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Posted 23 May 2023

Autobrite 6 Step Detailing Kit, includes 12 products - £13.40 with Free collection @ Halfords

£13.40£21.9939% off
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12 of the most popular Autobrite products
Easy to use 6 step kit
Everything you need in one kit
Hydrophobic finish
Perfect gift for any car lover
12 x 100ml bottles
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  1. bigbadwolves's avatar
    Autobrite snowfoam is absolute rubbish. Products are average at best. 100ml will probably give you 1 use maybe 2 at most but it is a sample set. Personally think better off saving your money for better quality products that you actually want. (edited)
    Deal_searcher's avatar
    Ok that's helpful. It's there a recommendation of products I should look for. On a budget so probably wouldn't buy so many products myself
  2. danny1974's avatar
    12x 100ml bottles so really just a sample set for you to try
    craig.oculus's avatar
    Yep. That’s why they call it a Sample Kit.
  3. naz400r's avatar
    If your new to detailing then I'd say this is a very good entry point that's been overlooked by a lot of manufacturers of products; small samples of everything to give you an idea of what each product does, how they strip different levels of grime/iron etc from the bodywork and how it changes the behaviour of dirt/rain on your car after all is done.

    Personally I don't have any Autobrite products for exactly what bigbadwolves has described in their comment, I paid for the full bottles previously and ended up throwing them away as I didn't feel i was progressing my finish to the next stage. Currently, my last purchase has been from a brand called Infinity Wax and my mid-range kit is Sonax / Bilt Hamber or Autoglym (Amazon Prime sale only!) (edited)
    Deal_searcher's avatar
    Bilt hamber is quite a lot as initial investment. I see that it is great value as it lasts ages but big upfront payment and which products should a beginner buy? I'm thinking this autobrite might be good to give it a good detail. Might be expensive per wash but cheap upfront cost and looks like you can get an idea as to what products work for you or not
  4. gazza47's avatar
    Seems a decent offer is this any good
    Jonny_Wright's avatar
    I've liked the AutoBrite products I've used in the past, 100ml would be good as a taster and see what you think for little cost.
  5. Deal_searcher's avatar
    How many washes would this give?
  6. lewis_296's avatar
    Not a bad starter kit for the money, personally I’d hop is some detailing forums and see what sounds good to you.

    My personal recommendation for a starter kit, albeit more expensive upfront:

    A cheap (per wash) but high quality car shampoo is dodo juice - born to be mild if you’re in to (or getting into) detailing, I’ve had mine for a year and still got loads left. It’s about £15 but you get 500ml
    It’s got 1:800 concentration, you only need a few drops in your bucket. Pair that with a nice paste wax (I like Poor Boys - Natty’s Paste Wax) and a mild clay bar to use with some soapy water and you can get yourself off to a great start with some products that should last quite a while for a relatively small spend.

    To upgrade further you can add polishing compounds and you can get yourself paintwork that gleams like only a few other cars on the road
  7. Deadpool2's avatar
    Great starter kit for the price, can’t go wrong. You’ll get maybe 2/3 uses out of it. So considering what you pay for a decent valet these days it’s a bargain tbh.

    Let’s you try before you buy so to speak.
  8. naz400r's avatar
    Cherry Glaze was the first AIO I used, doesn't mark plastic trim and smells fantastic. It's a shame it has no cut or fill which is why Super Resin Polish is a superior product
  9. Bob_Morgan's avatar
    Autobrite products are inferior to the major brands.. Best to stick with the likes of Autoglym.
    Sausages0's avatar
    Who told you that, did you read that off of a forum somewhere? All my autoglym products I started with were in the bin within 6 months. Weird comment.

    Far too many brands that have products that are easier to use, better result, value for money etc than autoglym. Aimed at the mass market who wash their car once every 15 years and have 95% of the bottle left after the first wash.
  10. Miccheck1516's avatar
    If you want a cheap kit that has everything you need, this is it. Bottles are kinda small but I'd say you get at least 3 full go's at each product (so like de tarring an entire car x 3, iron decon whole car x 3 , polish x 3, etc) and maybe a few more out of the shampoo if you follow the dosage instructions.
    Honestly, they wouldn't be my favourite products, but I do keep these in my garage for some peace of mind that I have everything I need if I need it....
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