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Frosty Jack Cider - 3 litres for £2.99

Frosty Jack Cider - 3 litres for £2.99

Posted 29th Jan 2008Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This is the cheapest way to get drunk in the UK. 7.5% cider, 3-litre bottle. That's 22.5 units of alcohol in one handy plastic bottle.

This is 50% extra free. Available in Threshers and various other off-licences.

Compared to Special Brew, at £1.30 for a 9% 500 ml can - just 4.5 units, you're getting five times as much ethanol for only twice the price.
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just to add, this is the ONLY brand in a 3-litre bottle. White Lightning and Diamond White are 2-litres for that price.

Cheap, cheap, cheap!

No excuse for drinking beer when there's cheap Frosty Jack.
Tramp's drink - should come with a free paper bag !!
Just think of all the beautiful women you will be pulling after a bottle or two of this!!

:thinking: Beer goggles!!
It should be renamed to "ASBO Chav Drink" lol.
10 past 3
Just shoot me now

Cold on OHHH so many levels

Just shoot me nowCold on OHHH so many levels

yep, best served chilled.

Anyone voting cold though - this stuff is a bargain, soooooo cheap.

A bottle of wine for £3 only has 9 units of alcohol, this has 23!
Bear with me whilst I count the units in a bottle a meths - and at 75p a litre at B&Q maybe I should hot deal it now.........
And when you have done you can take the label off and use it to write your own ASBO on!
Sorry but promoting this stuff as a drink is diabolical unless you wear brown trousers held up with string and have yellow stains on the front, pavement pizza in your beard and a dog on some string either that or a homeless pee stained wino!
This stuff would be great for cleaning the toilet with though (neat not filtered), I bet it cuts through the limescale its that acidic!
For £4.88 you could get some 100% alcohol (meths) (ethyl alcohol (95%) and methyl alcohol (%5)).

That's 24.4p per 100ml

Your frosty jack is 10p per 100ml

However, meths gives you 13.3 times more alcohol! (although it will make you blind).
I'm gonna be sick, I used to drink this stuff and I wonder now how I made it to college.

Was good at the time, but now it's a no-no for me. Seriously, my stomach is churning ... like the last time I drunk it.
don't knock it til you've tried it guys!
mix it with a bit of orang squash and you're good to go!
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