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Posted 20 March 2023

2 x Autoglym Polar Wash, 2.5L - Snow Foam Car Shampoo Safe for Wheels, Paint & Trim - Total 5Ltr - £22.47 @ Amazon

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About this itemSafe and effective snow foam car shampoo for home pressure washers. Polar Wash creates a thick, high-cling, blanket of car foam shampoo
  • Specially formulated surfactants easily encapsulate and remove dirt, traffic film and road grime that could otherwise be moved around the car
  • Designed for application through a pressure washer with a foam gun. Safe to use on wheels, tyres, paint & trim. It will not remove previously applied waxes or sealants
  • Ideal for use after pre-washing with a snow foam such as Autoglym Polar Blast, but it can be used independently. We recommend following up with Autoglym Polar Seal, our durable hydrophobic coating
  • Polar Wash can perform a touchless clean on very lightly soiled vehicles. However, for stubborn dirt and traffic film we advise agitation with a wash mitt or sponge

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Step 1 - Polar Blast

Apply Polar Blast with a pressure washer and foam cannon for the best results. Spray on the exterior bodywork of your vehicle and leave the blanket of snow foam for up to 10 minutes.

This removes the top layer of dirt before you wash, reducing the chance of swirl marks caused by sponge or wash mitt agitation.

Step 2 - Polar Wash

Similar to Polar Blast, Polar Wash is best applied with a pressure washer and foam cannon. Spray on the exterior bodywork of your vehicle and agitate the thick foam with a wash mitt.

The foam allows you to easily see where you have cleaned to ensure a perfect, all-over wash. Rinse off ready for step 3...

Step 3 - Polar Seal

Whilst the vehicle is still wet apply Polar Seal with your pressure washer and foam cannon, avoiding the windscreen. Do not allow the solution to dry on your vehicle.

Rinse off with water and watch it repel off instantly due to Polar Seal's excellent hydrophobic properties. Drying time is dramatically reduced and you're left with a perfect wax-like finish.


Complete the Polar Series by drying your vehicle and reveal a high gloss, enviable finish.

YouTube - Quick tutorial & Review

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  1. cootcee64's avatar
    Have used the BH Touchless for a while now and is in my opinion better than the BH Auto Snow Foam

    Only downside is that the BH Touchless is a bit more expensive 
    Apparently BH Touchless is a sugar based car cleaning product

    Mix 1/4 of Product with 3/4 water in snow foam lance  lance and apply an even spray coating and allow to dwell 5 to 8 mins tops only.

    Touchless snowfoam wins for me in side by side comparison but others will disagree

    Touchless doesn’t need to dwell on vehicles long only about 5 to 8 minutes in total b4 power washing off

    As for the AG polar blast which i have also used over the years was simply too foamy on application for me and didn’t really pick up and loosen all the dirt on my motors

    Hope this helps 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  2. chugerblug's avatar
    I quite liked the polar wash and polar seal. It was the blast that didn't do the job for me. Any recommendations for what is better?
    jcr's avatar
    Bilt Hamber Auto Foam
  3. Rookiereece100's avatar
    Priced okay but not a great product
    Askrulous's avatar
    I agree, maybe it was my jetwash at fault, but I wasn't impressed with this product either.
  4. theshabster's avatar
    For around this price go for Bilt Hamber Auto Foam and thank me later 🏼 (edited)
    briggsage's avatar
  5. Niqabi921's avatar
    My hubz likes it
    Ordered with s&s for £20.89 thankyou
  6. gmblr's avatar
    Foam is great using Nilfisk and lance from eBay, but it's just not great product.
  7. dodge747's avatar
    If looking for mainly a pre-wash, buy the Polar Blast instead which is great as a dedicated snow foam. This Polar Wash is slight confused as its basically a shampoo sprayed on and then meant to be agitated. (edited)
  8. krisdeb's avatar
    Amazing product, I could find it for £12 - £15 in 2022, so expensive now..
  9. DaveLakin's avatar
    I found these products useless. I bought 2 packs of blast, wash and seal on offer from amazon and I sent back the pack I did not use. The blast (snow foam) removed no dirt. It's pH neutral and very mild. I've bought built hamber touchless foam which is alkaline. I will see how I get on (edited)
's avatar