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7ft Barbell around 10kg weight, preorder £39.99 @ Powerhouse Fitness
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
I know everyone is struggling to get anything, but this is the best price barbell i have seen. Get in before all the **** buy them and sell them for 150 on ebay like they are now. … Read more

Agree 7ft 1inch bars are a bit long for a decent load and are more vulnerable even 6ft bars to point. Wouldn't try any PL with this though same level of weakness even with bars rated at 150kg etc not exactly suitable. For those progressing from lightweights for benching etc it's fine especially for the enforcing new levels of stability that smaller bars don't bring to a lift. I wouldn't let my other half use my eleiko or rogue bars and plates, especially the well aged eleiko bar hence why the couple hundred of 1 inch plates serve her well until she needs to DL OR squat then the cheapo commercial Oly bar works for her just not keen on her lifting with the plates though. That's why another suitable 1 inch would be good to obtain but finding suitable bars seem to be a fantasy even for her level of training more so realistic prices. Still wish I never sold some of the Oly plates off but I never envisioned that I will never be able to get access to my gym, luckily I kept the good stuff so not all is lost for my own needs.


I think because this bar is long for a standard bar it's 7foor not 5 or 6 foot it's goin to bend easier. Expensive Olympic bars like £150 plus rated to 300kg are made of stronger metal than standard bars. But if your getting an Olympic mens health bar from Argos for £70 I'm guessing it's made from similar stuff to a standard bar. It just has Olympic 2 inch sleeves on it. I'm not fussed about gettin an Olympic bar and weights. I dont do clean and jerks or Olympic lifting I do bodybuilding and powerlifting. So it doesn't matter if the sleeves rotate or not, in fact I hate proper Olympic bars with sleeves that are too spinny for bench press. An Olympic weight set would be nice but it's not worth a £4-500 upgrade just to get slightly rotating sleeves. And unless your spending £200 on a premium Olympic bar with the perfect amount of rotation on it you're not getting that much benefit


Whats the bar? I've stuck max on many 1" bars and they've bent like candy. this is very low, can't believe that it has the ability to hold nearly an extra 3rd of its stated weight without bending. Multiple reviews here state its weak https://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B000LAVWBU/ref=acr_dp_hist_1?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=one_star&reviewerType=all_reviews#reviews-filter-bar


I would agree but there are some who only have 1" plates so its what they need without having to pay silly money for a whole complete set of replacements


Same waiting for proper 20kg Olympic bar..,

STRENGTH SHOP STRONGMAN RIOT YOKE With j-hooks and catchers (can be used for yoke, bench, squat rack, sled) £439 @ strength shop
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
I know this will only appeal to6a few on here but it's a quality piece of kit weighing just under 90kg, this is a yoke that can be used as a squat rack and for bench press as well.… Read more
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Where's your £45 new squat stands? (in the past) ;) And "squat stands with a bar in the middle"... Its a yoke. The basic mirafit yoke with less functionality is £279.99 the basic strength shop yoke with is £249.99. Has more functionality than the mirafit one for less money. The one i posted is competition grade. :)


U cud get them off ebay £45 delivered. The ones I got are worth maybe £80 I got them for £25 off Facebook second hand. Still tho £40 -£80 squat stands compared to £435 squat stands with a bar in the middle and a couple other minor things doesn't add up to £435. I used to think strength shop was good value but it's not compared to stuff like mirafit. It might be good quality but your paying like double the price for things


Get yoked or get smoked


Be interesting to try and organise a return on this??!! A workout in itself....and £££££££ 😄


It'll be used primarily as a yoke bud :) But it's perfectly capable as a rack as well.

1kg Neo-Hex Dumbell - £6.10 (+£3.99 Postage) @ Physical Company
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
No idea how this is going to go down but I to had an order cancelled by sports direct and managed to get the 0.5, 1, and 1.5 kg dumbells for 27.84 delivered. Hope this helps someo… Read more
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Absolute rip off, put something heavy in a bag. Add more things when it gets too easy.


If im losing weight can I use a bag of sweetener?


In your humble opinion which type of sugar do you think is best?


You're better using a bag of sugar.

Hex dumbbells various size in stock at origin fitness from £3.84 (1KG) - Standard delivery from £8.29 @ Origin Fitness
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Been waiting since lockdown now for these to come back in stock. Their an amazing price especially in the current situation
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Bought these early last month, really nice only used them twice though as expected


Plan to come out of this lockdown less of a chunk and more of a hunk.


Yeah thats what ive been doing mate. But its still a little painful at times when you start loading them up. My quads have been covered in bruises since lockdown began XD


Definitely recommend resistance bands if you can get hold of some I like to mix it up with weights and bands


Absolutely. However, you can make it a little better by putting your largest diameter plates on the outside, so you're resting the plate surface on your thigh, rather than the tip of the spindle.

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Body Power Olympic Barbell - 7ft | 20Kg £84.99 + £6.62 at fitness-superstore
-93° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
"7' Olympic Bar, 320kg rated. Designed to take you to super heavy work loads—and beyond! Precision engineered of the highest quality components possible for a lifetime of… Read more

Mailed them the other day back in stock on 26th


Not going into 3 figures for one - got plates to add to that so can’t justify it !


Yeah, I mean 85 was still a great deal, as I've written above the average price is 100-120.


Oh surprise surprise it’s gone to 99-99 when back in stock with out adding delivery 😯😳


ordered and now got emailed its out of stock

4 x Parasol Base Weights Cantilever/Banana/over arm parasol £29.99 ebay / thinkprice
376° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Great price at £29.99 for 4 of these This was £24.99 when I bought last night, but still great price for these. Nothing else close in price for these. PLEASE NOTE: You will re… Read more



Mine were due for delivery on Thursday 28th, however they arrived on Friday just gone. You should get them before 1st :)


Mine are dispatched, but not arriving till 1st June (skeptical) Thanks though, this was Deffo best prices for 4 solid resin pieces.


Mine arrived 2 days after ordering (y)


Thanks, I've ordered 2 packs, hopefully will be here in the next couple of days

5kg pair of dumbbells Amazon Basics £23.88 @ Amazon
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Reasonable price for a set of 5kg dumbbells and it stock 22nd May (can order now - and is dispatched when it arrives). Reviews are good
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Keep checking, they are coming back into stock.


Lucky - they are out of stock for all stores near me


Aldi sometimes do them on their promotion weeks. Not sure if they had it this year.


I managed to get 2 x 40kg adjustable Dumbbells for £300 before lock down as I preempted the gyms closing. Literally since then everything has doubled in some cases tripled. The dumbells I got are selling for £700-800


Been nicking bricks from a broken wall to use as ballast for my DIY Gazebo, better than weightlifting.

Mirafit Soft Touch Dumbbell Weights 0.5-4kgs in stock from £8.95 + £4.95 delivery at Mirafit
-120° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
This is the only place that seems to have dumbbells in stock MIRAFIT SOFT TOUCH DUMBBELL WEIGHTS Be the first to review this product Our Soft Touch Dumbbell Weights are ideal f… Read more

Two big gin bottles are as good as some of those smaller weights. That’s what i’ve been using anyway 👀


Misleading image and offer, sort your s**t out!!! (fierce)


So this is for 1 pair, not the 4 pairs in the image, and not even the same weights mentioned in the title? C'mon man, put in a little more effort next time.


Awful pricing.

12kg cast-iron kettlebell £23.99 at Amazon
317° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
At the moment this is a very good price for what looks a decent KB. " IN STOCK 8th MAY " - you Can order now Not big and over sized like a lot of vinyl KBs 12kg is a very usefu… Read more

Mine neither. I doubt we'll get them. I ordered some latex gloves on s&S in February for delivery in March. Then Covid-19 flared up, it was constantly 'coming' then Amazon gave up and cancelled the order.


Still not dispatched either


No still not dispatched


That's great news - I didn't order myself so good to know it's gone ok. All sorts of delivery delays now - had problem with amazon market seller but sorted now. UPS delivered my last Amazon order. Here's a pretty good progression of KB exercises - but I would do alternate hand swings soon as poss. https://kettlebellsworkouts.com/kettlebell-cardio-workouts/


Yes I have

Dumbbells 18KG for £44.99 + £4.99 delivery at Sports Direct
-672° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Dumbbells have been outrageously priced in the last few weeks, so this is a good deal by SD.. 2 dumbbells X 9kg each each (Total 18KGs)
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I ordered these, they arrived as expected, and are decent. So you know. Although I ordered before this deal was posted, I'm happy with my purchase !


All my family and friends no longer shop here, they have horrible customer service. Also one of the store workers was very rude to my son, when I complained to the manager he wasn’t bothered at the slightest. All sports direct deals get a cold from me.


“Fake news” title. Thanks for posting !


Terrible company to deal with. Their online support is shocking. Do yourself a favour and avoid buying anyth8ng from them.


''Cold'' Sweat here :p maxmix

14kg Vinyl Kettlebell - £17.39 + £9.95 del @ Origin Fitness
-127° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
For those of you who missed out on the 18kg ones earlier in the week, origin fitness have added some 14kg clearance stock at a decent price considering the current demand for home … Read more

Got delivery information today!!


Mine also arrived today!


Never got a dispatch email but delivered today (y) 🏻


Can't get thru on phone today


Nothing yet. May give them a call tomorrow

18KG Kettlebell - £21.95, 28KG Kettlebell - £31.19 + £9.95 del @ Origin fitness
38° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Origin Fitness still have some stock of weights at a good price https://originfitness.com/origin-vinyl-coated-kettlebell Edit:Only 32KG Kettlebell left

Thanks for posting this OP - I ordered an 8kg kettlebell and some 7kg dumbbells which have just arrived :)


ItemSKUQtySubtotalOrigin Vinyl Coated 28kg Kettlebell (Grey)NTS-TS4012-281£31.19 boom


I've been thinking of buying a new TV thanks!


only 32KG is remaining try that one


You fibbing? :p

DKN 3kg Vinyl Kettlebell - £13.49 @ sweatband / eBay
-207° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Hope it helps someone :D Ergo designed comfort handle Vinyl coating Anti-slip base Colour coded weight Strong moulded design Comes with a fully detailed workout chart We… Read more
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Do you even lift bro’?


3kg is a bit light even for a beginer


I'll say no more (cheeky)


Get in line, my ex is first :D


fight me ;)

York Dumbell weights £59.99 @ Sweatband
-452° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Quite difficult to find a set in stock so thought I would share not exactly cheap but available which is good, I’ve had the same ones for years and they are fine, only downside is … Read more

Now £69.99... nauighty naughty


They've now increased the price to £64.99, seems they are getting greedy (shock) (annoyed) Voted hot anyway, as even though they seem a bit expensive, I know dumbbells are in short supply currently, so nice one OP :)


These prices increases are getting annoying now. I was just getting my home gym ready and boom - lockdown. Now I've got a bloody cage with no weights, bench or barbell! (horror)


Explotation at its finest (mad)


Get parallettes and do bodyweight exercises. More effective for useful strength.

Domyos 12kg kettlebell £22.99 @ Decathlon
-10° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
12kg kettlebell currently in stock. A few other bits in stock including a decently priced pair of 5kg dumbells https://www.decathlon.co.uk/2x5-kg-pvc-dumbbells-id_8336580.html And… Read more

12kg currently in stock. Amazon is also worth watching. Their basics kettlebells come in and out of stock regularly. They had 16kgs and 20kgs in stock but sold very quickly!


I found this last night. I had happened to just be looking and found it was in stock. All orders were taken for the day so I put it in my basket and sat refreshing the checkout until the order count reset at about 11.45pm. So maybe best to check at night if you can? Jve not found the stock notification to be super helpful as I dont always check my emails.


I've been following this item for a few weeks now, seems to constantly change between "In stock (but order capacity reached)" and "out of stock but website open to orders". Some days it will let me add to cart and then tell me capacity is reached, but constantly failed to actually buy it at a number of different times of day! Have I just been unlucky? has anyone managed to buy one?


Everything linked has gone so I've expired it :)


Kettlebells are my favourite <3

mirafit 10kg mini dumbbell set in case - black weights £29.95 + £4.95 delivery @ mirafit
237° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Not necessarily a deal but after seeing the ridiculously priced weights on eBay and websites online I thought I’d share a few decent ones that are in stock online: MIRAFIT 10KG MI… Read more
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Thanks for posting, very thoughtful of differently: shaped; sized and capable people - they have some good gear! Have registered for stock notification of the hex dumbbells. Have also been very frustrated watching peope bid vast sums for rusty kit - hope people are up to date with their tetanus :) Apologies for going OT, but I remembered that i have bag of bodylastics resistance tubing, with all sorts of straps and clips - so I tried to use them to modify one of my dumbbells to work bigger - completely different feel, no way to calibrate the equivalent kg, but it is more and will do until I can buy bigger. Hot deal!


Saw this gem on gumtree this morning.... There are some good people out there.


I was actually referring to the 'bicep boy brigade' in regular gyms ;) :D


I got my kids a little plastic 20kg stack over 6 plastic weights in a tree for £30 from Argos, perfect for them, biggest weights are 4.5kg


These are a good substitute for the kids who think bicep curling on a smith machine is the norm

Dumbbells 2KG £7.26 / 3KG £10.06 Delivered using code @ Reebok
288° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Appreciate we are used to seeing deals on sets of dumbbells, but they seem quite hard to come by at the moment, so hopefully this helps someone :) Already reduced but use EXTRA2… Read more

Sadly not! I’m down East Yorkshire devastated haha. Hopefully the nation find the love for food more and stop selling out all the gym equipment haha. Your not kidding. Urgh. Already cannot lift a 1kg hahahaa


(lol) . If your in Birmingham I got some equipment I may be looking to get rid off. Bands are good too for resistance training. Can't believe all gyms are closed now indefinitely. Progress is being lost lol


Yeah so bad been looking weeks but just can’t afford to give arm and leg haha how much you selling for x


Your right lol. Were you after one? I have tried everywhere. Probably going to order a chin up bar for now.


Its ridiculous well least you know you will make a fair bit lol

Everlast Unisex weight vest / body weights 10kg for £24.98 delivered @ eBay / kickbacksports Outlet
723° Expired
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Everlast Unisex weight vest / body weights 10kg for £24.98 delivered @ eBay / kickbacksports Outlet
£19.99£34.9943% £4.99 eBay Deals
Not many fitness offers out here at the moment, because everyone has sold out it seems. No dumbells, no weights benches, but you can get this little beauty. Ideal for running, jump… Read more

:D :D legend


It’s a great way to try and get shot by the police at the moment, running around with this on.


Yeah, would be nice if that changes to be honest.


I'm thinking more of the average joe on the ground, big business owners will always be ok whatever happens.


While I agree that no one should profit from this disaster, no one is forcing people to buy its products. If you don't want it, don't buy it. Capitalism will continue after this crisis is over, and I posted this deal unwittingly for Sports Direct (it is a brand name which I did not know about). So I feel absolved.

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