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nvidia shield TV streaming.

I love my shield TV but at the same time it is the most infuriating unfinished (interms of software) I've ever used. Has anyone managed to stream from pc on a consistent basis. I managed to do it once… 1 Response
ayaz51 Avatarayaz512m agoLast updated 2 minutes ago by ayaz51

Who will win the 4x100m?

Who will win the 4x100m Relays - Men and Women and who will win the Women 200m Final? 2 Responses
Evor AvatarEvor2m agoLast updated 2 minutes ago by kidrock123

29er mountain bike single speed gear ratios

Just bought my first single speed 29er, new territory for me, had plenty of ss road bikes but never 29er. Thing is I'm finding the gear ratio way too low, 33:20, could I just swap the sprocket for a 1… 3 Responses
cycleman Avatarcycleman3m agoLast updated 3 minutes ago by NEtech

Windows 10

Anyone know how to make Windows 10 wake on lan? Is there a specific setting. Magic packet is on. Wake by device is on. Stupid thing just won't wake. Never had this with Windows 8.1! Gaaaah 4 Responses
ayaz51 Avatarayaz514m agoLast updated 4 minutes ago by ayaz51

can I favourite posts?

Hi. I've been using this app now on Android for ages and never really figured out if there's a way to save or favourite posts I'm interested in or commenting on etc... So is there a way to do that ins… 1 Response
Kezman14 AvatarKezman146m agoLast updated 6 minutes ago by wozkeo

Man city - Juve / Away fan

Hello. Any idea where to find tickets for City-Juve 15/09. I'm a Juve fan and would like to see this game. I've looked on Google but most tickets available are only for home fans. How to buy tickets f… 2 Responses
kar20ol Avatarkar20ol14m agoLast updated 14 minutes ago by wozkeo

Is Adobe Creative Cloud Worth It?

I've been using free software for years but there's an offer for full Photoshop and Lightroom for £6.98 a month but the offer ends tomorrow so I need to get this now if I want to go ahead. I've never 9 Responses
FoX5 AvatarFoX516m agoLast updated 16 minutes ago by kidrock123

compensation from BT

Firstly I have been without broadband for 20 weeks. I signed up to bt infinity and phone line to move over from sky. Initially I was give a switch over date then was told there was a problem connectin… 12 Responses
jb37 Avatarjb3728m agoLast updated 28 minutes ago by jb37

Dampening subwoofer vibrations?

Hi everyone, purchased a new home theatre kit and it's great, however without sacrificing the deep bass, is there anyway to stop the vibrations coming from the subwoofer? I've tried googling anti vibr… 2 Responses
SkullMunky AvatarSkullMunky29m agoLast updated 29 minutes ago by rev6

Can you get multiple offers from sky at once?

Hi. I was looking at taking out the sky broadband unlimited offer for £16.40 a month with cashback and an m&s voucher as well as the TV package offer from TCB. However, apparently this can not be done… 7 Responses
Mcgrar AvatarMcgrar44m agoLast updated 44 minutes ago by AStonedRaichu

Looking for an all in one powerful bargain desktop

I only intend to use the desktop to create and run virtual machines. A powerful processor and 8+ Gigs of RAM are a must. I do NOT need a touch screen or a powerful graphic cards for games. What's th… 4 Responses
houcem Avatarhoucem47m agoLast updated 47 minutes ago by houcem


Any CEX vouchers wanted. Thanks 0 Responses
arthikair2000 Avatararthikair200047m agoLast updated 47 minutes ago by arthikair2000

50 inch tv stand/cabinet - Child safe

Hi guys, My TV is currently on the wall about 5/6ft in the air and it is bugging me. I find it difficult to concentrate when playing games so I am looking to have a shuffle of my living room. Can any… 5 Responses
Crazygooner1 AvatarCrazygooner11h, 3m agoLast updated 1 hour, 3 minutes ago by spannerbaby

Looking to buy a nice skylake motherboard bundle

Just got a really nice GPU (GTX980TI SC) and have decided to upgrade my MB, CPU and RAM. Been looking at Skylake with a 6700 chip and fast ram. So I'm after some advice on what should I get and the be… 0 Responses
gr8h8me Avatargr8h8me1h, 6m agoLast updated 1 hour, 6 minutes ago by gr8h8me

Android phones around £60

Hi folks. I was wondering if anyone has come across a decent Android phone (used or new) costing between £50 to £60? The minimum specs should be a 4.5 - 5 inch screen (no smaller than 4.5 inches), 1gb… 12 Responses
expositouk Avatarexpositouk1h, 12m agoLast updated 1 hour, 12 minutes ago by Off_White

Euros - Problems with notes

Would appreciate some suggestions for euros, please. I just went to the bank and changed some euros for an upcoming holiday, but they gave them to me in two bills of 100, even when I specifically ask… 7 Responses
Falloojimafa AvatarFalloojimafa1h, 14m agoLast updated 1 hour, 14 minutes ago by mattmerch

How much is my iphone 4S with a faulty top button worth?

How much is my iphone 4S with a faulty top button worth? apart from the faulty button the phone is in very good condition with no scratches on the screen or back as it has been kept in a case from ne… 11 Responses
nwressell Avatarnwressell1h, 23m agoLast updated 1 hour, 23 minutes ago by Dyslexic_Dog

car problems garage may have not fixed the problem

So I took my car to the garage as it struggled to start , they replaced the alternator for £300, 2 days later car won't start again . Where do I stand ? Seems they may not have corrected the issue , c… 24 Responses
harmonysalesuk Avatarharmonysalesuk1h, 34m agoLast updated 1 hour, 34 minutes ago by benjammin316

Scottish Alcohol Laws

I'm just back from Sainsburys and had put a 4 pack of Carling in my basket, which had a price on the shelf of £3.50. When I got to the till it came up as £4.30, so I asked for someone to come and chan… 9 Responses
kirky666 Avatarkirky6661h, 59m agoLast updated 1 hour, 59 minutes ago by athunder

Minstrels etc Sweet Sunday codes

Does anyone have any codes from promotional packs of Minstrels, Malteasers etc that they won't use? Please PM me if you have any. Perhaps you don't have a participating cinema near you etc... I reme… 2 Responses
ScroopEgerton AvatarScroopEgerton2h, 15m agoLast updated 2 hours, 15 minutes ago by ScroopEgerton