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Posted 29 June 2023

ENCHEN Boost Electric Hair Clipper Professional Cordless Type-C Charging - £6.97 Delivered @ Aliexpress / Factory Direct Collected Store

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Edit: This listing is a bit weird as the price keeps changing - this is what I paid ordering from the app around 6pm (£5.58), here

White colour also available for a few pence more.

Sold by AliExpress
Factory Direct Collected Store
4157794_1.jpgWhat Is Choice?
4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpgMy partner has these (in White) and loves them, he reckons they're great for the price (though he's now saying he doesn't like the blade guard).

The Black colour goes through at £6.97:4157794_1.jpgENCHEN Boost USB Electric Hair Clippers Trimmers For Men Adults Kids Cordless Rechargeable Hair Cutter Machine Professional

Material: ABS
Color: Black, White
Net Weight: 142g
Size: 43 x 164 mm
Power: 5W
Voltage: DC5V
Charging Time: 90 Minutes
Power Supply: USB Charging

1. The blade can be washed with water, but the machine body can't be washed with water.
2. Lubricant included in hair clipper kit.
4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpg4157794_1.jpgUNBOXING & REVIEW | XIAOMI ENCHEN Boost Hair Clipper | How To Use & Clean from Fun With Sons (June 2020):
AliExpress More details at

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  1. mike_freegan's avatar
    I have this. There are 2 issues:

    1. The lowest grade the clippers go down to is about a number 4. It doesn't trim close enough if you like a bit of stubble.

    2. It won't charge using a USB C to C cable. Only usb A to C. Annoying if you plan on taking only one charger travelling etc. (edited)
    frogman's avatar
    I just take the guard off and that get's me the right level of stubble...
  2. Darryl1234's avatar
    I bought this for £10 during lockdown and I think that's a bargain! Works well and charges via USB-C. Not had any issues. The only gripe I have is the numbering on the grades. It start's at 3 and goes 3, 6, 9... and I don't think these are your normal grades as I think the 3 is more like a barbers 2 . Of course you can just go free style without the guard on.
  3. louiselouise's avatar
    Mine arrived yesterday. It's brilliant that so many Aliexpress sellers are enjoying quicker delivery now - most of the Aliexpress Summer Sale items I bought (a week or two before this) arrived within about 8 days as well.
  4. louiselouise's avatar
    This Deal post compilation was a bit frustrating as the prices were going through cheaper then changed halfway through (ongoing Aliexpress customer, signed in to my account at the time)!50475039-eH2s4.jpg50475039-TMneG.jpgThink if you're a new customer to Aliexpress it'll be cheaper, though.
  5. Master_Mind's avatar
    I can't reach the page, may be it's me?
  6. vassy4u's avatar
    Bought one for £5.90. Thanks
  7. joshy9891's avatar
    Got one, £3.92! Thanks.
  8. PaulRiddell1's avatar
    It's not safety checked. Yr house could burn down for the sake of saving £4
    louiselouise's avatar
    It says it has intelligent charging protection. Can't say we've had any issues with it, my partner's had his for over a year.50476466-U38Nf.jpg
  9. frogman's avatar
    I've had one for nearly 3 years... bought during lockdown and it's worked flawlessly since.
    Haven't needed to go to a barbers since... (YMMV) and I've probably saved the cost many times over.
    mikeywong's avatar
    I’m a baldy! Can you take the plastic guard off to cut hair shorter?
  10. louiselouise's avatar
    Tried the link on the app and it goes through about £1 cheaper on there (I paid £5.58 in total), might be worth a try. The mysteries of Aliexpress 50477063-g56po.jpg (edited)
    louiselouise's avatar
    I'm not sure if the seller keeps changing the price or there's some sort of limited time deal happening - that's a few times the price has changed (I know the app is cheaper, but apart from that).
  11. jamessmiles3's avatar
    Worth it for the money but don’t expect a barber quality trim. Not the best if you do self cuts with a fade but if you just want a general cut or a standard number it’s ideal.
  12. Speedball2's avatar
    Lol. 50488261-XhPwO.jpg
  13. louiselouise's avatar
    This one may work out a bit cheaper now (as the price for the Deal post link fluctuates) depending on whether you're a new customer / any coupons you have aliexpress.com/ite…tml
  14. deal.wizard's avatar
    These are great the ceramic cutter stays sharp for a long time
  15. zachary.kellerman's avatar
    Biggest selling point is the USB C charge. Takes an hour to charge and charge lasts much longer than any other of my (much, much more expensive) razors / trimmers.

    Quality wise - it's OK. I find the attachment a tad flimsy compared to my trimmers but I paid like 6 quid for these. They are worth the money.

    Pretty good at doing the 'bulk' of short hair clipping or facial hair but you'll want something perhaps a bit more flexible or with multiple attachments for finer detail.
  16. TheOak's avatar
    I have one and then not actually awful, but the teeth on the extension parts are way too flexible
  17. TorqueOfTheDevil's avatar
    For anyone who has the Remington Quick Cut, I'd say the 3mm setting on the Enchen is equivalent to 2mm on the Remington.
    Good clippers, just not as wide as the Remington.
  18. mij's avatar
    Not bad, but doesn't cut short enough for me, I have a Philips that goes down to 0.5 and this wasn't even close to it despite stating 0.7.
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