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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D 8C/16T 3D V-Cache £299 @ Computer Orbit

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just received an alert for this I forgot I had set ages ago. Fortunately for me I already have one now but figured it could be good for someone else. Good price

CPU Type
AMD Ryzen 7

CPU Model

Core Name
Zen 3


Number of Cores

Number of Threads

Clock Speed

Turbo Speed

Unlocked Core Multiplier

L2 Cache

L3 Cache


  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
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  1. Najix's avatar
    I live near to this shop and have been using them for years, helpful knowledgeable staff.
  2. LiamN's avatar
    I've used Computer Orbit before a few times. They're excellent. Prices are very competitive, delivery is super quick and their customer services are brilliant
  3. Davemc167's avatar
    Computer Orbit has been around for years, shop is about 5 miles from me, had numerous components from them including GPUs.
  4. VonKlinkerhoffen's avatar
    Where's that cheerful Raider chappie? He usually chimes in on these deals to proclaim the end of the world.
    Eldi's avatar
    Old CPU bad.

    Intel good.
  5. NitrousUK's avatar
    Important to remember this is an upgrade CPU, for people who already have the motherboard/RAM.
    Good price on the 5800X3D... Our resident AMD troll is probably feeling a disturbance in the force and on his way..
    VonKlinkerhoffen's avatar
    He's busy preparing the UserBenchmark screenshots as we speak
  6. Unrecogniseduser's avatar
    Finally a great price and with PayPal. Many thanks purchased.

    No free game but to be honest would rather have the money off than get it with a game I’ll never play for more money…. (edited)
  7. LiamN's avatar
    I've found with Computer Orbit that you can get a code for free delivery if you create an account, add whatever you want to your basket and just leave it. Every time I've done that I've had a code for free shipping emailed to me within 24 hours
    ScoobyZ's avatar
  8. Owens93's avatar
    Hopefully eBay sellers will notice this and stop trying to sell used 5800x3ds for £400-£500.
    Masfar's avatar
    I was thinking the exact same thing
  9. LGB87's avatar
    Hoping this drops a little bit more once the 7800x3D is released at the start of April
    FireOnAWire's avatar
    Hoping for £250
  10. mrpipster's avatar
    I wondered who they were too...?
    Nice to see they have a shop
    Gibbs_UK's avatar
    Yeah I've not used them before either but they seem okay on reviews etc
  11. Christee4's avatar
    Won`t be seeing any of their pre-builts on here anytime soon though, good lord
    EGGY-PC's avatar
    That's why they are still in Business after 5 years then!! ;-p
  12. John_Kim's avatar
    This or the Intel 13600K?
    LiamN's avatar
    Assuming you mean for gaming, they pretty much trade blows. 13600K will probably give you slightly higher FPS, but it's only going to be single digits, and in most cases you're likely to be GPU bound anyway. Personally I'd spec both up and go on price, I haven't really kept up with motherboard prices recently, but I'd imagine you could pick up a good B550 motherboard cheaper, and there will be more available on the second hand market what with people upgrading to the latest Ryzen platforms
  13. Damian_Bragg's avatar
    Would this be good enough with a 4070Ti ?
    LGB87's avatar
    Yes definitely. If you are buying new now you might be better off going with AM5/Ryzen 7000 series now though.

    This is the last and best gaming processor for the older AM4 (edited)
  14. montana78's avatar
    Waiting on 7800x3d as just sold my 5800x
    If I don't sell my motherboard then I may buy this
's avatar