunately. May be worth a look when you're passing
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  1. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    I read it that there was a PS5 wandering around without it's parents
    Sonofclara's avatar
    Found in the sweets aisle ?
  2. UltimatePhoenix's avatar
    Started this before it left PS Plus hoping to finish but didn't get time. Really enjoyed what I played.
  3. Sonofclara's avatar
    52262027-pBn05.jpgNothing of interest pricewise in my local
  4. Millionvoltage's avatar
    Really good game.
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