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Posted 18 February 2023

Blackview Tab 7 PRO 10" Android 12 10gb/128gb LTE tablet- £139.00 with voucher - Sold by Furike Shop / Fulfilled By Amazn

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Lot of bang for your buck if you are familiar with Blackview
Tablet 10 inch, Blackview Tab 7 Pro Tablet Android 12, 10GB+128GB /TF 1 TB, Octa-Core Processor, 1200*1920 FHD IPS, 13MP+8MP Camera, Dual 4G LTE Tablets with Sim Card Slot, PC Mode, Screen Record, GPS

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  1. joejames11's avatar
    I got this last week for that price Very good tablet and pretty fast in fact as fast as my one plus 10 phone
    innocent's avatar
    Brave man who knows a bargain when he sees one. Glad you are pleased with this Tab.
  2. MDL199's avatar
    It's not really 10gb ram. It's 6gb ram with additional 4gb using internal storage as virtual memory which is a lot slower. I've never used this tablet so can't comment but my experience of minor Chinese brand products hasn't been at all good. Maybe this brand is different though and you do have the piece of mind of Amazon's 12 month warranty.
    fishmaster's avatar
    Never enable virtual RAM you'll get stuttering as the RAM is poorly managed and uses the much slower UFS storage. If the virtual RAM is forced on and you can't disable it, then I'd expect this to lag fairly often. I have an OPPO phone with 12GB I experimented enabling the max virtual RAM of 7GB to give me 19GB and the phone performed much worse as a result and that's with an OPPO which is a higher end Chinese phone, on a crapbox brand like Blackview known for their quirky rugged gaming phones, less so for tablets it will run like a pile of ahhhss as no R&D will have gone in to developing decent RAM management strategy.

    Too boring ^

    Disable the virtual RAM on this IF there's an option to do that. If there isn't welcome to lagville.
  3. Nick_Manhota's avatar
    Absolute shocker of a tablet, dont be fooled by 10gb ram and 128 gb storage and 8 cores this is shockingly slow when trying to game, dont expect todo more than netflix and browse you really do get what you pay for here.
  4. kirkyuk's avatar
    10GB Ram is good but only a 1.6GHz Octo-Core Processor is very disappointing. Personally, I'd go for 4GB Ram and 2.0GHz Octo-Core Processors these days.
  5. liltman's avatar
    10gb...but more like 6gb? I don't know how this tech works but seems weird lol. Still 6gb ram in a tablet seems amazing as is lol. This seems too good to be true man. Time to read some reviews lol.
    Myatu's avatar
    "The expansion technology can expand 6GBRAM to 10GB." and then further down explained as: "Yes, 6GB RAM+ 4GB extended virtual memory. How to set in tablet? Need to open the 'Settings', select 'About tablet', click 'RAM', open the 'Memory Expansion' option, you can adjust the need to increase the RAM memory."

    So when the fast RAM (that 6 GB) is full, it picks something from that RAM that hasn't been used recently and moves that onto the tablet's slower storage space (the same space where your apps are stored). When an app then tries to access it, it will still be available, but it will be (very) much slower. Some internal logic will then decide if something else from RAM will need to be moved onto the slower storage, and the other bit back into the faster RAM.

    It definitely isn't something new, and I feel it is borderline false advertising they way they've put it on there (title and image says 10GB, no mention of 6+4). If they have to go to that extent to get something sold, you know you're paying too much.
  6. Longy's avatar
    Sounds like a good spec although I don't know much about processors. Is this a decent one?
    innocent's avatar
    Yes the processor according to various reviews by notable reviewers seems fine but researching via Google search found that Unisoc processors (unless updated) could have security vulnerabilities indiatoday.in/tec…-03 (edited)
  7. Kankan101's avatar
    Bet its not got Widevine L1 so no HD stream playback

    Seems dodgy fake to me Blackview don't even have a Blackview Tab 7 PRO on their own website. hhmm
    liltman's avatar
    That would explain why I couldn't find much on it lol. I did find Tab 7 but not the PRO, like you have in the image.
  8. plewis00's avatar
    Looks like a lot of tablet for the money but as others have said, you're probably going to find weird quirks and things missing on this. Depends what you want to use it for, if it's media streaming mostly then an Amazon Fire HD 10 might be more stable and supported, if you want something more mainstream, a Samsung Tab A8. Another good choice in this price range is the Oppo Pad Air. Really depends what you need and use it for, if it's got a UNISOC chip, you might have the same problems that cheap Nokia tablet had the other time round (no HD video streaming).

    Also can't find a Blackview Tab 7 Pro (just 'no Pro'). (edited)
  9. Cesar_Sanchez's avatar
    How has this gotten hot? Whats the point of all this spec when none of it works and its so bad quality?
    Kankan101's avatar
    I'm surprised myself tbh nothing of the web about this tablet and can see lot of shill reviews on Amazon for it.

    It's be ok at £119 but I wouldn't trust the component quality really.
  10. The3dge's avatar
    I know we can't compare but imagine these days apple and Samsung make us pay £1000's of pounds for each of their products..
    MDL199's avatar
    I don't think it's fair to chuck Samsung in with Apple as the former offer devices at a variety of prices. The Samsung galaxy A8 4gb/64gb has been on this site for about £30 more all be it with a broken tablet trade in.
  11. Chris_R23's avatar
    Weak CPU..ok for basics and light games..might as well get a lenovo
  12. joebaker123's avatar
  13. caner.dogan's avatar
    Worst tablet , I returned it so do Not bUy
  14. jameswalker457's avatar
    This tab is pretty poor. Got it for my daughter. A6 seems to be better. Not sure if it's because I've got lineage OS on it. A8 doesn't work well with a8
  15. jameswalker457's avatar
    No XDA support boo!
    realdeals's avatar
    Who would waste their time developing on this when development in general is dying?
  16. Jaws1973's avatar
    TECLAST M40 Plus 50 pound off to
    innocent's avatar
    Good spot. Eminently worth for posting as a deal in its own right
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