Unfortunately, this deal has expired 3 September 2023.
Posted 12 June 2023

3 pc original chicken, fries & side £3.99 via app (pickup) / 8 mini fillets free (delivery only - min spend £10 & del fee applies) @ KFC

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Update 1
3 pc original chicken, fries & side £3.99 via app (pickup) now expired  / 8 mini fillets free still live until 03/09
Couple of new KFC offers

  • 3 pc original recipe chicken, fries and side for £3.99 via app pickup - runs until 23rd July
  • Free 8 Mini fillet bucket offer delivery only - subject to minimum spend of £10. Fees apply. 12/06/23 to 03/09. Not available to guests who have previously redeemed a First Bucket's on Us offer.

Other offers in app

  • 2 Krushems for £3.49
  • 2 hot wings for 99p (rolling offer)
  • 6 pc family feast for £11.99 (rolling offer)


3 pc original recipe chicken, fries and side for £3.99 available from 12th June 2023 to 23rd July 2023. Includes 3 pieces of original recipe chicken, regular fries and a choice of regular side only. Offer available in store at participating restaurants when ordered through the app or the website. Customer must be logged in to their KFC account to redeem the offer. Not available on delivery.


Free 8 Mini fillet bucket offer delivery only - subject to minimum spend (showing £10 here). Fees apply. 12/06/23 to 03/09. Not available to guests who have previously redeemed a First Bucket's on Us offer. See kfc.co.uk for full T&Cs

KFC More details at
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  1. UltimatePhoenix's avatar
    Dont fall for the free chicken via delivery, its 30% increase in price so a £30 bucket is £39. Unless you can't walk to the destination it aint worth it.same with McDonald's, think they are 20% via Just Eat
  2. Yolofknell's avatar
    The price for KFC has got ridiculously high. Had a KFC last week with my son and cost £18. Will stick to local southern fried place from now on.
    bigbadwolves's avatar
    Ive found the locals cost even more than KFC (edited)
  3. lindy526's avatar
    Got the family feast the other week 6 drumsticks took it back and said thought it was supposed to be mixture of drumsticks and thighs ,which l don't mind but was told no depends what we have. They changed it and gave me all thighs also said can request all thighs,much better value.
    Vee2020's avatar
    We like all drumsticks, we could be nice neighbors
  4. nimbusgamer's avatar
    £1.33 per pc if you don't care about the sides when, at my local, it normally costs £1.99 / £1.99 / £1.83 per pc for 1 / 2 / 3 solo pcs.

    Looks like no more popcorn chicken in Sides & Dips, my local one includes:
    - £1.59 reg / £2.19 large - fries, gravy, baked beans, corn cob, coleslaw, southern rice, creamy mash, garden salad
    - £0.40 - supercharger, sweet chilli, real tomato, smokey bbq, garlic buttermilk mayo
    steven.johnsonm9G's avatar
    Is it me or are fries at the usual Fast Food chains getting ridilous on price? At least when they weren't as expensive you didn't need to be as annoyed with them cold and soggy
  5. whycantiusemyownnameffs's avatar
    £7.50 for a 3 piece meal last week
    Was a fiver not long ago
    And their chickens must have 8 legs as that’s the majority of what you get
    ministrymason's avatar
    Ask for no legs
  6. jayzone1998's avatar
    If that side was a drink it would be perfect
    MAZ1991's avatar
    Just grab a can of pepsi Max from the local still cheaper than most takeaways
  7. emmatthew's avatar
    Add a student snack bucket for free.
    3 original recipe chicken
    2 fries
    1 popcorn chicken
    1 gravy / beans/ sweetcorn / coleslaw / rice / mash / salad / fries.
    £3.99 Bargain.
    jayzone1998's avatar
    Or a krushem, as that would mean you have a drink rather then extra fries/chicken. Unless splitting between 2
  8. jalaldevil's avatar
    No burger meals again. The Zinger stacker meal is £9.49 at my local one. Ridiculous!
    Chanchi32's avatar
    This looks good, hopefully site updates properly soon and not selected accounts

  9. jinkssick's avatar
    Since Popeye's arrived here at Reading. Eating at KFC feels incredibly subpar. Haven't been to KF since Feb.
    ZeroTheGhostDog's avatar
    Popeyes chicken burger is really nice but everything else I have found rather average - and the price is atrocious, in my opinion
  10. northerngeezer's avatar
    The £3.99 deal seems decent
  11. Chapers_23's avatar
    Good price, this, I think.

    Does anybody else's meals never come in boxes anymore? Mine is always now just thrown into a sweaty paper bag 😔
  12. McShane's avatar
    Got this today, chips were missing and beans were 2 hours past the sell date. Chicken was nice though!
  13. SPLE22's avatar
    Just got this now, 2 legs and a thigh.. absolutely lovely!
  14. brightsky's avatar
    Nice thanks
  15. chimpee's avatar
    their offers are... normal prices. lol
  16. ApolloCreedXXX's avatar
    They do some good offers on the app, just had a 6 piece meal free from the rewards section, i have now turned into Mr Creosote lol!
  17. sivilis3d's avatar
    That's a nice freebie but their delivery prices are a joke. You're not eligible for any of their usual offers. Good deal for those who have to get delivery, but if you can do pickup that will work out cheaper.
    zeeshan's avatar
    True. We are lucky to have one close to us.
  18. kudos1uk's avatar
    I have this offer on my existing account.
    zeeshan's avatar
    Have you used it before?
  19. kudos1uk's avatar
    Yes I have, not very often but yes.
    I have never had an order delivered though, maybe that is the reason.
    zeeshan's avatar
    The moderators changed my post to FOR NEW ACCOUNTS.
    As you mentioned, i don't think it is true.
    It is also available to people who already had the offer.
  20. Qasim_Bhatti1Mr's avatar
    Can you order multiple of these at once?
    driver8's avatar
    Did you find out, ...?
    I would like to know, too.
    Can 1 app holder order 4 of these? Or would all 4 of us need the app?
  21. ImAlanPartridge's avatar
    Says this is pick up only for me
    insubordinateboy's avatar
  22. RukasuMi's avatar
    this is one of the best deals this year, is the free bucket not a thing anymore tho
    Glynevans101's avatar
    On my app its "VALID UNTIL 03/09/23", maybe it's location based?

    I'm in Camden, London
  23. TheOneAndOnly's avatar
    this is basically fake title.
    It's not a selection for delivery and collection only,
    the 6 pc family feast is 19.99 not 11.99
    you have to spend £10 to get free delivery.
    jon81uk's avatar
    Some offers are collection only, other offers are delivery only.
  24. shootomanUK's avatar
    I dont see this deal on the app....its collection only
  25. CaseyK's avatar
    This deal is really good but does anyone know if it's just for a one-time purchase or available for multi-purchase?
    northerngeezer's avatar
    As many times as you want until expiry date
  26. twistedpixel's avatar
    Can’t believe they still trying to flog 49p for an anemic chicken wing as a “deal”.
  27. zchari5's avatar
    Anyone actually got this? I tried yesterday and couldn't order instore at tills or for pickup online (kept crashing the app but I could order other stuff)
    rodman's avatar
    Got one last night, was really nice for £4. I haven't been to KFC for 3 months.
  28. Holte_ender's avatar
    I still have very fond memories of the government 50% help combined with £5.99 9 piece bucket deal. The number of people alone with 4 buckets saying 'yeah, eating in' and suddenly changing their mind once all paid and received was comedy gold. Staff didn't give a monkeys- fair play to 'em.
    Horizon304's avatar
    Why would they? They get reimbursed regardless. 
  29. JC7's avatar
    On the app u can get 16 mini fillets and popcorn chicken for £10 plus £3 delivery. £1.23 per mini fillet. Sounds like a deal. Batch freeze the other 8 mini if you cant finish all at once (edited)
  30. KayDeeDance's avatar
    I haven't had KFC in a while, tempting...
  31. wafertin's avatar
    I've checked 2 local branches on the KFC app, and neither shows this deal. Am I going wrong somewhere?
    driver8's avatar
    In the NW, the branches have posters on the windows, and even ads on bus shelters.
    Oh, but don't forget it's only after 4pm. (edited)
  32. zeeshan's avatar
    Free 8 Mini Fillet Bucket offer subject to minimum spend of £10. Fees apply. 12/06/23 – 03/09/23. Not available to guests who have previously redeemed a First Bucket on Us offer.
  33. y_geordie's avatar
    Not on mine anymore
's avatar