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Where to sell a watch?

I have a Tag watch that I'm thinking of selling as I no longer wear it. Where would be the best place to possibly appraise and sell?
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    When we looked for my Dad, last year, the money offered from a quick Google search was way under what he paid so he decided to keep it till the market improved.

    He has a limited edition one - no idea what model.
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    I own a Tag myself but I don't think the resell market for this brand is very strong unlike a Rolex for example.

    Have a look on Watchfinder for prices
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    I hope Garry doesn’t mind me hijacking this post but I wouldn’t mind knowing this too…me and the wife have Tag watches we don’t wear anymore but they both need a service and was wondering if it’s worth getting them serviced to sell them on…

    Mine is a WT 5111.
    Mrs is a WP 1310 (edited)
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    Take a look at recent eBay sold listings to get a rough estimate. Generally speaking Tag Heuer do not hold value well at all. A service will likely set you back a couple of hundred quid at a minimum, so it's probably better to just sell it as is.
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