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Posted 21 June 2023

8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth & 2.4g Controller + Charging Dock Switch Windows £38.39 @ Dispatches from Amazon Sold by Bayukta

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This is the more expensive switch version with hall effect joysticks. Cheapest it's ever been according to Keepa

Choose the seller Bayukta (should already be default)

Added by @cyberbabenilorac

Description Compatible with Switch via Bluetooth and Windows with a 2.4g adapter.

Firmware Update-
  • Connect the 8BitDo device to the PC via USB.
  • Firmware Update - 8BitDo M30 V1.10 Beta 1
  • Select the products
  • Click 2019-04-21 M30 V1.11 Beta 2 NEW
  • Then click Update

Features & details
  • Compatible with Switch via Bluetooth and Windows with a 2.4g adapter
  • Multifunctional Charging Dock - Stable connection and controller will be automatically switching ON/OFF while it is docked/undocked.
  • Hall Effect Sensing Joystick
  • Ultimate Software on PC and mobile (Android/iOS)
  • 2 Pro back paddle buttons, Custom Profile Switch Button, Player indicators & 2-way Mode Switching button, Rumble vibration, motion controls, USB-C, 22 hours rechargeable battery.

Amazon More details at

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  1. Hunter68's avatar
    Very nice! Not sure whether to spend a couple quid more for black though. What are people's experiences with white controllers?
  2. noahsdad's avatar
    Am I the only one who does not know what a "hall effect joystick" is? Going on google...
    jmdarley's avatar
    It uses magnetic fields to determine stick position instead of potentiometers.

    They're not affected by grime and dirt, or physical wear and tear and shouldn't drift.
  3. Minstadave's avatar
    Cheapest I've seen the Switch/Hall Effect version.
  4. smephone's avatar
    Sienio48's avatar
    I knew there will be that kind of comment ,🥲
  5. Spookydux's avatar
    Fantastic controller. Recently bought for about £50 - only missing amiibo support but other than that better option than the official switch pro controller - as they are prone to drift
  6. gaz84's avatar
    Paid £44 the other day with no regrets! Great controller and really like the stand too!
  7. goodmerm's avatar
    works great with steam deck as well as pc & switch
  8. Shovon's avatar
    Is there way to connect this to an xbox with a convertor of some sort?

    That would be the icing on the cake if my son could use it on his PC and Xbox.
    christopher.spencer's avatar
    Have the black version in xbox layout... Not that I can find wireless, it does work wired
  9. morgster93's avatar
    Anyone know how this feels in the hand compared to a standard xbox series controller? Looks like the grips on these don't stick out at much as xbox controllers.
    christopher.spencer's avatar
    Yes slightly shorter on the grip near your little finger, same as the ps4 ones are
  10. kscoombs's avatar
    Literally just had this delivered minutes ago, bought for significantly more. Cracking deal!
  11. Jubbles's avatar
    Hall Sensing... but does it have submarine sensing?
  12. Jenkov365's avatar
    Looks like this has jumped up a bit in price at the same seller. Still a decent deal though
  13. deathblowff7's avatar
    Great controller
  14. kelvin_k's avatar
    Can't recommend this controller enough, really enjoy using it on the pc and switch.
  15. iwo's avatar
    How are the thumbstick deadzones? I have the Pro 2 from the same manufacturer and they're not great tbh, not for fps games anyway. The sticks are too stiff and springy where extremely precise fine aiming is required. (edited)
    Wooj's avatar
    I am new to control pad FPS, I cannot get on with standard switch controller. Is this any better? I'm so used to precision of keyboard and mouse
  16. Shovon's avatar
    I think the deadzones can be adjusted in the software app (edited)
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