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Posted 19 June 2023

Gourmia 6.7L Digital Air Fryer £49.99 Members Only @ Costco

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Shipping Included
Features- Pre-set 10 One-touch Cooking Functions
- Optional Preheat and Turn Food Reminders
- Fryforce 360° Technology
- Auto Shut-off
- Includes Dishwasher Safe Basket, Crisper Tray, and Multi-purpose Rack
- Free from PFOA & PFOS

Unsure what the warranty is though.

Added by Yasmin26

Model: GAF798
EAN: 810002862700


The Gourmia 6.7L Digital Air Fryer allows you to eat great food that is both delicious and nutritious. The easy to use Air Fryer features guided cooking options with optimal preheat and reminders of when to turn your food.
Its FryForce 360° Technology fries with air for up to 80% less fat than deep frying. Gourmia’s 10 One-Touch Cooking Functions, including air fry, bake, and dehydrate, make it easy to prepare your meals without fuss. Guided Cooking Prompts offer the option to preheat the air fryer and enable the Turn Food Reminder, giving you the freedom to use the settings needed to get the perfect result every time. Includes a nonstick basket and crisper tray, and a multi-purpose rack, that are all dishwasher safe, making cleaning up even easier.

What's in the box?


Colour: Black
Brand: Gourmia
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Air Fryer
Dimensions: H 35.5 x W 27.9 x D 38.5 cm
Weight: 4.3 Kg
Load Capacity: 6.6 L

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  1. mgk's avatar
    Crisper tray is far from dishwasher safe.

    Great airfryer but wish they hadn't skimped on a terrible quality crisper tray. Use mine alot. Non stick started coming off the first time I used in dishwasher
    Shamsbo's avatar
    I have had mine for 2 years now and use baking paper on top of the tray, its kept it looking brand new and no compromise on the cooking.
  2. Ghaith's avatar
    I purchased the Gourmia 6.7L Digital Air Fryer with high hopes, but unfortunately, my experience has been disappointing. After just two months of use, the appliance completely stopped working.

    This sudden malfunction is quite frustrating, especially considering the relatively short period of time I had been using it. I expected better durability and longevity from a product in this price range.

    I would caution potential buyers to consider this reliability issue before investing in the Gourmia 6.7L Digital Air Fryer. While it may offer good features and performance initially, its short lifespan raises concerns about its overall quality and durability.
    mgk's avatar
    All brands break and you have guarantee to switch it for a new one. Could have happened with a Ninja at 4x the price.
    I think it is a great appliance - just a shame about the crisper tray.
  3. WiZZer's avatar
    I wouldn't be without mine and if my tray had an issue I would go for this, replacement crisper tray £18.40 - amazon.co.uk/dp/…h=1 (edited)
    mgk's avatar
    Bit expensive for an equally crap tray though. I've seen some square ones on amazon too that look like a decent match
  4. savagevixen's avatar
    I have 2 of these (big family) and they are brilliant. 6 months of use daily and no scratches. I do use liners for some things. They’ve cut my energy bills hugely and my teenage kids can use them easily. So glad I bought them.
  5. pauledwardking1's avatar
    These are excellent for the money, highly recommend! The staff who offer taster foods that are cooked use these and have been for a good while 3 year warranty too with Costco
  6. Siddy's avatar
    We have got both this and it's small 5.7L model and no issues at all.
    Chicken and joints fit better in the 6.7L
  7. tryn2help's avatar
    D3P0's avatar
    I did the online one, any solution to get for the in store?
  8. LoveMeRight's avatar
    I’ve been using this a month or so. I use a reusable liner* for the crisper tray every time I use the appliance.

    *Lakeland’s air fryer liner, I’m sure there are cheaper ones on amazon/ebay.
  9. Drekly's avatar
    Thinking of claiming under warranty for a replacement due to crisper tray rusting . Has anyone done this after buying online as nearest store is to far to travel .
    I Would assume I have to go through the hassle of returning original one .
    mgk's avatar
    I'm not even sure the Store will accept if you bought online.. .though I seem to recall policy may have changed
  10. Goldfish20's avatar
    This air fryer is excellent - I had a pro breeze that was well over double the price got this in store at Costco for about £45. It is excellent for 2 people - tonight we did 2 x Costco 6oz Aberdeen Angus burgers plus chips (used the little frame that comes with it) all cooked to perfection in 10 minutes Last night we did fish in the same time and I re-heated a Greg’s steak bake in 6 minutes worth getting a couple of silicon 8.5 inch mats which protect the non-stick base and a couple of silicon 8inch pots as does great roasted veg. This has to be one of my best buys of the year. However recognise the volume is perfect for meals for 1 or 2 people , if cooking for more we use the oven.
    chrissafc's avatar
    any links to what you recommend?
  11. Oakley777's avatar
    I have this one and it is brilliant. No complaints at all.
  12. Just.Wondering's avatar
    We use ours around 5 times a week, the oven only goes on for big multi cooking type meals e.g Sunday lunch
  13. LauraJbargainhunter's avatar
    I have this and have been really impressed x
  14. AncientYouth's avatar
    Apart from tray getting a bit knackered, I have used mine everyday often 2 or 3 separate cooks for 6 months.best kitchen implement I have ever bought could not live without
  15. manojnair's avatar
    Further drop in price. Just got this for £37 at Costco Watford today
  16. Paulw88's avatar
    Brilliant air fryer. We had both versions of this and original one is so much better. This one seems cheap and flimsy. We’ve upgraded to ninja. Definitely not disappointed! But if your looking for a good cheap air fryer. Definitely a steal
    mikeizz's avatar
    Interesting, so they have updated it with cheaper material?
    I had one at home for months now (love it), so got one about a month ago for work and feels much cheaper quality. The sounds are different also and the tray does not align anywhere near as well as original.

    For this price it is still really good though and highly recommend!
  17. the_mercy_of_percy's avatar
    Got this a few months ago when all the energy bills went through the roof. Has been a good bit of kit for me so far for the money.
  18. n0chex's avatar
    We have had this around 3 months and no complaints here @ a fraction of the cost of a Ninja Airfrier.
    Daray's avatar
    Costco is the best value for money AF in the market. There is no quality difference between Costco vs Ninja. In fact most of the AF are on par when comes to quality.
  19. AdelRawas's avatar
    £42 in store last night in Derby and they had plenty
  20. D3P0's avatar
    Thx ordered, finally a decent price for a good model (?) and I'm finally replace/combine with my old one
  21. mijthebarber's avatar
    Bought for £45 in store at stevenage last Thursday , they had loads
  22. invest's avatar
    Got one yesterday - look fwd to seeing what all the fuss is about!! Anyone recommend any air fryer cookbooks or any good recipes that you swear by?!
    MrWhit's avatar
    There's a free pdf recipe and user manual download on the Costco order page and I often get the free Kindle recipe books off Amazon which are usually highlighted on here
  23. ReflexReact's avatar
    Can you fit an entire chicken in this?

    I assume a dual tray AF is better as you can Cook meat in one, and chips/potatoes in the other?
    AncientYouth's avatar
    depends how much, i regularly cook mulitple items on the one tray just apportion as needed
  24. dwl99's avatar
    I got a couple of the smaller ones instore 2 months ago and might change them for this. Does anyone know what Costco's returns policy is? They're still in their boxes.
  25. AKBlackEdition's avatar
    Really good price and so versatile
  26. nonono's avatar
    This is really good. we have had it for about a couple of month now and its proving useful. should have had it earlier
  27. mgk's avatar
    Does anyone actually fill the basket like the promo shots? I can only imagine it would burn on top (edited)
  28. ansonuk1's avatar
    Had ours a year, used 3 to 4 times a week and other than poor quality tray it's brilliant. A steal at the price plus Costco's guarantee 🔥
  29. 05ryan's avatar
    If it helps anyone Chester Costco had a load of these on the shelf for £38 + vat
  30. adamkaty's avatar
    Hasn’t this been £45 for months?
  31. seckinboy's avatar
    Save your money and purchase the ninja dual basket air fryer. There is a reason they were really difficult to get last couple of years.

    Seen prices dropping on them now that everyone has one too. Good time to buy. Purchase a refurbished, a few people got brand new sent instead as they had no refurbished stock and didn’t get charged anymore.
  32. Nav_A20's avatar
    Membership nonsense. Reminds me of back in the days when you had to be a member to shop at Matalan lol
  33. stuart83's avatar
    Had one of these for about 6 months now, absolutely no complaints.

    Used a few times a week, always washed by hand and almost as good as new still.

    Thought it was worth a punt for £45 and can't see me replacing it unless it breaks.
  34. Dave_Baines's avatar
    Could do with a blue light Costco membership. I'll have to get one next time they're on offer...
    chasolo's avatar
    What's blue light one buddy?
  35. Amy_Ofori-Atta's avatar
    We've had ours a while and never had any issues it works great. You can get air fryer reusable liners and silicone liners aswell to help keep it clean, I'm yet to try then but they seem good.
  36. Cheeky2chops's avatar
    Can you cook rice in this?
  37. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Still this price in Southampton, on the left wall inside the entrance.
    You can buy silicon liners from Temu or Ebay for around £9 per pair. Look for the 22cm square units.
's avatar