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Posted 12 December 2022

4 Wheel Alignment - £34.99 with code @ National Tyres

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£35 for four wheel alignment!

Use Discount code DV616
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  1. Roystrainset's avatar
    I used once a couple of years ago with no issues. This time (about 6 weeks ago) they advised my car needed £800 worth of suspension work and would i like it done that day, also offering finance. Naturally i got a second opinion from my trusted mot garage and they said there was slight play in the inner steering rack joint (track rod) but other than that all was fine and it would pass an mot with no issue. Please always get a second opinion when presented with a big quote for repairs. (edited)
    M4RC0's avatar
    Yeah I never trust these garages when it comes to MOT and repairs, I always use my local garage. But my local garage is quite old school and doesn’t have wheel alignment machine like the ones at National Tyre
  2. Walkerscrisp's avatar
    Does this include balancing? I've just had some front suspension work done so considering this now but getting a little bit of steering wheel wobble at around 70mph so wondering if it will be alignment or balancing that needs doing.
    M4RC0's avatar
    Simple answer, no it doesn’t include balancing.

    Balancing should be done when changing tyres.

    Wheel alignment should be done once a year or any suspension work done as it would affect the steering or the wheel’s alignment
  3. Adam458's avatar
    I just had this done, please avoid this place and go to a proper independent garage who take pride in their work.

    The service I received was horrible and the guy carrying out the work looked like a crack addict and was so aggressive, so happy I didn't recommend this to family and friends.
  4. Dullah123's avatar
    Anyone have experience with this company when it comes to wheel alignment? £17.50 just for front axle is also very cheap.
    Smartcookie's avatar
    They charge £30 per axle. My local branch uses Hunter equipment but it may well vary depending on location. (edited)
  5. slybunda's avatar
    took my robin reliant in for alignment and they wouldnt offer a discount since i only got 3 wheels so dont need 4 wheel alignment so cold from me.
    Toecutter's avatar
    Yup, I got the same response with my unicycle. Had to pay the full price - AND they tried to fleece me for seat realignment, too! But it was worth it: they advised me that the tyre had been fitted back to front, and that the same bandits had done the pedals that way too! Wouldn’t want to find that out the hard way on the motorway!
  6. killie77's avatar
    Booked in tomorrow
    fishmaster's avatar
    Worked for me I twee hatted my passenger side front reversing out of a place I recently moved to. So could do with an alignment.
  7. Moo117's avatar
    I had a right fiasco trying to book this in with my Local Wellingborough one. Booked the last time this was posted in November and it got rearranged 3 times. Just gave up and cancelled. First time was because they said my car wouldn’t fit on the ramps and I needed to wait until the new one was installed. 2nd time I was 5 minutes away from arriving and they called to say due to delays we’d have to cancel. Then next option was to leave the car with them all day to see if they could squeeze me in. After booking time off work to get there originally, just figured it wasn’t bloody worth it. But seems alright if you can actually get in…
    M4RC0's avatar
    To be honest mine went very smoothly yesterday. There was about 30 mins delay due cars in before me, but overall I can’t fault it. The car definitely feels better on the road!
  8. Bats586's avatar
    Toe only adjustment included in price, camber and castor (front only) are extra - amount unspecified
  9. BoGoF's avatar
    I didn't realise how important wheel alignment is I purchased brand new Michelin pilot sport 4tyres which are expensive and after 4 months my front tyres were all chewed up on the inside I inly noticed this because I was sliding across the motorway and almost went flying into another car and was only doing about 55 I was confused why these michelins wasn't giving me grip. found out wheel aligment was needed bought another pair of front tyres same model and its been 8 months and they still look like new (edited)
    slybunda's avatar
    And you didnt notice this with the old tyres? If the tyre wear is even and car drives straight when holding steering straight then i leave wheel alignment well alone since it can cause more issues if done wrong
  10. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP. Well worth it. 2 wheel or 4 wheel. Highly recommend. Friendly efficient, gave a print out. I had it done two offers ago. Front wheels wearing evenly. No pressure to have any work done, and since Halfords have taken over, they checked battery tyres and exhaust.
    Tracking saves the cost of buying new tyres later. (edited)
  11. hd321's avatar
    Avoid them like the plague. Awful company.
  12. philskill's avatar
  13. suhail17's avatar
    Yes the code does work but the offer states “when you buy 2 or more tyres” don’t think they’ll honour the price without purchasing the tyres
    M4RC0's avatar
    It’s worked for me without purchasing tyres? Plus I am booked in for later
  14. OB1SY's avatar
    I tried to go through with the payment but the website looks like its bugging out :/ When I click pay by card, it moves onto the next page but doesnt bring up anything to put in my payment details
    M4RC0's avatar
    Ahh that sucks! Try using another browser instead
  15. anewman's avatar
    What equipment do they use? Do they give a printout of changes made?
    M4RC0's avatar
    Supertracker it’s called I believe! They used to but this time they didn’t cos I am guessing they were busy. The car park was full at like 5:15pm and still had 2 customers waiting for their cars to be done.

    I can definitely feel the difference and I was checking on the screen which they had at the waiting room when they were adjusting the alignment
  16. haiderinho's avatar
    Still expensive. £28.95 at our local supertyres (luton and Dunstable)
  17. Mister_Cool's avatar
    Appreciate these are franchises but the one in Basingstoke screwed up my tracking and left one of the track rods loose. The subsequent aftersale care was just as bad. Still waiting for a call back from the regional manager 4 weeks on…..
  18. sparkyy's avatar
    Got 2 wheel front alignment from these and the tyres scrubbed worse than before. Its a no for me.
  19. waister's avatar
    wont bother with them, they damaged my alloy wheel
  20. GlennQuagmire's avatar
    Definitely need mine doing might give it a go.. They had super tracker back when I worked in just tyres in 1995 guess the old technology is still the best.. Fairly medieval really get a laser on the back wheel to shine on the front wheel gauge and hope the equipment is calibrated properly after 15 years plus use... Either way cant be any worse than my car currently, if you had an arrow facing straight up on the straight steering wheel (12 on a clock), currently that arrow needs to face towards 10 to drive straight, no alignment in 10 years. Let's give it a punt.!
  21. mxer450's avatar
    Isn't it hunter 4 wheel alignment now?.

    I've had suss work done and the said I'd need this as 4 wheel doesn't include Camber etc
  22. Proveright's avatar
    They were bought out by Halfords whom introduced a check list to raise standards. All this negative stuff like hd31 have obviously never used them in the last year.
  23. Loko1932's avatar
    Booked one for yesterday, no issues at all.
  24. adilc2004's avatar
    My steering wheel is out and not centred, will they straighten that up for me as well as align the wheels?
  25. almas09's avatar
    Bad reviews near mine. I'll pass.
  26. tierro's avatar
    Booked Wheel Alignment online on my local garage. They called me next day saying website booking is not accurate with that what they have there. Called other nearby places and they saying the same even if online booking is available the same day. Good price but wasting time.
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