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Posted 25 June 2023

AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 4.4GHz APU - £107.97 @ Amazon

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Has fast integrated graphics, comes with a basic cooler in the box.

Platform: Boxed Processor
Product Family: AMD Ryzen™ Processors
Product Line: AMD Ryzen™ 5 5000 G-Series Desktop Processors with Radeon™ Graphics
# of CPU Cores: 6
# of Threads: 12
Max. Boost Clock: Up to 4.4GHz
Base Clock: 3.9GHz
Total L2 Cache: 3MB
Total L3 Cache: 16MB
Default TDP: 65W
AMD Configurable TDP (cTDP): 45-65W
Processor Technology for CPU Cores: TSMC 7nm FinFET
Unlocked for Overclocking: Yes
CPU Socket: AM4
Thermal Solution (PIB): Wraith Stealth
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  2. joon79's avatar
    worth an upgrade from a 3400G?
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    The 3400G gets its ass handed to it by this CPU in compute power. If using for gaming or primarily gaming over the 3400G it's utterly pointless upgrading. Only upgrade if you can use the compute performance elsewhere i.e. for non gaming tasks.

    So the answer is NO if you are primarily gaming or this is where you want a significant improvement. There isn't one.

    YES if you want the same GPU performance but want to use the CPU for other productivity tasks. Single thread and multithread performance runs rings around the 3400G. (edited)
  3. Somersett's avatar
    Notice when AMD CPU bargains appear, a certain person always posts to tell you (falsely) that they run 'hot' and need a special cooler. In reality, when the best gaming CPUs from Intel and AMD were recently tested on 2023 games, Intel pulled an extra 200 Watts ON THE CPU ALONE. The same amount of power used by a 4070 GPU. Oh, and Intel was slower.

    So Intel would like you to believe AMD runs hotter than Intel (a total lie), so you'll see the usual suspects bang on about things like 'junction temps'. Want to know how hot your computer runs? Plug the computer lead into a watt meter at the mains connection. If the meter reads, say, 300 watts, that's the heat your computer puts out. This is simple physics- if you don't believe me go Google.
    Hatsune_MikuwBK's avatar
    Context matters. Intel running "200W" more doesn't mean AMD CPUs don't need a cooler, and it depends on which CPUs these benchmarks were testing. For example, AMD clearly knows that their higher-end CPUs can't be cooled by their stock coolers and mostly omitted bundling any stock coolers with them in the box (same with Intel). With higher-end CPUs you're more likely to use an aftermarket cooler anyway, regardless of whether you're using AMD or Intel.

    Please list the exact CPUs you mentioned, or link the testing, to provide more context so buyers are better informed.

    And while measuring wattage directly from the socket gives you a good indication of the heat output, this method measures the WHOLE system and has nothing to do with how much heat one component (i.e. CPU) is giving off. Unless the end-user has both Intel and AMD motherboard/CPUs on-hand to do a comparison swap, it is ultimately useless. Yes, low-end gaming systems can be assembled with just an AMD APU without a GPU, but the same can't be said for Intel (inferior graphics that won't make sense as a gaming system), so there is no sensible comparison in the first place.

    There is nothing wrong with measuring junction temps and other temps reported by the motherboard, as the motherboard uses those readings to trigger thermal throttling if the CPU becomes too hot. If a CPU cooler helps then I don't see why not? (edited)
  4. DBO187's avatar
    Bought this processor for my sons first build , he can’t afford a graphics card yet but he’s got Minecraft up and running using just this so he’s more than happy he’s says it runs better than his Nintendo switch version
    RJA964's avatar
    No brainer at this price then
  5. lecoop2's avatar
    I built a similar setup for folks ands it's great boots super fast with nvme and is a perfect work horse. Graphics will surprise u if your not a resolution junkie. This is a great price. (edited)
  6. MrKrabs's avatar
    Had this in my basket for a week or so, trying to decide when to pull the trigger.

    The 5600 was £118 other day too. Would be going in an a520 motherboard so pci 4 not an advantage.

    Waiting for a gpu bargain, missed the £231 a770 one, hoping for a sub £200 6650 XT. 5600g means I could get everything setup and installed ready...
    ws007's avatar
    as i understand it the 5600g has some of its pci lanes tied to it's gfx core,

    so you may lose some performance if you pair it with a gfx card,

    better off getting a 5500, 5600 or 5600x,

    unless you plan on upgrading the cpu later on.

    cpubenchmark.net/com…00X (edited)
  7. ziggycat's avatar
    The stock cooler provided with 5600G is more than adequate and it is quiet. I've built more than a dozen systems with this exact cpu, There is no need to go spend anymore on an aftermarket cooler.

    At this price it's a no brainer and voted HOT (edited)
    Hatsune_MikuwBK's avatar
    I have a 5600 non-G. On stock cooler with stock config and 20C ambient it will hit 95C with Prime95 and looped Cinebench. I slapped on a 4-heatpipes cooler and undervolted it and it never broke 70C since even with heat from GPU running FurMark.

    Stock cooler is fine for lighter tasks like gaming, but if you're using the CPU for anything more than bursty tasks (video encoding, etc) then a cheap CPU cooler is recommended. Undervolting helps a ton as well and you shouldn't see any difference in performance, if at all.

    The heaviest task I do on my computer is probably gaming and so in reality I didn't NEED to upgrade, but seeing temps of 80C+ even in gaming doesn't sit well with me and the cooler was cheap (£13 for my peace of mind was easily worth it) so why not. (edited)
  8. burnie2011's avatar
    What would be a compatible graphics card with this? No or very little bottleneck.
    ziggycat's avatar
    3060ti / 3070 would be a decent choice depending on resolution.

    pc-builds.com/bot…tor < should give you an idea
  9. hk2054's avatar
    Even cheaper now at to 105.97
  10. toddyfatbody's avatar
    Great price. Ordered. Should be a nice boost for my Plex server currently running a 2400G.
  11. MRP's avatar
    5600G doesnt even need a cooler to just run stuff. Unlike say the Ryzen 5700x.

    No brainer for a good value build due to the iGPU. PC GPU prices and specs(8GB VRAM) just ruin everything right now. (edited)
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    5600G doesnt even need a cooler to just run stuff
    I'm guessing people want to do more than surf the web with this though, lol.
  12. Chris_R23's avatar
    Had this CPU for a year, very good for my average needs

    The stock cooler is garbage, a artic freezer cooler for only £20 is so much better..
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