Posted 20th Sep 2022
Hi all. I currently have a Virgin TiVo V6 box which I've had for a few years. I'm told I can upgrade to Virgin TV 360 which I believe is partly a software update on the existing box and a new remote.

The issue is that if I take it up I will lose all the recordings on my existing box (of which there are lots). Has anyone else upgraded and if so is it worth it?
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    I've been using 360 for some time, personally I find it a huge improvement on the clunky TiVo interface. Much faster to use and pretty bug free. VM seem to be rolling out pretty regular improvements and updates as well.
    Only thing I miss from TiVo is the automatic step back of a few seconds when you press play after fast forwarding (genius idea).

    I don't use my 360 remote as I have a Harmony remote but I think the new remote would be a big improvement if using the standard virgin remote as it's a very nice quality remote with voice search button and it's also backlit .
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    360 is a good enough improvement to sacrifice the recordings imo. Snappier, more modern ui. Better remote with voice search. Software update takes minutes. Can watch certain channels programmes live or from the start if you've missed a bit
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    I have the same question lol.
    I mean the existing TiVo software and interface is pretty poor but I need to know if the update is worth losing a lot of recordings we have on the box! I have no doubt it will be a better experience but how much better
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    Some strong opinions here!
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    Off topic, went from sky to Virgin have the 360,its,surprising how far behind the UI is on the virgin box
    Yeah a lot of people say this. They really need to up their game as a lot of the other providers are getting comparable internet speeds meaning there's more scope to switch whereas previously no one else could get anywhere near Virgin speeds
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    Going on this, those that was on Tivo software you would see a Tivo charge on the bill if moving to 360 is this charge now removed or replaced with 360 charge and I don't mean the Tivo box
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