whats the difference between a junior size 5 and adult size 5

Posted 5th Jul 2016
The adidas superstar come in a adult size 5 and a junior size 5 £30 price difference is there any difference cheers
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If you’re wondering, are junior shoe sizes the same as adults? Then keep reading!

To put it simply, a junior shoe size 5 is the same as an adult size 5.

Generally speaking, infant sizes go from 1 to 13, and junior sizes start again from 1 and continue up to 5 and beyond. These junior sizes are the same as adult women sizes.

Is junior size 5 the same as women's size 5 in the UK?

Yes, if you are shopping in the kid’s or junior size 5 shoes are the same as a women’s size 5, however, make sure you are not shopping in the baby’s or toddlers section, as there is also a infant size 5 available too, and this is not the same as a women’s size 5.

The best way to check whether the shoe size is a baby’s or kid’s is to look at the size chart and compare it to EU shoe size, a women’s UK size 5 is an EU size 38. However, this does also depend on the brand of the shoe as well, as not all brands size their shoes in the junior section the same way.

How to save money on shoes

If you are around a women’s shoe size 5, the likelihood is you can save a lot of money by shopping in the kid’s section.

So if you’re wondering are junior trainers the same as adults, for some brands yes that’s true. Here are some of the brands which offer UK women’s sizes in the kid’s section:

  • Nike - For example, Nike Blazers are available in the kid’s section up to size 5.5 for around £74.99, this marks a big saving from the rough £89.99 price tag for Nike Blazers in the women’s section.
    • You can also buy Nike Air Max 270 in the kid’s section which goes up to a women’s size 6 for roughly £87.95 compared to a massive difference in price for the same trainers found in the women’s section for around £134.95. That’s a saving of over £45 for the exact same style of trainers.
    • Nike Jordan MA2 trainers are also offered in the kid’s section for around £69.95 whereas in the women’s section you will have to pay around £114.95. The kid’s sizes go up to a UK size 6.

  • Adidas - For example, the classic Stan Smith design is available for around £50 in the kid’s section, compared to roughly £75 in the adult’s.
    • Another style that can be found in both the adult’s and kid’s sections is the Continental 80 trainers. For a pair from the women’s, you will pay roughly £75 but for the same trainers from the kid’s, it is around £45 in sizes up to 6.5.

So there can be money saved on trainers when shopping in the Kid’s section. But always make sure you try on the shoes before committing to them!