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Autoglym Polar Wash 2.5L £10.51 or Polar Blast, 2.5L £11.87 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) Delivered @ Amazon
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Good price for the wash at Amazon. Description Safe and effective cleaner for home pressure washers. Should be applied using a pressure washer with a foam gun. Creates a thi… Read more

Yes Autoglym, it's the old green snot formula, haven't tried the new clear gel version yet as it lasts so long.


AG plastic trim gel...... Is that AutoGlym? I'm looking for a good treatment for plastic and rubber window seals etc. (y) 🏻


Thanks, ordered both (y) Great deal, I use this all the time and the seal once every 4-5 washes too. As for foam not sticking, I've never had an issue (even from wet), just bought a brass snow foam from eBay (nothing expensive) Only one I have and was when I first got the polar blast last year, goes one much better after some tweaking with the foam gun.


No I bought the specific Nilfisk snow foam thing. And it does produce a good foam, just doesn't cling, but I have been rinsing the car first. So next time I'll do it dry (ooh err).


Before and after using all 3 steps, BH auto wheel and AG plastic trim gel. Looks like decent results to me.

Autoglym Full Polar Bundle £26.51 @ Amazon
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Everything you need to Pre-Wash, Wash, and Protect your vehicle when using a pressure washer and foaming gun, thanks to the power of Autoglym Polar! Pre-Wash with Autoglym Polar B… Read more

Expired, £36.06 now.


Good system, if you use a pressure washer, and don't want to spend ages, and physical effort on your car, especially in colder weather. I just do a decent detail and Wax once a year now, with a decent sealent. If you use this system, try and get a spare pressure wash bottle, makes life easy. Relatively cheap per wash too, and decent protection on wheels. It's recommended to only apply polar seal once a month, and don't overdose the mix ratio. No need for snow foam, unless the car is filthy. A drop of screwfix no nonsense car wash in the rinse bucket, helps things along, and keeps cost down.


Same. The other two are decently average compared to the best in class. They smell nice is about as good as it gets.


Uh oh. This will be interesting.


Decent bundle but imo the Polar seal is the best of the lot. In winter, you do not want to be out in the cold for long. This makes applying protection a cinch.

Autoglym PBKIT Polar Blast Gun for karcher £30.06 @ Amazon
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Autoglym polar blaster foam gun

The Best Snow Foam Lance/Cannon | MTM MJJC Autoglym Carbon Collective PA Cheap Chinese - YouTube


I bought the brass adapter direct from perfectly


There are at least 3 different Nilfisk fittings, none are interchangeble


Crazy high price for a average snow foam Lance, better products available, check YouTube for reviews


Thats what makes this cost effective when i bought it for £24. Having looked at others, adapter alone was £5

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Autoglym LCB500 Leather Care Balm, 500ml £7.32 (+£4.49 non-prime) @ Amazon
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Product descriptionLeather upholstery is very durable providing the essential oils and preservatives are replenished as they get eroded by evaporation and general wear and tear. Le… Read more

Thanks for your advice. (y) 😄


Going back to coating leather, you could pretty much throw anything at it and it'll be fine. Same with car fabric. But unless you know the specs of the interior, many people probably wouldn't know the difference between leather and anything else.


Making comments like that cause people to go and buy something off the shelf in tesco and destroy their price and joy! Some do, some don't. Generally the older folk with far too much money take an interest in what I'm doing. I would too if I spent a truckload on an expensive prestige car and barely drive it. It is like most products. But you can buy dedicated leather cleaners for leather, car shampoo for paintwork etc. I assume you wouldn't get some car shampoo and use it on your interior carpets, would you? But would probably do a job to a degree, but there's usually a reason why there are dedicated products, unless it's autoglym who have a different shampoo for each day of the week. Depends on the type of leather and how dirty it is. An apc is fine if used the right way. Generally a good degreaser works well for me, most of the human spillage, hair grease etc is destroyed by a degreaser. Incredible on fabric seats and carpet, too. But anything more upper class will get colour locked. Not cheap, not a lot of product, but it's worth it and safer on the higher end cars. I don't fancy paying a 4 figure sum for a leather restoration. It works for me so I stick with it.


I appreciate your reply, I did say ‘usually’ at the end. In my experience, I don’t think many people who pay someone to detail their car seem to be too concerned with the products they use, just that they do a good job. Also I agree APC if not used correctly can cause damage, however that’s true of any product, I’d think you’d agree? I’ve done quite a lot of research on car detailing and a lot of the professionals who do detailing as a business recommend cleaning coated leather with diluted APC. However, I myself are not a professional so would ask what you yourself use to clean coated leather seats? As you don’t actually say in your reply. Thanks in advance fir your response. (y) 😄


I'm so pleased people like you exist otherwise I'd be out of work. If I turned up to some of my clients' motors with a spray bottle of apc they wouldn't be best pleased. Apc is prone to water staining if not used carefully with the right technique. It'll also dry out leather seats. There's a reason why companies like colour lock exist.

Autoglym Car Care Products £5.18 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Autoglym Fast Glass 500ml = £6.52 Autoglym PB002.5 Polar Blast, 2.5L = £11.99 Autoglym AWKIT Aqua Wax Kit = £10.51 Autoglym AG 163254 Bumper & Trim Gel, 325ml = … Read more

It does not come up on offer that much TBH, the Collinite wax is half the price and is very good I’ve heard. (y) 😄


Thanks for the info, might see if the HD wax comes up on offer as not due to get the car until late September unless it gets delayed in production but going back to cleaning and valeting myself zero by as the local places aren’t doing a great job at the minute plus least doing it yourself there’s more care in it too. I hope I won’t be cleaning anyone else’s car though haha


The point of a snow foam is to help remove bonded contaminates and heavy residue build up prior to touching the clear coat with a wash mitt. Therefore reducing the risk of swirl marks and fine scratches. It also should help make any residue lift more easily. I find Bilt Hamber auto foam the most effective. I may give polar blast a go at some point but in general the BH seems to get the best results.


I’ve used Autoglym HD wax and its been brilliant and very long lasting, they recommend doing it with the seasons I.e 4 times per year if you have the time. On great tip I found was after washing car and drying paint, but before waxing I use Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre Wax Cleanser’ - as have it on really good authority it cleans the paint of all residue before waxing gets and so helps the wax bond better to the paint, which results in the wax lasting longer, it’s definitely worked for me! You don’t need to use much of it, same with the HD wax don’t over apply. It makes the wax layer last much, much longer. Other (cheaper) waxes I’ve heard great things about (but not yet used myself as the HD wax pot lasts a long time as you don’t use much each time) are ‘Collinite 476S - Super Doublecoat Auto Wax’ (about £23 including delivery) and ‘Bilt Hamber - Double Speed Car Wax’ (about £20 including delivery). Have fun with the waxes, be warned it gets addictive and you end up offering to do friends and families cars! (lol)


Get Bilt Hamber Autofoam instead, be warned does not foam as much as others but does a great job gently.