Posted 26 December 2023

Xbox Expansion Cards / SSD so expensive!

Hi all

I'm looking to get an xbox expansion card / SSD ideally 1TB in size.

They seem to be a resilient £150 across the board.

Does anyone have any idea if these will go on sale at all? Crystal balls at the ready? or likely to just stay high for ages?

I do have a voucher to use at Currys so if they had a sale on that would be rather nice!!! 🤷‍♂️🎅

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  1. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Ignore me. You want to play games directly from it.
    McShane's avatar
    The expansion slot is proprietary, you can't just use any old M.2 with an adapter.

    Any drives plugged in via USB will only work for Xbox One games.
  2. aLV426's avatar
    If you want to play the games and use the features of the Xbox Series X then you need to use the expansion slot. Any other drive will act as storage and can't be used to play directly from.
    I doubt the prices will drop any time soon and probably not during the lifetime of the console. (edited)
    tommydelboy's avatar
    Cool thanks. Will just take the hit and buy one then!
  3. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Can't you use most NVME M.2 drives for XBOX external storage?

    If so just buy this & an enclosure…114 (edited)
    tommydelboy's avatar
    As far as I know, this would not recognise Series S/X games. All I know is it has an "expansion Port" not sure if it's M.2 or not!
  4. Denney_Masters's avatar
    Just buy an external hard drive and transfer the games across when you want to play them. I refuse to buy the Expansion cards because of thier price.
    tommydelboy's avatar
    Nahhh I want the benefits of the SSD! Good idea though for ££ saving
  5. Skyblue22's avatar
    Expansion on xbox is expensive that's one advantage of ps5 with m.2
  6. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Microsoft have so far only allowed Seagate to make and sell them. So you either have to pay the asking price or use a standard external drive.

    You can get a Chinese copy of the official case, but it only works with 1 specific make and model of SSD. Which are quite difficult and expensive to get -…xlb (edited)
    Porge92's avatar
    I've seen this workaround method and I write today to ask if anyone can confirm a solution. This bottleneck of price is just ridiculous
  7. Zion's avatar
    The Western digital cards are usually a little bit cheaper, there going for £140 on amazon at the moment.

    Don't think the prices will come down anytime soon as there are only 2 manufacturers of these cards. If you go down the avenue of using an external SSD drive to transfer games back and forth the xbox series consoles are limited to 5Gbps over USB so buying the fastest NVMe drive will be a waste. Find a SSD that can sustain around or above 625MB/s, will need to be a TLC drive as QLC drives sustain rate is terrible. (edited)
    tommydelboy's avatar
    Thanks, I just managed to get one - Argos / Amazon have the WD 1TB one for £129.99.

    I got Currys to price match as I had a £10 voucher from ID mobile, so all in all, £119.99. Took the plunge at last.
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