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Posted 13 April 2023

AWD-IT Air Mesh Gaming PC - Ryzen 5 5600x, RTX 4070 12GB, 16GB DDR4, 480GB SSD, 700W PSU (+ Overwatch 2 Bundle) - £989.99 with code @ AWD-IT

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Think of it as an RTX 3080 system for under 1k but the 4070 has 2GB extra VRAM, has way better power efficiency and DLSS 3.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
MSI RTX 4070 12GB Ventus 3X
Air Mesh RGB Case
MSI A520-A PRO Motherboard (+£36.99 MSI PRO B550M-P)
AMD Wraith Cooler
Adata 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz (+£29.99 32GB (2x16GB))
Game MAX 700W (+£34.99 Gigabyte P750GM (V2))
PNY CS900 480GB (+£28.99 1TB Kingston NV2)
AWD-IT More details at
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  1. Eamon99's avatar
    4070 is much more comparable to a 3080 than a 3080ti...

    Weehamish's avatar
    4080 mins are better than 4070 averages... thats a big leap for the 4080 over the 4070?? is the 4070 really a 4060? these TI varients are total cash grabs
  2. Ilovedesign's avatar
    4070 vs 3080ti?
    Yahyasajid's avatar
    3080ti is faster in raster
    Slower in RT
    No DLSS3
    Much higher TDP

    I'd go with the 4070 unless you get a good deal on the 3080ti (£600ish)
  3. JoseChupachup's avatar
    Looks like a solid package to an amateur like me.
    Weehamish's avatar
    this 1k pc blows away most pcs out there that cost way more... but that 4070 is really a 4060... look at the jumps even to a 4070ti!
  4. TehJumpingJawa's avatar
    Surely a 4070 justifies pairing with a 5800X3D?!? (unless you intend to game at 4K ofc)
    radical's avatar
    radical Author
    There is an option to upgrade to a 5800x3d for £179.99 if you need the extra performance. (edited)
  5. HUKD69's avatar
    This is a great PC for 1440p gaming and workstation use. I'd probably upgrade the PSU, though...

    You are basically getting a 3080 and a strong CPU under £1k, which would have been double that a year ago...
    MoleUK's avatar
    Don't know what the quality of the PSU is like, but the wattage is way more than needed. 4070 uses less watts than the 3070 did, and I ran with a 5800X/3070 on a 550W for over a year with no probs.
  6. Sarden84's avatar
    Great find pal, went live about 2pm. (Away ATM, till tonight)

    AWD - it have got some nice ones chaps.

    This 5600X-5800X3D that kick starts under the A520 platform.

    With b series and gold PSU and higher nvmes


    That kick starts at 1200 for a 13400F system.

    At 1300 kick starts there and 7600x ddr5 system below


    Palicomp added +£150 4070 over all there 3070 deals.

    So that be in the hellfire, the vortex and there other system.

    Also added it to their 3060 that price match this system we speak on,

    Usual two builders going head to head, more details tonight when I'm back.

    Shame none of the big guys actual want to support consumer friendly prices.

    Ebuyer 1200 for a 11400f 4070,
    Ccl at 1380 for a montect 5600 4070 (edited)
  7. Czubaka's avatar
    1k PC with a stock cooler and 480gb Sata SSD + you need to spend 50quid more to get a gen4 nvme motherboard. It's a good deal at first glance great cpu+gpu and serviceable rest of the components, but I feel you need to spend another £100-150 to make it balanced. Still voted hot. (edited)
    ktown's avatar
    + 35 to “upgrade” to gigabyte Psu 
  8. Azwipe's avatar
    Good price, cheaper than my 4070 build.

    NZXT H1 £100
    AS Rock Phantom B550 ITX £160
    RTX 4070 £589
    Ryzen 5 5600 £113
    32GB Corsair vengeance 3600 £64
    Crucial P5 Plus 1tb £68

    Total £1094
    Eamon99's avatar
    What PSU did u use?
  9. crack_shot's avatar
    2 years ago we warned 3070 owners that 8gb wouldnt be enough
    they ignored the advice. the 3070 is a dead useless card for AAA titles
    the AMD variant that came with 16 GB ram has aged like fine wine

    here we are again- the 4070 (which is a 4060 ti at best)
    with 12 GB ram- the PS5 has 16 gb ram, same as the xbox- and concoles are more efficient due to the nature of console gaming (targeting a single target)

    the 4070 is a piece of shhh

    if enough people dont buy it- they will be forced to release the same card with 16 GB ram and that will future proof you for at least 5 years

    there are (idiots) apple owners, who say absolute drive like 8gb is enough
    Azwipe's avatar
    Please stop regurgitating the nonsense from You tubers. A 3070 is not useless for AAA titles at all, maybe you have to turn down a few settings for half a dozen titles but that's it.

    The 4070 is a great card, super efficient with 3080 performance topped with DLSS3. The only issue is the price, however since we have seen 18% inflation over the past 3 years and a massive increase in material and production costs is it that surprising.

    Problem is everyone expected another big leap like 20 to 30 series but it doesn't always go that way.
  10. YH_Lin's avatar
    guess what 5600x and 3070 used to cost 500 more than this.
  11. PhoenixS's avatar
    Wow 😳 Guess I shouldn't be shocked when the 4070 has an RRP of £600 but with the way GPU pricing has been recently I wasn't expecting to see a build under £1k. I have a 3060ti system and it's enough for now but anyone thinking of getting into PC gaming this is a great deal! Better than a 3080 because it has DLSS3.
  12. jools19's avatar
    Is this total overkill for 4k video editing from mini 3 pro?
    Muzzzzzzz's avatar
    So long as you have something else to store your vidz on. (Small hd/buy more)
  13. moses019's avatar
    Great find mate 👌
  14. MoleUK's avatar
    Definitelty a good price. Basically getting a 3080 with DLSS 3 and 2 extra gigs of vram, both of which will serve you well in the long-term.

    May want to consider upgrading the CPU to a 5800X3D and go to 32 gigs of ram though for longevity. (edited)
    Mark2021-'s avatar
    32GB RAM AT 3200MHZ Will this be fine?
  15. addyb's avatar
    Great deal. I recently bought a 4080 build and i weep at the price.
    Weehamish's avatar
    Much you pay? Spec?
  16. Ian_'s avatar
    Very nice deal
  17. Nexy's avatar
    Anyone know who the actual case or fan OEM for these are? (AWD-IT list it as "X=" which seems to be a house brand.)

    We got a couple of builds in these cases through Costco online before Christmas (although ordered within their Christmas delivery window, they turned up after Christmas thanks to courier incompetence.)

    One of the fans has failed already. (TBF they're all rubbish quality, I doubt it'll be the last one to go.)

    I don't have the energy to deal with RMAing the fan if I can just buy a new one for a fiver. We already had to RMA the 550W trash-tier PSU of the other machine. It's worth paying money for me NOT to deal with another RMA on this one.

    I'd rather not have to buy a whole other £55 case to get a fan though.
    Czubaka's avatar
    Jeez, sounds like a nightmare. Are the fans 4 pin out of curiosity? Some of the cheepo cases still use molex ones (edited)
  18. Luke_JohnsonLCe's avatar
    How will this rig run flight simulator at around 1080p on high/Ulta ?
    JoseChupachup's avatar
    I don’t have this system or MSFS but pretty darn well I would guess
  19. AppletonITSolutions's avatar
    Not a bad system, suspect the default config is a way for AWD-IT to get rid of an overstock of some parts
  20. Lilly12's avatar
  21. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    Godawful Gamemax PSU again. These are lowest tiers around - replace immediately and don’t risk £1k PC
  22. potnoodle's avatar
    Its cheap for a reason, and that reason is a mediocre cpu paired with a mid-high gpu.
    Azwipe's avatar
    For the target resolution of this card (1440P) a 5 5600 is perfectly fine for gaming, just like it was with a 3080. (edited)
  23. AWander89's avatar
    Will this run games in 4k on good settings? If not, what needs changing and how much would it be? Thanks
    Yahyasajid's avatar
    I'd want 16gb GPUs for 4K these days, it will do it but will be slower than a 3080

    DLSS will help in supported titles but RT hammers Vram usage

    I'd consider 7900XT if they're on sale or even the 6950XT, 4080 is pretty good at 4K but requires a budget bump
  24. andy.harris's avatar
    Could someone advise if this is better or worse please. Thanks
    Czubaka's avatar
    Can't see what the CPU is in the one you posted, 6700xt is a great card but 4070 will perform better. My educated guess is the case and more storage would be the only better components. I'd say the 4070 deal is better - I'd stretch the budget better to upgrade storage and mobo though. (edited)
  25. Oxide2k's avatar
    Nice price, good for 1440p, would personally go quite a bit higher for 4K, but for mid range / budget gaming a good deal !
  26. Weehamish's avatar
    Just got an email from dell but its American dell... $2750 for a 7700x and a 4090!!! The UK is a total scam
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