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Posted 22 February 2023

HONOR MagicBook 16 Laptop Ryzen 5 5600H 16.1" 144Hz Windows 11 16GB RAM 512GB SSD and SuperCharge Power Adapter - £514.99 with code @ Honor

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

HONOR MagicBook 16 Laptop with a free SuperCharge Power Adapter (135W) for £514.99 Delivered
£849.99 on Amazon
(The SuperCharge Power Adapter sells separately for £69.99 here)

10% Off with UniDAYS code
(StudentBeans is only 6% which is less off than the £35 code)

Use Code: A35OFF for this price:
SuperCharge Power Adapter (135W)

Potentially 8% TopCashback (or 3.75% Quidco)

Full Aluminium Body
Colour: Space Grey
AMD Ryzen 5 5600H (6 x 3.3GHz / 12 threads / Turbo 4.2GHz)
16.1” Eye comfort 144Hz HONOR High Color Gamut Display FullView Display: 1920 x 1080 pixels, 137 PPI (IPS Anti-glare screen) 300nits
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Viewing Angle 170 degrees
AMD Radeon™ Graphics
Windows 11 Home
16GB DDR4 RAM 3200MHz
65W Compact Type-C Fast Charger
USB-C x 2
HDMI x 1
USB-A x 2
Bluetooth 5.1
Wifi 6, and IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz and 5GHz Bands)
Weight 1.84kg
Length 368mm
Width 236mm
Thickness 18.2mm
3.5mm stereo headphone jack
Fingerprint Reader
Camera 720p
Full-size backlit keyboard
Battery 8hrs
Honor More details at Honor
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  1. Jonnyblock's avatar
    How does it compare to the Dell Ryzen processor laptop posted today?
  2. xyr518's avatar
    Had previous gen with 4600h for nearly 3 years now, never had any problem
    adrianmg's avatar
    Same, got the 4600h in the deal with the watch about two years ago. Upgraded the SSD to 1TB (soon as I got it) but otherwise unchanged.

    I don’t game, other than the occasional 20 minutes on Townscape, but use it for photo editing including HDR where the RAM makes a difference to avoid swap - after monitoring on my previous laptop I worked out I often needed >8GB but it was pretty rare that it reached >16GB.

    It’s been rock-solid throughout including also up to 5 days a week working from home (8-11 hours generally) connected to a QHD monitor via DP (using a £10 adapter). Runs warm but not hot. Never notice fans come on whilst WFH, only during long batch-edits of photos where it’s working flat out, and they settle down quickly after.
  3. lewilewi41's avatar
    Had this when the last deal was on a fair few months ago for about an extra £30.

    Great laptop, brilliant build quality, keyboard is fair, screen looks amazing, very quiet, nice bezels.

    Only criticism is the trackpad, it's very weird, i can't really explain it, the trackpad has a matte feeling and just isn't that good to use, had laptops with way less performance and way cheaper but better trackpad, might be in used to rubbish ones and a good one takes time learning?
  4. Jonnyblock's avatar
    Handle Fortnite?
  5. Happyday1234's avatar
    If you have uniday 10% off, it work out £5 cheaper than above.
    shanecb's avatar
    They don't stack, you have to use it instead of. BLC works at £495 too
  6. Leon_Hudson's avatar
    Good deal I suppose but you can’t upgrade the ram.
    AvinHamisha's avatar
    16GB should be ok for the coming 10 years 😃
  7. IndyS's avatar
    Codify's avatar
    Oh no49626642-i38sx.jpg
  8. pet2000's avatar
    Good specs for the money, will run fairly hot. Hope the fan is not noisy.
    Jimoiseau's avatar
    I have the 4600h version in this chassis. There is a performance mode you can activate when plugged in that gives the processor a few extra watts. In that mode if I put my ear right next to the keyboard I can just about hear the fan.
  9. TheRaider's avatar
    Power hungry H series and no gpu makes 0 sense,will run much hotter
    sheffield788's avatar
    H is not only for gaming, it is for performance-oriented tasks. You can make H CPUs power efficient too, limiting the CPU to 15w. You can undervolt and then limit the cpu's speed in battery saver to emulate a lowered tdp.I I prefer U because I don't like chunky laptops and my needs are low. But if I find H and U at the same price, it will be a hard decision for me to take, as H would be the good value CPU. (edited)
  10. RegularMoe's avatar
    It has been dispatched but is almost impossible to track with the online tracker. By the time the code they send out hits my inbox it is about 10mins too late to use.
    npinn001's avatar
    On the email saying dispatched, it has a tracking number on the right hand side. DHL is the courier so if you copy that, then go to DHL website you can track it.
  11. Josh_Perkins's avatar
    Back in stock. Just got one
    eagleian's avatar
    Banner has changed to dispatch 6th March so must be another batch on sale (edited)
  12. twodoctors's avatar
    code is not working at the moment...

    ...they said they will get back to me.
    twodoctors's avatar
    Code expired.

    At £550, still a good price, but I think I'll wait for the next deal.
  13. UKScottDeals's avatar
    Very tempting, but the 3D performance is 4 times slower than my laptop with a 1050Ti from 2018.
    Smoggy1970's avatar
    Yes, and?

    This is not a gaming laptop.
  14. disfordrum's avatar
    I have a previous version of this model and it's fantastic. Build quality is excellent, sound and screen are great, and it plays games like Skyrim, Surviving Mars, Subnautica without any issues at all. Struggles with Days Gone and GTA V as you'd expect.

    I use it mainly for office stuff but also band recording via a Behringer interface and it's flawless for that.
  15. uasfhdi's avatar
    Just picked one up - appears to be restocking every hour at a few minutes past the hour
    Bloobat's avatar
    Damn hasn't done so this time
  16. robthorley's avatar
    Tried to buy, the Go Beyond 50 code doesn't work any more despite it being advertised on the site still. Guess I'll have to wait a bit more...
    robthorley's avatar
    Ha! They've now updated the website, the £50 off no longer applies.
  17. sj_mith's avatar
    OOS.... anything similar OP?
    SuperDan's avatar
    Just hold out for a while if you want this. It's been going in and out of stock multiple times every day recently.

    Also, when all the returns/rejected deliveries from the first version of this deal arrive back in their warehouse they'll have plenty to shift again
  18. vicx85's avatar
    That keyboard though. 16inch and no number pad completely puts me off
    Smoggy1970's avatar
  19. tdk2bu's avatar
    This is an amazing deal, cheapest it's ever been. Cracking laptop, the old version of this had great screen, decent keyboard and only slightly letdown by the clicky touchpad. Hopefully updated version even better.

    Premium build quality, can handle old AAA games well.

    If in doubt Google the professional reviews and watch the YouTube videos for when the was £800 to £900 ish.

    I'd buy it again but thankfully don't need it. (edited)
    Jonnyblock's avatar
    Was £5 cheaper on here back in November.
  20. keefly's avatar
    I've got last year's 4600H version of this laptop (from a deal posted here) & I think it's fantastic.

    Great build quality, it's really comfortable to use. I don't seriously game on it but everything I do is really fast, the screen is nice enough, the backlit keyboard is a good one, it doesn't run hot or noisily, the speakers & the format lend it to watching media & the Honor app keeps all drivers up to date automatically. It's an absolute steal at this price, as I recall it was £900 at launch less than a year ago.
  21. bluezero's avatar
    Build quality of these is not good and Honor customer service is beyond terrible. I bought this a month ago and had to return it twice. Once when the speakers wouldn't work out the box and then replacement have me green screens everytime you open any close it. I went for another laptop instead.
    greatnameuk's avatar
    Yeah the aftercare with honor ain't too good I imagine? (edited)
  22. tryn2help's avatar
    Hmmmm, transferring everything from old laptop to new laptop. Can't I just swap the hd's over and everything magically works right? Prob not. Really cba with moving and changing. Oh well, don't need it anyway. Nice deal for other peeps so heat added.
    fiqqer's avatar
    You can use free software like Macrium Free to clone your old hard drive to the new one. That way everything will work as previously. The software is straightforward to use.

    I cloned a new ssd drive by connecting it to the old laptop via an external usb to sata cable. then used usb to clone the old hard drive to the new one. Installing the new hard drive to the new laptop allowed me to use the new computer without having to re-install windows or the old software.
  23. dan_uk's avatar
    Niche question but how would this compare to a Thinkpad T15 with 16gb ram and a 1tb SSD. 

    I’m thinking that I would get superior battery, IO options, customer support and build quality on the T15 but a faster screen, newer processor, GPU and more luxe finish on the Honor.

    Don’t really want to swap but the lack of gaming ability on the i5-10210u is frustrating. 

    Be grateful if anyone has any thoughts on it. 
    fiqqer's avatar
    T15 is a business laptop costing at least 2 x more, so will have better build quality, longer battery life, a better keyboard and is more configurable - ie the ram in the Honor cannot be upgraded. The Honor has better colour accuracy and will be better for media work due to the more powerful built in graphics and processor.

    I have a t490, 2 generations back from the t15 and when I forget my charger I still manage to get through a whole working day before my battery gives up .

    The honor is a business grade laptop at a home user price. A genuine bargain compared to the cheap plasticky home user laptops (edited)
  24. Guy_With_Beard's avatar
    I would have bought this if it had a 6800H as I feel the Vega 7 iGPU is getting a bit long in the tooth.
  25. bigpappa's avatar
    Just ordered one, just past the hour, let's hope they honour it.

    Was on the fence but I thought might as well go for it.
    keefly's avatar
    You won't regret it.
  26. HammerTime10's avatar
    6.8%?? Not 8%

    also TCB offering 5% Off using this code as well as the 6.8%?


  27. Hasnain_Ahmad's avatar
    I've ordered this but how does it compare to the Asus vivobook deal that just came on about an hour ago. Is it best to cancel this order and get that? Thanks
    redmonkey1111's avatar
    Same dilemma
  28. 50huz's avatar
    Thanks, just ordered using student discount, £495 total.

    Topcashback currently tracking at £28.05 (edited)
  29. shotatdawn's avatar
    Offering a superfast charger now(135w)
  30. amitpuri's avatar
    FYI - order has been cancelled!!!
    SuperDan's avatar
    Your order has been cancelled?! Why?
  31. Deal_HUNT3R's avatar
    A Blinder of a deal
    djdope's avatar
    300 nits isn't blinding
  32. SuperDan's avatar
    Spent the last 24 hours or so researching this, thinking about it, and discussing this with my partner.

    Eventually, we agreed that we don't need it.


    I hate myself.
  33. Swarfega's avatar
    I have the 14 version of this laptop. It's a great laptop for the price. The fingerprint reader/power button amazes me.  You press it to power the laptop on and it boots into Windows and logs into your account.  It reads your finger at power on.
    robbiet's avatar
    I’d be after the 14” over this. Where did you get it from? Any decent deals about still do you know? Cheers.
  34. montana78's avatar
    Being 16" I wad expecting this to be a 16:10 aspect ratio (1920x1200) or higher resolution
  35. proevo21's avatar
    Why is this expired , as i have just tried it (added voucher and gone to checkout ) and it deducts the voucher
    keefly's avatar
    Someone has chosen to jump the gun for some reason.
  36. SSAMG98's avatar
    What a crazy deal that processor is good
  37. B_Marvel's avatar
    Anyone tried to get the charger for orders placed before today?

    Might be tempted to return as it'll be £5 cheaper with unidays code and the upgraded charger
    Hasnain_Ahmad's avatar
    Thanks for the idea might try this too. They have 30 days free return
  38. B_Marvel's avatar
    Would have thought this would be back in stock by now. I actually like the laptop but Wanted the free charger and they are forcing me to return and reorder.
  39. Bloobat's avatar
    No way is this out of stock!! Says 5 days left on code?? Hopefully a restock tomorrow
    keefly's avatar
    Honor's stock reports are abysmal - this will come in & out of stock over & over again in the next few days, just keep checking. It's a fantastic laptop, thoroughly recommended
  40. BringItOnDown's avatar
    10% student discount code from Unidays works
    eyeballpaul152's avatar
    Fancy getting me a code?
's avatar