Posted 11 May 2023

Tears of the kingdom - The game collection pre-order dispatch

Hey everyone,

I'm sure everyone is as hyped as I am for tears of the kingdom tomorrow!

I was just wondering if anyone else has ordered from the game collection? If so has their pre-order been dispatched yet?
My partner ordered from them on ebay and his has been dispatched but mine was ordered on their website and is still saying ''preparing to be despatched''
Worried as I am hoping it arrives tomorrow ready for release!

I could just be over worrying but just wanted to check with anyone else who may have ordered from them on their website
Thanks for reading!
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  1. stedaman's avatar
    Plenty of time for them to dispatch today for tomorrow.
    I would expect them to do so at any point between now and tonight.
    Always depends on whether then received all stock allocation though. (edited)
    Conroar94's avatar
    Ahhhh thats made me feel alot better! Thanks for helping me worry less! Looking forward to that sweet dispatched email in my inbox haha!
  2. BiffyBear's avatar
    I ordered from Game Collection and same as you. If you scroll to the bottom, it does say “shipped” so not sure if it has or hasn’t.

    I’ve pre-ordered a few things from them recently and all arrived on release day. Although they were dispatched earlier in the day.

    Like you, hoping it’s fine for tomorrow! Fingers crossed
    Conroar94's avatar
    thank you! Mine says shipped at the bottom as well! I wonder if it’s just not updated haha! I’ve not ordered from them for a while but did get games on release day in the past!

    Fingers crossed we get our copies early tomorrow!

    Thanks again for letting me know as mines in the same state as yours 🤞
  3. CalmerChameleon's avatar
    I'll try and stay spoiler free but 20 minutes into the game and it's been great so far! The characters seem to move a slight bit quicker than botw, the controls have been slightly tweaked (which is a tiny bit jarring) and, bad news, whistle running is now gone!
    Conroar94's avatar
    Ahhhhh yay I’m happy they move abit quicker! The controls will defo throw me off abit as I have been replaying botw this week I’m sure I’ll get used to them!

    Oh no they got rid of whistle running

    Thanks for the heads up!
  4. vendrell's avatar
    My partners copy arrived. I also got the 'order has shipped this morning' email at 11am. I clicked on the tracking and it had been delivered. (edited)
    Conroar94's avatar
    Yay! Happy it’s arrived and happy tears of the kingdom day to you! Can’t wait for work to be over to pop my switch on 😁
  5. HUKDposter's avatar
    Still no email as of this morning, mine shows the same as others. Really hoping people start posting in here when theirs arrive today from Game Collection to put my mind at ease!
    Conroar94's avatar
    Mine has just arrived!!!
  6. CalmerChameleon's avatar
    Order with Shopto and received today. Still at work though and haven't tried it yet
    Conroar94's avatar
    Omg it came today! That’s so exciting 😁😁😁 hopefully you don’t have long left with work!
  7. Broddo's avatar
    I just got a notification that it was shipped.. shame, was obviously hoping to get it today.
    Conroar94's avatar
    Mine is still saying preparing for despatch and it arrived at 9:40 this morning! There is still hope left!
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