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Bulgarian Bags 5kg £14.95 / 10KG £17.50 / 25KG £24.95 + £1.95 delivery @ Gravity Fitness

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Bought one of these recently and very happy with it, just bought another one, trick is to place it the basket and wait a couple of hours then you get a 10% discount code emailed to you.
Next day delivery is £1.95 or free for orders over £40.
More details from merchant
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Use promo code TAKE15 for 15% off.
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    I wasn't sure exactly how these were used so I looked it up and they look great - the video below shows so many different ways to use it. Thanks OP!

    Yeah I really like them, the Bulgarian spin is a great workout
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    A little trick I learnt was to try TAKE20 or TAKE15 when using codes like this. TAKE15 works
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    Delivery is £6.95 to Scotland.
    Yeah, I would have ordered otherwise
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    £80 delivery to N.Ireland - whoa that’s mad, think I’ll pass though woulda have loved one of these
    Ridiculous. Thanks for posting.
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    Do you follow fess hole by any chance
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    Another gimmick that will be forgotten in a year or two?
    They’ve been at my gym for about 10 years or more. 😏
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    Thanks, just ordered the 25kg. Use code TAKE10 for a further 10% off the final cost - also 6.3% cashback on TopCashback.
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    Car tyre innertube or leg of a pair of jeans. Fill with sand and duck tape the ends. Job done
    It'll cost more in time and materials than it would to just order one of these delivered lol
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    Think these have been around quite a while now, not just a passing fad.
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    So these go around the winkle?
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    Very tempted. Looks like better version of kettlebell to be honest.
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    There's a 15% off code which I shared here in the comments but the mods removed it.
    What was it mate?
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    Oh right, I assumed from the pic this was something given to a woman wanting a chest expansion to try out before going through with it
    Good idea. I've bought it so I can put it down my pants.
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    I just swing the cat round
    RSPCA have been notified
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    Super versatile. Doubles as a travel pillow.
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    Thanks OP. ordered the 20kg one. £21.07 including delivery.
    I've seen few videos with him and without experience and already being strong I'm not getting 20kg as it looks like a weapon when moving lol
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    I'm going for the biggy, thanks OP.

    Anyone know how easy it is to remove, or add to the sand please?
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    Thank you!!!!
      Ordered 5kg - including next day delivery - £14.65