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Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
GoodSAM Responder App
Seems a timely reminder that anybody with some formal training (Off-duty healthcare worker, policeman, first aider) can download the App on their phone and you can become a First Responder f…
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Posted 1st May 2022Posted 1st May 2022
Where do you sell Cinema Tickets?
Since we no longer have a For Sale Section on HUKD, what websites do you guys use? I have two physical codes that must be booked by midnight tomorrow for Vue nationally and so I might as we…
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Posted 8th Aug 2021Posted 8th Aug 2021
Need a Cheap Laptop Recommendation
I'm helping out a friend with a recommendation of a low budget laptop... So lots of compromise needed! They want to pay £250-£300. Can be Refurb as long as it's nearly new type refurb [Open…
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Posted 17th Jul 2020Posted 17th Jul 2020
eBay - Scammed?
Bit of a peculiar situation. I sold a Game Boy Advance Game named Pokemon Fire Red which is very collectable these days, presumably for the nostalgia benefits. Sold via eBay Auction with No…
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Posted 1st Jun 2018Posted 1st Jun 2018
One Spotify Family Space Available
We have a group of 5 for Spotify Family already with one space remaining. The cost is £30 for the year and we go live tomorrow (2nd June for 1 year). Looking for only a long term HUKD membe…
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Posted 2nd Feb 2018Posted 2nd Feb 2018
Samsung Cloud - Really need help (Messages being spied upon)
My family member has a Samsung ?S8 with a Samsung Cloud account. They are in a (what I view) a dangerous relationship with zero trust. Their partners' messages have now appeared on my fami…
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