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BrewDog Beer Tasting: 4 BrewDog Beers, Chicken Wings & Fries
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
£10 for a self-guided craft beer tasting experience for one person with chicken wings and fries, or £19.50 for two people at BrewDog - choose from 23 locations and save up to 58% f… Read more

This got too 500+ degrees at slightly more money a few weeks ago. Think it might have been more to do with the poster rather than post. Unfortunately that is the case far too often on here now. Hard to tell which deals are actually decent as opposed to being artificially inflated.


A pint and a third of their run of the mill beers and some wings and chips for a tenner - definitely no deal here


The drinks are 1/3 of a pint so not as good deal as it appears

Cedrob halal frozen chicken 1KG 2 for £3  Fulton Foods
LocalLocalFound 9th DecFound 9th Dec
Available at Fulton's. Either 2 for £3 or £1.98 each. Reduced as out of code end of December. This is the 1 kg chicken. You can save 50p per bird and if you compare it to fresh chi… Read more
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As does the raw carcass.


And it carries germs, diseases and pathogens.


Heat for a good price. If you kept chickens for food wouldn't you cut its neck to kill it?. Nothing wrong with Halal


Giblets are the neck , heart , liver and kidneys of the chicken , also a lot of non halal chicken are put on conveyors through a machine that cuts their throats , halal it's done by hand and a prayer said


Blood is a pathogen/germs carrier ... Yours might be, but mine carries oxygen around my body, as well as protect from infections.

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Morrisons Chicken price GLITCH £3.18 instore
LocalLocalFound 9th DecFound 9th Dec
Morrisons Free range chickens are going through at £3.18 regardless of how big they are. Credit Savvy Deals UK Facebook page

Interesting, I didn't know that about Free-Range Chicken (which we enjoyed tonight with potatoes, veg and yorkshire puds - I didn't consider it to be tough, seemed fine to me, but I'm hardly a foodie). I agree with you on your last sentence as well - I can take a humorous jibe but some people get off on simply being nasty for the sake of it.


I can cook just fine. Free range chicken is naturally tougher because the animal gets more exercise and the muscles are more developed. Nothing to do with how I cook. I know they require longer cooking and a different technique. I am not the only one who has this problem. Look at reviews of free range chicken on any supermarket website and you'll see tons of people saying they never get tender no matter how properly you cook them. Some people don't mind as they find them tastier. Oh and the meat is also tougher because they are slaughtered when they're older than normal non free range chickens and older chickens will be tougher. You should take lessons in politeness by the way. And google stuff before making useless comments like that.


I wasn't referring to you personally, i was just stating a sad fact and this site is a perfect example of it, it does my nut in.


I'm normally on my desktop PC - this was a rare one where I was actually in Morrisons and then commented on another device. We all make mistakes!


Full price in mine this morning 😔

Cow and gate chicken Sunday lunch baby jar 5p instore @ Superdrug Swansea
LocalLocalFound 6th DecFound 6th Dec
Cow and gate chicken Sunday lunch baby jar 5p in store @Superdrug Swansea from 4-6 months - baby food (125g) Best before February 2019
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O n a w 😳


It's still 6 months. I've been to 2 weaning classes lately as my LO 6 months 7/1. They are trying to get these changed. As it is NOT recommend to give anything but breast/formula before 6 months. They also told us how bad all these jars etc are for babies! It's disgusting what these companies get away with! x


Sorry, wasn't lecturing. I accidentally replied to wrong person. Meant to reply to Ellie (above)


Only quoting what’s on the jar I don’t need a lecture


Great to buy and donate to a food bank.


Morrison's are doing 2 for £7(£1.75 per kg), if you don't have Prime


Same size bag in Aldi now & again for £9.99 (y)


I usually stock up when the standard 2kg is £4. At the prime price this would be equivalent to paying £3.56. Heat (The non-prime price is equivalent to £4.85.)


Good price


heat for the description. (highfive)

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Chicken thighs 1kg £1.65 in-store and online @ Sainsbury's
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
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Halal! Nice to meet you.




Chicken is suppose to have a 'fowl' odour, pun totally intended (flirt)


From my experience as a consumer, Asda chicken is the worst. Many times I bought chicken from Asda and they all had a distinctive foul smell ... From recent experience I believe Aldi is good and also if you have membership; Costco. I am really sensitive to smelly chicken


Couldn’t agree more. My pal works with adults with mental health issues from mild problems to severe and she said the amount of the that only want to shop in M&S is a lot even though she tries to convince them and take them to other shops they just won’t try at all. They haven’t even got enough money for they full shop because they purely have the M&S bug. But we all have one of them in the family. X

Selected Meat, Seafood, Chicken, Duck 3 For £10 In Store & Online @ Morrisons (Till 6th January 2019)
06/01/2019Expires on 06/01/2019Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Sorted the Deal link High to Low, not sure if Morrisons do this regularly as I don't visit often? I've not added everything, but a selection of what's on offer. Buy 3 for £10. O… Read more
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I didn't know either, I just stick to the small Tescos/Sainsburys near me. Maybe I should visit more often :p


Heat for the pics & all your hard work (I didn't know there was so much variety, very helpful for me). Well done LouiseLouise 😋.


heat for the effort, Morrisons have this on all the time. but its nice to see what they have :)


Heat for the effort!


Morrisons Smoked Haddock Fillets 240g Morrisons British Minced Lamb 500g Morrisons Market St Haddock Fillets 260g Morrisons Frozen Raw Scallops 125g Morrisons Frozen Cooked Half Shell Mussels 400g Morrisons Frozen Cooked Jumbo King Prawns 225g Morrisons Smoked Back Bacon 20 Rashers 670g Heck Family Favourite Bumper Size 600g Morrisons Market St Salmon Fillets 220g Morrisons Albacore Tuna Steaks 220g

4 Chicken Penang Half Moons 160g \ 4 Vegetable Wontons 160g now 50p a box @ Iceland
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
Pastry parcels with marinated chicken and lightly spiced coconut sauce, from Iceland's own Takeaway range of frozen food. Also available are 4 vegetable wontons @ 50p a box https:… Read more
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Chicken Penang doesn't exist. #pedant. 😁 Chicken Panang does.


Oh what a wonderfully random site HUKD is :)


extra 10% off with emergency services blue bonus card

Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets Spicy 5X35g - 10p @ Tesco - Read description
LocalLocalFound 1st DecFound 1st Dec
Just received a Tesco delivery and noticed this at the top of the delivery note. These are usually £2.50 a pack but have been charged 10p due to a 'Department Sale'. Hopefully t… Read more
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What does department sale mean?


Cold,this is no deal,its nonsensical

Wagg Chicken and Veg Kennel Complete Dog Food, 15 kg RRP £13.50 now £8.59 delivered with code FREEDELIVERY
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Contains prebiotic MOS to support the population of healthy bacteria within the gut Healthy teeth and bones: Contains calcium and vitamin D3 to help maintain healthy teeth and bon… Read more
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I spend a bit more on better stuff, I know it's better because when I feed them cheap stuff one of ours stops eating her own excrement. So I spend even more in the long run buying the cheap stuff because they only eat it once so I have to feed them more often :)


My kids like McDonald's and they'll wolf it down when we go. Would I let them eat it every single day for breakfast and tea? No I wouldn't.


This is very poor quality,I wouldn't give this to my dog or anyones dog for that matter..Thanks for the post but my dog deserves the best.


Tried my border collie on all the premium brands of dog food and he turns his nose up at them all the time. Buy this and he eats it as soon as it's down. He's 11 years old now and still going strong. He has decided what he likes so I'll keep buying it.


Noooo first ingredient is Cereals i would never feed this to my dog.

Free Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or McFlurry for Students with Any Value or Wrap Meal at McDonald's
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Also get a Free Snack Box When You Spend £3 for Students at KFC About this stud… Read more

Your student card for college/ uni works... Not sure why this is a deal.....


Indeed they are. HUKD is full of "students" these days.


How does one get a Student Beans ID?


Are NUS cards still a thing? I have not had one for years, and I have no idea how to acquire one


I like a person with a sense of humour.

Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets Skinless & Boneless 500g now £1 @ Iceland
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Packs of 500g chicken breasts reduced to £2 :) Chicken Breast Fillet (100%)
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What are you on? If anyone is acting like a couch expert it's you, I've got the paperwork and 20 years of experience to back my opinions up. I've told you what you need to do to raise your query. Strange troll.


Great, just as I expected, another couch expert. (y)


No I haven't - I've read some folk on a website making unsubstantiated claims about a product. If you have genuine food labelling concerns, take it to your local authority. That's the 'appreopriate channels' as you put it.


Well you have been given negative feedback on a particular product by few consumers who've tried. If you know what you're talking about, would it not be your obligation to investigate or escalate this through appreopriate channels to somebody who would look into it?


No, I work in food enforcement so I know what I'm talking about.

Robot Chicken Season 8 Episodes - only 99p! At iTunes
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
For this week only! Episodes of Robot Chicken Season 8 are only 99p on iTunes!
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I love the palpatine "what the hell is an aluminum falcon?" scene




While flicking through my DVD/ Blu ray collection which includes Beavis and Butthead, Trapdoor, Futurama and Robot chicken all while wearing a Llamas with hats T shirt, it has suddenly dawned on me that I might need to grow up. (lol) For anyone reading this who is not aware of Robot chicken, if you're easily offended, this probably won't be for you.


Not to be rude but the whole series is cheaper if you bought together £15.99 compared to £19.99


i love Robot Chicken :) I had to buy the whole season when i saw this.

2 Packs of Heck Sausages 97% Pork £4 @ Tesco also Chicken Italia
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
97% Pork Sausages What the heck shall we have tonight? Buck up your mealtime ideas online at For inspiring recipe ideas, go to Juicy, l… Read more

Some of the varieties are. Others about 85%


97% pork? Are they heck.


Flippin heck Tucker


£2 a pack at Sainsbury's I think it was both chicken and pork.. definitely chicken because I bought some.


The chicken ones are great! :)

1.5kg of Hot spicy Chicken Nuggets at £6.69 at Costco
16/12/2018Expires on 16/12/2018Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Hi there guys Another costco deal starting Monday. I've purchased these a number of times at full price and can't fault the taste. Large nuggets (twice the size at McDonalds) and … Read more
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I quite like the Iceland ones they similar to McDonald's


That's what I don't like about them - however, they are like zinger nuggets. very tasty.


Not locally UK sourced. Product of Thailand if I remember correctly.


I really like their chicken tenders , not tried these yet /Reads comment /looks at avatar /reads name :S


These leave me with terrible wind.

Sainsbury's Chicken Samosas 1p per pack of 4 - instore @ Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Not a price error got told by management that this a national thing, because they are trying to clear out all the stock for the new Christmas range

Bloody cheap if you can find them.


Thanks OP. Bought 100 for ebay :)


None in my local but will try the one nxt 2 work 2moz, cheers 4 posting (y)


An image copy of the receipt would be good to stop all the doubters.


Amazing. (lol) (lol) (lol)

Tesco Roast In Bag Whole Chicken Pork Sage And Onion Stuffed 1.5Kg Only £4 @ Tesco
25/12/2018Expires on 25/12/2018Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
Fresh class A basted whole chicken, with a pork sausagemeat, onion and sage stuffing
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it's Red Tractor - so British chicken


I don't mind a Vietnamese bird ;)


so... same price as the Aldi equivalent I bought last week then


Are these from Vietnam? Tesco are using Vietnamese chicken in their sandwiches and ready meals. It says 'Produced in the UK' but that could just be the production of the meal.

Iceland 850g fresh chicken breasts fillets £2.50 buy 2 get 6 pack muller light free
LocalLocalFound 20th NovFound 20th Nov
they are priced up at £5 on the shelf but going through the till at £2.50 per pack and if you buy 2 packs you get 6 pack of miller light free.

This offer isn't in every Iceland store.Check to see if your Iceland has stock left if you are making a special journey. The 850g packs have a red sticker saying about buying 2 packs and getting the free muller light 6 pack.


This offer isn't in my local Iceland. Three packs for £8 and no freebies is all they've got. Also, according to previous posts they are tough as old boots (may even have been old boots), full of water, genetically modified ... blah, blah, blah ... add your own negative comment to the list. XD


Oh well, maybe that info should have been in title, but reading about the quality I'm glad I didn't try it!


It was there when I posted the link, and that deal doesn't seem to have been edited.


Was that added later? I read that deal and don't remember reading that

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