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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X - Amazon - £299.99
Found 22 h, 47 m agoFound 22 h, 47 m ago
Product DescriptionExperience true CPU power with AMD’s Threadripper processor. This Ryzen CPU boasts an impressive 8 Cores and 16 Threads, a boost speed of 4.0GHz and domination o… Read more

When you look at the cost of the TR motherboards the small difference in CPU prices becomes a very minor issue. Not that is competing with that Intel CPU anyway as this is aimed at a much much smaller niche.


YES! (y) I wholeheartedly agree.


I'm not sure why you keep quoting me as saying things I never did, my comment was in reference to this quote: "Who would actually need an 8 core TR im not sure? who would use one for fun or in a soho? Although at this price who cares!" As in, it's not an impulse purchase at this price and most other people will or should just go for a mid-high end quad-core which will do most of what they'll need perfectly well. Also, I wouldn't lump content creators (a real job) in with YouTube streamers (a pseudo pretend role for the entitled generation)!


The 16 cores are going to be the sweet spot for a while even when the 32 core threadripper is introduced later this year. You really have to need the features of these chipsets though to justify it, because for most anyone else they are much better sticking to the consumer AM4 socket.


Threadripper is not a average user product, It is extreme user platform specially for YouTube streamer or content creators who will go for Intel i7 8700K which is atm more expensive than this can hugely benefit from the multi-core count and additional memory slots and PCIE lanes. And i believe whoever is looking at this thread and serious about buying it knows that. Myself just couple of weeks ago built the Ryzen 2700x system and won't go for threadripper as I don't have need for that.

MSI AMD Ryzen AM4 X370 GAMING PLUS ATX Motherboard, £69.99 @ ebuyer
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
Supports AMD RYZEN and 7th Gen A-series Socket AM4 Mystic Light Sync Max. Memory Capacity 64GB (4x16GB)

Why am I soo skint! Damn you 4k TVs , damn you steam sale! Damn youuuu hotdeals!


Physically yes it will take all Ryzen processors. However depending on whether the retailer is on the ball or stock age, if it is updated to a recent enough Bios or not then it may not. AMD will loan out an older AM4 processor to do an update if required. Bit of a hassle if you ask me.


Pretty sure newer stock will have newer bios flashed already. You can always ask the merchant.


Does anyone know if it supports all Ryzen chips out of the box? ie even the XXXXG APUs?


Apologies for the thick question, but would this support a 2700X? (I assume if it did I would have to first use a donor processor and upgrade the BIOS on it of course)

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X CPU only £589 at!
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Not a deal for everyone, but anyone looking for a HCC CPU build for a workstation, would find it difficult to get a better deal per core than this. X399 motherboard (Socket TR4) r… Read more
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It's a bit of a niche atm - it needs a specific use that can (efficiently) use all the cores. For example rendering, encoding, or (as like me) cpu-bound machine learning.


I shall not be upgrading my Ryzen 1700 for a good 3-4 years...Gfx card, maybe ... Vega64 at moment. Nothing TAXES this in VR at the moment. Oculus CV2 might...

Doogeh Going to leave this here. It summarises a long discussion and several articles on x399 Vs x299. Back to the central topic, I built a TR beast for a mate and it is really incredible. Lightroom export + Davinci Resolve + PUBG @4k smooth as silk... The IO is excellent as well. NVMe raid for a scratch drive, huge SATA 6 raid for bulk storage. Boom


Not at all, you refuse to give any room and are extremely rude. Are we 'Done'? We can be 'Done' for the sake of things. But your optics on this conversation are so broken and misguided that you can't see past your nose. Notice at no point did you answer my valid questions? Address the link talking about 48 lanes usable? You even, overtly, commented that you were not using the built in storage M.2 (You said you had an adapter card). So, you're running 56 PCIe lanes on 48 available, so something is wrong there. But I see how you approach this, don't answer any of the questions, just personal attacks. Cool. Good job, you win. Cya later. We're 'Done'.


Actually looking at the launch price of the previous flagship TR 16-core, the 32-core will be closer to £1500 in all likelihood. So makes this a better deal.

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4.35GHz Ryzen 7 2700X Bundle - 32GB 3000mhz, MSI X470 Gaming Plus £808.99 @ CCL Ebay
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Although they cost about the same on their own, you do get the slightly higher clock and 3 year warranty. Seems like a reputable seller, however I'm not buying their "was *insert r… Read more


Agreed, great company. I lived around a 10 minute drive from them and have never had a problem. Started using them around 2002/3


Not in my experience never had a problem in well over 10 years of using them.... Long before they even built the newish place ...


Sorry but this isn't a good deal and CCL are not a great company in my experience. If you ever have to return anything to them they throw your consumer rights out of the window and you have to fight them tooth and nail to get a refund. Motherboard is £120 (ebuyer), CPU is £280 (Aria). Memory varies but 32GB of 3000MHz is around £300-£335. That is quite a fee they are charging for "testing".


CCL have been going for over a decade they are based in Bradford 101% trustworthy...

ACER Swift 3 15.6" Laptop £539.10 - Ryzen 2500U / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD / FHD @ Currys / eBay - Ends Tonight
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Last chance using the code PREPHOME10 as it ends tonight, thought worth a shout on this before it's back at £599 for a while longer. Dropped from £699 back in March to the £599 r… Read more

Not really true. Will handle far better games than those. Ryzen is ideal for people who want decent performance and battery life and may wish to play games from time to time. Managed to play quake champions on my i5 6200u at lowest res this would probably manage it at lowest settings at 1080p which would do me dandy.


A potato is faster than a 940m :p Seriously: the Vega 8 is 10-20% slower than a gt 1030 entry card. If you play anything remotely modern at 720p/1080p.... don‘t buy it for gaming. If you like Age of Empires 2 & Command and Half-life 2, go ahead:)


Better gpu than my 940m too



Woah 7700 pass mark! Don't know about the graphics or battery life. Smashes my i5 6200u!

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X (Used - Acceptable ) @ AMAZON WAREHOUSE £561.94
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Not going to bore you with what it is, good price considering you have 30days to return for free should any stress test you perform not go the way you wanted.

You can use a dual core celeron and get ROI in 10mins (lol)


You can use a TR and get ROI in less than a year.


Why would you think they've been used in mining? Most mining scenarios are gpu based and people build to a price, threadripper would be poor for ROI.


Won't they have only been used for up to 30 days, unless its the same chip going round and round?


These come and go at this price. Expect to see many more in the months around the second gen release. They will all have been heavily used in mining scenarios though so double check them for stress when they turn up!

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AMD Ryzen 2600 promo bundle w/ x370 mobo, 8gb (or 16gb) 3000mhz, 240gb SSD £365.47 delivered @ Overclockers
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Bundle Contains AMD Ryzen 2600 Six Core Processor with 3.9GHz Boost Gigabyte X370 Gaming 3 ATX RGB Motherboard 8 or 16GB Team Group DDR4 3000MHz Memory (16gb kit + £79.96) … Read more

Thanks a lot. I'm off to raid my piggy bank.


If you can jump up to 16gb of RAM even better, it's just still so expensive these days. Pushes the total system price up to £690 ish with a 16gb kit from Amazon. Anyway, I assume you know enough to take it from here. :)


Sorry, don't know what happened there - probably not concentrating and posted the wrong list link. Here you go:


£600 is fine. My original budget was £700, but seeing as I don't really use this one that much I can't really justify spending that much. My gaming days are over, but I'd like something that could run some if I ever have the time. The partpicker link you sent was empty by the way mate, would you mind resending it please.


You're not getting a prebuilt one that's decent value for money pretty much period at the moment. I would also highly recommend that you invest a tiny bit more, around £600 is the best bang for your buck entry point right now. Like the RX580 I chose below is about 60-65% faster than a GTX1050, for example, and you're more likely to get a little bit better motherboard (ie: more VRM cooling and 4x RAM slots) and a slightly better PSU building yourself.. This is the kind of build I would go for in your shoes, with a £5 Windows 10 key from ebay. If you keep an eye out on here and around online, you can find the same or equivalent hardware (maybe not the exact same model number but the same relevant speed/performance) for much cheaper, like the 8400 was going for £125 ish here the other day, and you can probably snap up some RAM a little cheaper somewhere. You could also go for a GTX1060 (3gb is fine for a budget build) if you find one cheaper (or a 2nd hand gtx970 locally if you don't think it's been to hell and back). Also, your previous build would have been a fairly high end rig 10 years ago. Can you possibly get some money towards the build by selling it off? I'd advise not to cheap out. The difference between a £500 and a £600 build right now is pretty significant, though £800-900 is where you really start to hit your stride IMO.

Ryzen 2700x £277.97 @ Laptops Direct £262.97 Delivered (with Which? Trial for £1)
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
First time posting but just bought this myself, thought it was a cracking deal, if you sign up for the Which? tiral for £1 you actually get £15 off at the mo not £10. So if you cho… Read more
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Yep exactly the same. The 2700X is being dropped into my Gigabyte X370 mobo (will update BIOS first) to replace my trusty 1600, which I bought for £148 last year, a great processor. Got a text from DPD saying delivery window is between 10.30-11.30am today :) £262 for a flagship 8-core processor is mad. I remember several years back I bought an Intel HEDT 5820K 6-core for £350 and that was the best value CPU from Intel for years. 8-cores would set you back £400+. AMD bringing massive competition and value to the market again, and great CPUs to boot.


That's what I spent my 20% off on as well. Did have one arriving via Amazon on Monday, but now it's coming tomorrow and for £40 less too. Once I sell on my 1600 it won't have cost much to upgrade really.


BTW, I had a trial with Which. I was found "Not Guilty".


Be aware that most motherboards will need a BIOS update before recognising a 2000 series Ryzen cpu - to update the BIOS you need a working 1000 series cpu!! Some new boards are appearing with the updated BIOS, but there are still plenty of old stock that hasnt had the update, so check before buying. Some sellers are updating the boards before sending out, or may do it if you ask.


Got one of these being delivered tomorrow.[ Used the eBay 20% off coupon.

Acer Swift 3 256gb SSD with Ryzen 2500U + Vega 8 graphics - £599 at Currys
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Was looking for something instead of the Swift 3 7200U MX150 deal that Curry's messed up a couple of weeks ago, and noticed that the AMD 15.6" version now has £200 off, bringing it… Read more
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agreed, I coudln't live with it personally. Nice deal otherwise.


Quidco might not pay out the £30 as I think they exclude VAT which means minimum price of laptop has to be £623.75. I made a purchase of £799.99 and it tracked on Quidco at £666.66


Can't find it at £680 on Amazon, only here.


This is better value, plus it's bigger 15.6" vs 14".


Could you provide the link to the amazon one?

ASUS ROG Strix GL702 Laptop, AMD Ryzen, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD, 17.3", Black - £899.95 @ John Lewis
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
Very good price for a 17" laptop in my opinion with 2 year John Lewis guarantee. Specs: AMD Ryzen RX580 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD Illuminated Chiclet Keyboard 8GB Ports : 1x Headphone-ou… Read more


would like to see thus deal lol


I think it has freesync too


RX580 will struggle to drive a 17 inch screen, it lacks the power to handle the larger sized pixels


Paid less than that for a 1070 Alienware, definitely overpriced

Gigabyte AORUS AMD Ryzen AM4 AX370 GAMING K5 ATX Motherboard - £143.99 (£149.47 Delivered) @ Scan
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
~~EDIT~~ Please stop voting this one hot everyone! The exact same mobo is significantly cheapear over at eBuyer: AX… Read more

yeah the k5 has always been around the 120-130 at ebuyer


Oh. I just realised this is the K5 variant, thought it was K7. This board is significantly cheaper over at eBuyer (£121.98): VOTED COLD!


Asus G11 - Ryzen 5 1400, RX 480, 1TB+256GB SSD £649.95 @ John lewis
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
This seems like a good price for a Ryzen 5 desktop with RX480. Would likely play most games @ good settings. Can't seem to be able to spec this to self build for the money so seem… Read more
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What did they say about it they still haven't changed it you should ask them to give you a mouse and keyboard like they have stated in the description pretty sure they'll be lawfully obliged as it's stated in the product description.


Hi I purchased this and it says it is 256GB (M2) so it is an M2 drive. There are a couple of other things wrong in the John Lewis description. 1st error is it does have an optical 24xDVD-rw drive 2nd error is it doesn't come with any keyboard or mouse. I have double checked they have given the correct item. I'd rather have the drive than the wired mouse/keyboard so will point the errors out to JL but won't complain


Can anyone recommend me a budget monitor to go with this since I’m broke now lol


eBay bid bro brand new aswell


Where did you get it from that costs over 1.1k normally

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 X 8-Core CPU with Wraith Prism Cooler - £274.99 @ Amazon
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Lowest price I've seen it so far.
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Why are you comparing the 3U cooler to a 2U cooler? Check out how much smaller the NH-L9x65 is. The wraith prism is actually pretty tall for a box cooler. NH-L9I CPU COOLER LOW PROFILE - 92MM is the cooler that matches up against the Wraith at height and 'price'. Anyway, I don't think there is anything to add. If you think it looks pretty and have cornered yourself into buying a 30 quid mediocre 'aftermarket' cooler for some shoddily designed case, whatever floats your boat.


We we never talking about using it with a 2700x, it was the opposite. We were discussing other people paying £30 for one. When questioned why anybody would do this (and they clearly have) it is because anything equivalent (NH-L9x65) costs more, performs similar and doesn't look as nice. There are plenty of small cases where a tower cooler or AIO are not suitable.


Have a look here for some low profile, value, and quality, options. The wraith prism is in the 3U category, FYI. But anyway, if you've constructed a situation where you need a 3U or less cooler that has pretty lights, ok? If someone has A) Bad airflow and B) No space in their case for their 2700x CPU, I would *severely question* what they are doing putting such a nice and expensive CPU in such a bad case. Low profile cases don't need to have 'bad airflow' for starters. It feels like you've concocted a viable situation just for arguments sake, rather than a typical situation.


But the only similar one you found was the NH-L9x65. It may well cool better but clearly doesn't look as good. If you need a box type cooler it is another option (if you can find one). An AIO would only work if you mount it directly above the CPU socket. This would likely make it taller and not as good as the box cooler. AIO are good but require good airflow round the case to keep the VRM's cool. If this is not an likely an option if you are looking at box type coolers. AIO, tower, low profile and box coolers are all there for a situation. Being able to get hold of this AMD one just adds to the options you have. Nothing more nothing less.


Oh just stop, this is just untruth and really unneeded. The cooler works fine, it's better, marginally, than the Intel stock cooler and RGBs. This is all fine, but the point of the conversation is that it isn't worth 30 quid, and when comparing to other coolers (Hyper evo 212 at 20 quid) it doesn't stand up. Also, 3.6 GHZ is quite low for an OC, the chips go to 3.9 all cores relatively easily and 4.0 if you get lucky in the silicon lottery, so talking about a 3.6ghz OC on the Wratih Spire is not very good.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 £199.99 prime exclusive at Amazon £190 Other sellers
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 £199.99 prime Cheapest it's been I think, I'm building upto a ryzen build, can't decide between this and the 2700. £10 cheaper again, click other sellers

Im building my gaming PC this weekens.Managed to get Ryzen 2700x for £258 from eBay with 20% code last week.


If you can wire a plug you can build a pc, loads of guides on YouTube, go on have a go 😳 Hardest part is picking the right components.


can you suggest ..who does cheapest pre built PCs ..I dont have much experiance in building a pc but finding pcs from dell and asus expensive


Running a new build Ryzen 2600 with Msi Mortar B350m @ 4.1ghz on stock 1.35v prime stable. Upgraded my cooler though because stock cooler was a bit too toasty for me.


I have the 1700 on an Asus Pro X370 Prime board and 2x8GB Corsair LPX 3000 RAM. It was an absolute pig on early BIOS revisions so haven’t done much. It is running stably in 3.6Ghz, no manual voltage change. It was doing that on the supplied Wraith Spire cooler. Stuck a spare ND15 on, really should play some more.

Asus B350 motherboard and Ryzen 5 1600 processor bundle - price reduced to £199.98 at eBuyer and free Saturday delivery
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
Asus PRIME B350-PLUS Motherboard with RYZEN 5 1600 Processor Bundle A good motherboard and processor package - great as a starter gaming machine. Just add your case, memory, OOS,… Read more

Thank you for posting the deal. I've just ordered one.


Pity they don't offer any bundles with a better B350 board. This one and the MSI Gaming Pro one are pretty much bottom of the barrel.


Not the best reviewed Mobo....?


RAM chip makers (not the memory manufacturers that buy and use those said chips into their own PCB and sell as their products) are currently being accused of and being investigated for price fixing. Hope it would help bring the pricing of memory back down to more sane level soon.


I got gigabyte gaming mobo which is Ryzen ready if bios updated ended up the old stock outdated bios from Amazon . returned both CPU and mobo

Ryzen 5 2400G CPU with Wraith Stealth Cooler and RX Vega Graphics - Black £123 Dispatched from and sold by CPU-WORLD-UK LTD -Amazon
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
Great processor for those who dont want to pay a fortune for a graphics card includes Wraith Stealth Cooler bought one recently very impressed with it £123 sold by CPU WORLD UK w… Read more

Cheapest available now is £133.97 Prime. Aria PC have 1 available on web supersaver at £119.99 + delivery.


No longer available at that price...


You can RMA the motherboard with manufacturer, or if they won't let you, AMD send you the loaner CPU with pre-paid return shipping. Full details are here:


You can ask whoever you buy the motherboard of to update the bios before shipping if its not up to date scan did this for me free of charge


If you’re planning a new build you may find that the 350/370 motherboards won’t support this Ryzen without a bios upgrade (the MSI 350 I chose didn’t) and of course you can’t upgrade the bios with a functioning setup so you’re snookered. AMD will send you an older chip (free of charge) that supports your motherboard so you can upgrade the bios that way and then add your new Ryzen once the upgrade is done but I’m still waiting to hear from AMD about the logistics for this... You can also buy a motherboard that supports this chip out of the box (470) but this could be an expensive option and obviously if you know somebody willing to lend you their older chip you can also use this as well. So if you’re keen on this Ryzen as a replacement make sure your existing motherboard has the latest bios and if it’s for a new build with a new motherboard ask the provider to confirm the motherboard you intend to buy, supports the chip otherwise you could end up being frustrated.

Ryzen 7 2700X with Wraith Prism @ Amazon £279.99, potential for £266.99 read OP.
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
Potential for purchase price of £266.99. i) Instore topup of £40 or more to Amazon Giftcard balance could yield £10 FOC. (Note: must be first instore topup, as had been a while… Read more

Just waiting for the Intel brigade to arrive and attempt to start an argument.


It absolutely does. My current dual sandybridge xeon setup gets 1900 cinebench points. This gets within 5% of that while consuming less than half the power. Very cool indeed.


Pfff, you make it sound like that name was given to a Tauren Shaman on WoW or something nerdy like that. Definitely not, no way.


I think the benchmark of this makes it sound cool to nerds personally.


Sorry, "themadcow".

Used Very Good AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16-Core Processor £597.45 @ AMAZON WAREHOUSE
Found 28th AprFound 28th Apr
Not going to bore you with what it is, good price considering you have 30days to return for free should any stress test you perform not go the way you wanted.

16 cores for under £600? Very hot.


Great price considering rrp


That is good add long as the carrier is with it. As you say return if not!

Ryzen 5 2600 CPU with Wraith Stealth cooler £160.99 @ Amazon
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Ryzen 5 - 2600 cpu New at Amazon. Considering the last gen 1600 is still £140 this is a good deal in my opinion. Comes with Wraith Stealth cooler.

Great deaI but unfortunately I came to the party late :( Amazon's price has gone back up to £169.99, so perhaps this deal should be expired. Hopefully Amazon will soon drop back down! :D


Depends what you're doing with your pc. If you're just gaming an i5 8400 seems to be the way to go benchmark wise. If you're using it as a workstation with some gaming too then I would agree, this or the Ryzen 5 1600 are both good choices.


This is a steal at this price. The Intel 8600K is £218 on SCAN. This has more threads and loses negligible gaming performance in terms of FPS unless you are gaming at the extreme (unrealistic) scenario of having a 1080 Ti and 1080p monitor... it also comes with a good stock cooler, and AM4 motherboards are much cheaper (considering you can buy older B350 motherboards that are compatible with this).


It performs better clock for clock, has lower memory latency and a better memory controller on the chip. The main thing though is that it requires roughly 0.2v less to hit 4Ghz on all cores (1.4v for 4Ghz on a 1000 series vs 1.2v or less on a 2000 series chip), and can still be pushed higher (though the voltages goes up exponentially past 4Ghz). Not really worth the upgrade for an existing owner like myself, but definitely worth the extra £20 if you're buying one or the other today.


I wouldn't hang about if you want a 1600 , i expect they will be cleared off the shelves pretty quick. Dont think they will have time to drop to 120

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X £229.97 on Amazon - Prime exclusive
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Even lower than posted last week, however the Ryzen refresh is coming out tomorrow so might be worth the wait

I'll start saving, not going to be cheap I think.


Yes, there's one coming up on July 4th 2021 which will also be known as American Civil 'Have a nice' War Day.


This is the cheapest I have seen an 1800x but the 2600x is available for order at under £200 and the 2700x for £290 and both of those come with coolers. A half decent cooler for the 1800x will be £30? maybe, so £260 vs £290 for the latest release.


Anyone know of any good deals on time machines?


It probably won't be dispatched, but: It's only 4GB dimms, 2400 clock, and a very loose CL17 timing. However it's ECC, and single rank, and given that it's not a typical consumer SKU and normally has higher than average price, it *might* have Samsung b-die chips on it. Honestly it's probably not worth scrimping if it's going to compromise your build; just eat the extra £50 cost of getting known 2x 8GB 3200 b-die.

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