Unfortunately, this deal has expired 18 September 2023.
Posted 20 July 2023

7 nights Dubai October - 4* QE2 Boat Hotel + LHR rtn flights (Gulf Air) with 20kg bags - £510pp

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October Dubai 7 night break. Works out at £510 per person based on 2 people for a 7 night stay in Dubai based on early October dates, staying in the 4* Queen Elizabeth 2 Boat Hotel, return flights with Gulf Air with a short stop in Bahrain and 20kg checked bag per person. Weather is an average of 30 degrees. ATOL protected.

4.5/5 Tripadvisor



Queen Elizabeth 2 Boat Hotel

Docked permanently at the Mina Rashid marina, The Queen Elizabeth 2 offers passengers culinary and nightlife experiences, an events center and a heritage site showcasing a glimpse into maritime history.Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel provides accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking and a bar. Among the facilities at this property are a concierge service and free WiFi throughout the property. The accommodation features room service, an ATM and currency exchange for guests.

The property is in close proximity to some of Dubai’s attractions including the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the Dubai World Trade Centre. The Queen Elizabeth 2 shares a neighborhood with some of Dubai’s other cultural gems including the Gold Souk, Dubai Creek and the Etihad Museum. The nearest airport is Dubai International Airport, 8 km from the accommodation.

What's included based on 2 people

  • 7 nights Queen Elizabeth 2 hotel room - double room with balcony/terrace
  • Return flights from London Heathrow to Dubai Gulf Air including 20kg checked baggage per person
  • Lead price of £510 per person (based on 2 people)
  • Departure dates September: 25th September to 3rd October, 27th September to 5th October, 28th October to 6th October
  • Departure dates October 3rd to 11th October, 4th to 12th October

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  1. SirAlfonso's avatar
    The hotel can be had for £40/night in October. Fly with Saudia for £300 odd or pay a bit more for a direct flight. This isn’t a deal. 
    muffboy's avatar
    Well said there! Factor in food and drink, add several thousand pounds to the price.
  2. j_jjj's avatar
    Room only
    TCMoneyy's avatar
    Its including the flights & baggage though.. Perfect for people only needing somewhere to stay
  3. Pacmancereal's avatar
    I'd never visit Dubai because of the way they treated the people who built the place, essentially modern day slaves, treated like actual trash, passports stolen, forced to work in the heat and not even getting paid. Nasty place. (edited)
    suley786's avatar
    Didnt the british do the same with India, Africa? You should leave this country then, actually you could say most of the world has some part of history they aint proud of, does not mean we stop trying to change
  4. samtheman's avatar
    To be fair it is hot uk deals community, never heard a baller say anything negative about Dubai, only penny pinchers. It’s not enjoyable in the summer I give you that but it’s not as bad as people say, not close. Dubai isn’t for penny pinchers don’t go if you can’t afford it end of
  5. bdean18's avatar
    I stayed on the QE2 for three weeks during a business trip. Really nice staff, unfortunately the ship hasn't been fully renovated so areas are still very old. It's a bit like a hotel/museum...
  6. Dillz_'s avatar
    I booked Wyndham for £600 for a week, 4 star hotel on Booking.com.
    Direct Emirates flight for £600 + 30KG, and it's in Marina, main part.
    No boat, not a random spot in the city, a full on strip with everything you need.
    Cab only cost me £20 from airport last time I went, got Metro on way back directly into the airport for £3ish.
    So for £180 more I got alot more included and a better experience.
    I would say there are better deals if booked seperately, but still gave hot as it may work for some others.
    suley786's avatar
    I’m sure you can get the Hilton for the same at the Marina. Personally I would do the same as you. Ain’t a deal here but as always HUD promotes non deals 
  7. kudos1uk's avatar
    7 days in Dubai no thank you 3 days was more than enough for us, nothing to do at all, apart for being tortured by the heat.
    Salah_Daw's avatar
    Nothing to do in Dubai?
    Read it again. It is Dubai not Dublin!
  8. Manya1983's avatar
    Always amusing to see all the hate for Dubai. It might not be an ethical holiday destination but holidays in general aren’t great for the environment and there’s bound to be some sort of exploitation.

    It otherwise ticks the boxes for a safe and luxurious destination with a wide array of food and beverage outlet choices.

    It’s just a shame that a lot of people are now starting to see it’s value but don’t alter their approach from being on a 18-30 club holiday in Benidorm.
    Shaz546's avatar
    do you think dubai will still exist as the same destination in 20+ years time? I see they are not struggling to fill all those rooms even basic 3* or 4* room prices have dropped considerably compared to other places around the world... also, is this a case that once you have been say 1 time or 2 times there is no reasons to go again ? i am in two mindsets ....
  9. TheGos's avatar
    Dubai is a brilliant place..feel more safe there then at home no loose kids going round scratching cars

    Stay in the rixos if you can its proper lovely
    smk77's avatar
    It sounds like your issue is with where you live.
  10. JoshJ's avatar
    Did 2 weeks in Dubai in 2019 amazing place lots to do and food costs were really not that bad. Felt very safe and place was spotlessly clean. Was hot but cooler in evenings.
    johnjrambo's avatar
    2019.......the pound has lost a tremendous amount of purchasing power in 2023.

    Dubai is a playground for the rich where everything and I mean everything can happen if you have the £££

    Nice place if one likes shiny new things concrete and glass/consumerism but for me its slightly boring and much prefer what mother nature has to offer.
  11. Fugazy's avatar
    Love Dubai, longest I’ve stayed is 4 days en route to Bali via Singapore, some great bars for us Brits that are off the High Street, and rides back to the Hotel, they have no issue with Brits drinking as long as you don’t treat the place like a uk town at chucking out time.. it’s about £8 a pint, so not far off uk prices nowadays..Visit the Burj Khalifa, Wild Wadi, the Snow dome, the malls, ride the train system, plenty to do.
    AdamBrunt's avatar
    £8 a pint "not far off UK prices" ... clearly you live in a different UK to everyone else
  12. deleted1945554's avatar
    There's only one thing more pointless than a cruise and that's a ship that doesn't go anywhere.
  13. 1884's avatar
    Perfect for non drinkers who want to lose weight
    Rajbir_Athwal's avatar
    Love a good misconception
  14. pmaker's avatar
    Habibi send money to come to Dubai

    shamakpolska's avatar
    Yalla,yalla …
  15. federalex's avatar
    I'm going to dubai end of september for the first time. I cant help but think some of these comments are not accurate at all from my research but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I've seen food is priced averagely. no more than anywhere else that isn't a 3rd world country.

    The laws seem to have changed over the past ten years. women wear what they like. booze is accepted ect..

    Its certainly not a cultural holiday but for sheer entertainment there is so many theme parks, water parks, shows and sights you can only experience in dubai. i'm not going to be able to see everything in a week that id like to.

    Yes its 100% built by slaves and is very mickey mouse town, but if I was to avoid corrupt holiday destinations id be living a very secluded life.
    deleted1945554's avatar
    I'm going to dubai end of september for the first time. I cant help but think some of these comments are not accurate at all from my research but please correct me if I'm wrong.
    Yes its 100% built by slaves and is very mickey mouse town, but if I was to avoid corrupt holiday destinations id be living a very secluded life.
    You've just answered your own question.
  16. starlings's avatar
    Dubai is a difficult one because no matter how cheaply you manage to get there, you’ll spend a fortune on food / drink / activities.

    I’ve been. We had fun. Not sure I could do 7 nights though.
  17. JF14's avatar
    Having stayed twice on the QE2, the only way I would stay again would be in a suite with a balcony. Taxi's everywhere you want to go and food and drink on the QE2 is not cheap, can be expensive even by Dubai's standards.
    jstyles's avatar
    Taxis are cheap as chips using the Careem app.
  18. anthony69's avatar
    Repressive place why would anyone go there for a holiday... Just saying.
    MadOnTech's avatar
    And the UK ain’t
  19. srk_90's avatar
    Habibi come to dubai 😃
  20. musicman's avatar
    Seems a good price and worth a trip for those that haven't been to Dubai.
    Although it's not cheap when you are there.

    Personally I've been for a weekend and also a day visit from Abu Dhabi.
    Have done everything I wanted to do there.
    In no rush to revisit. It doesn't deliver the 'wow' factor it portrays.
    Dillz_'s avatar
    I don't get why people say it isn't cheap when there?
    I don't know what people are eating, I was eating for almost £5-10 with drinks - amazing food and places in tourist areas.
    I think people are just going to very highly rated places that are more expensive.
    I had only spent about £150 on food for the whole week I was there
  21. Arold's avatar
    It's likely to be more than 30C in early October, also humid. That includes evenings. Good beach weather, not so good for sightseeing, wandering or shopping in the souks. That isn't to knock this deal, you just need to be aware.
    Rajbir_Athwal's avatar
    30c is good weather ,you don't go to dubai for the cold weather
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