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Posted 22 July 2023

All Inclusive Riveria Hotel, Tunisia, Solo Travel - 11th Dec - 7 Nights - Bristol Flights + Transfers + 15kg Baggage

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Great price for a 4* All Inclusive Holiday. Haven't been many Solo deals on here recently, but thought I'd share this. Includes 15kg Checked Baggage, Transfers and a week in a 4* All Inclusive Hotel.

Flights are booked via easyjet.com
Hotel is booked via Love Holidays, use get deal link
Transfers are booked via Holiday Extras.


The 4-star Riviera Hotel Port El Kantaoui sits on the picturesque coast of Port el Kantaoui resort, Tunisia. The hotel is located within easy striking distance of the stunning coast. With a great range of facilities and comfortable accommodation, this hotel is a wonderful choice for couples and families seeking a cheap and cheerful holiday in the sun.

Port el Kantaoui is an energetic resort town and one of Tunisia’s most popular destinations for many holidaymakers. The town has a range of water sports centres offering such activities as jet skiing and snorkelling. Tunisia’s coast is an excellent location for spending a day in the sun. The resort town itself has a wide range of restaurants, bars, and cafés for you to dive into. You’ll be near AQUASPLASH - Aquapark Thalassa Sousse, a must-do if you’re visiting this region!

You get:
  • Return Flights to Hammament from Bristol
  • Double or Twin Room
  • 15kg Baggage
  • Transfers
  • All Inclusive (Drinks/Food)

Average daily temperatures
It can be quite cool at this time of year, so visitors are recommended to take warmer clothes especially for venturing out after dark. The average daily maximum is 17 C and the average daily minimum is 8 C.

Sunshine and rainfall
There is a 57% chance of a perfect sunny day and a 43% chance of seeing a mixture of sunshine and clouds with an average 19mm of rainfall this month.

Hope it helps someone
Love Holidays More details at
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  1. Chris0609's avatar
    Don't forget it is with LOVE HOLIDAYS: they will not talk to you nor answer emails until 30 days before the holiday starts. We have travelled with them a few times with no issues but this time we have issues and have realised what a very poor company they are in relation to customer service. Think twice!!
    baldybob's avatar
    Yes, a cowboy company now.

    Never book blind with these. Definitely read up and before booking.
    If you're still happy, then you know what may lie ahead.

  2. Riyaad12's avatar
    First thing I check for

    abbs321's avatar
    14 degrees will feel like 40 degrees compared to UK weather at the time
  3. blaster's avatar
    Was there at this hotel in April , hotel main season is may to October so slides beach bar won't be open , food poor to fair , alcohol watered down , rooms dated but clean, good entertainment , cheap get away but we paid £278 in April from manchester and weather much better with day temps 25c , except for sunbathing there not much else to do so I wouldn't go in December with them temps. (edited)
  4. CD-UK's avatar
    Is ABTA only relevant to non-air travel? As long as they're ATOL, should this be OK?
  5. Pichu's avatar
    Cheers OP 🥂keep the SOLO deals coming
  6. SilenttScopezz's avatar
    Riyaad12's avatar
    It's just something we have to live with in the UK, there's always a risk at home or abroad.
  7. Groovii.D's avatar
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
  8. mattyw28's avatar
    Went to Hammett at the beginning of January 12 years ago and it was a fantastic holiday, not the warmest but plenty’s of day trips available still.
  9. MrSwitch's avatar
    Hmm..... Contemplating if my wife would care if I went on this holiday by myself, heck I don't even think she'd notice. Booked! Thanks op
    Rmcstar's avatar
    No prob, enjoy
  10. BreakingBank's avatar
    Cheaper to go here for week compared to staying home
    DuckDuck86's avatar
    Boring comments.

    If it costs you more than 243.95 a week then you've issues. For a single person...
    You'd still be paying rent, council tax, standard rate utilities while you're away.
  11. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Imagine all the fun you will have going down the water slides with a rum & coke in one hand & a cuban cigar in the other. Who is going to complain that you are making a **** of yourself.

    jumpinoffthbed's avatar
    Cuban cigars in Tunisia, is that a thing?
  12. jumpinoffthbed's avatar
    After looking at the pics I now feel like I need to go because I feel sorry for the woman on her own sat in her room with 2 drinks
  13. SpeedbirdB777's avatar
    Booked a 4 star AI Tunisia holiday many years. On the second night we were almost crying the food was so bad Gin tasted like white spirit 
    asifkp1's avatar
    Our experience was similar in Tunisia. The all inclusive hotels have a very low bar for what they consider food. Deal is great for those who aren't bothered by that.

    At one point I started to wonder if they gone out of their way to make every taste flavourless.
  14. Jkj1987's avatar
    So tempted
    Kanwar_Narwall's avatar
    Go for it.
  15. MIB15's avatar
    So tempted, this is a great price for 7 nights AI hotel, and flight.
  16. Actionnotwords69's avatar
    Me and the sis in law have booked 2 solo tickets.....happy days!!
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    If you read your comment the way I just read it then it is an X rated film!
  17. stoatsville's avatar
    Great deal thanks for posting
  18. PaulHawkins's avatar
    Take a thick warm coat
    adebisi30's avatar
    18 - 10 that's not bad. UK summer. You want 45 degrees?
  19. Isaac786's avatar
    Thanks op, booked & heat added
    Chris0609's avatar
    Good luck mate: you'll need it
  20. YourWellWisher's avatar
    Woww great find 👏 👌 thanks ✌🙏😁
  21. carolemac64's avatar
    Add about £1000 to that and an indirect flight if you want to go from Glasgow !
    However cheap deal if you can fly from Bristol !
  22. Mohammedsafeer_Hussain's avatar
    I bet it will be cold in December
  23. akhlaq768's avatar
    How’s the weather in dec
  24. SuperLady's avatar
    Was at the Hotel next door December 2023 got a tan 8th Dec picture taken50725253-huX3W.jpgHardRock Cafe at top of Street Really good prices( Happy hours )
's avatar