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Posted 25 June 2023

Hybrid Solutions Pro Collection Triple Pack - £24 with code - delivered @ Turtle Wax

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  • One of each of our Hybrid Solutions Pro Performance car care solutions
  • Most durable, professional-grade liquid car wax great for detailing experts and auto enthusiasts.
  • Graphene flex wax coating prevents scratches, swirls, streaks and oxidation to any nonporous, exterior surface
  • Easy-on, easy off liquid with UV absorbers shield painted surfaces to prevent damage and discoloration
  • Chemical resistant, super-hydrophobic polymers glide on effortlessly for maximum gloss, water beading, & stain prevention
  • Precision polishing platelets glide gently over your car exterior to prevent additional scratches and swirls
  • Hydrophobic formula promotes extreme water beading and chemical resistance for superior protection and faster dry time
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  1. Burak's avatar
    After using Meguairs for years and then using these, especially the ceramic coating sprays its awful! Leaves streaks and end product for the car is mediocre!
    A point to consider.
    Sargentsiri's avatar
    I agree. When used on dry paint, the streaking is utterly dreadful!!

    Alternatively, when used on wet paint as a drying aid, it's pretty good
  2. Spenceuk's avatar
    I used these products last night. Give everything a good shake before using and follow instructions.
    No streaks and lovely smooth finish. 50452772-67JCA.jpg
  3. fishmaster's avatar
    Is there a simple effective way to clean your car? All this ceramic clay bar buffing NASA car cleaning tech seems a bit over engineered. I just go down the car wash and hope for the best Nothing wrong with it btw just in case people think I'm criticising them for spending 3 hours on a Sunday cleaning their motor
    taxboy's avatar
    Each to their own - the easiest way to keep your car clean is to spend a bit of time initially and thoroughly decontaminate it, then apply a decent wax or sealant. This means the next time you come to wash it the dirt won't adhere and cleans much easier. However I appreciate people may want to spend their spare time doing other things
  4. Paul_f1's avatar
    Bit of washing up liquid,job done
    D33D's avatar
    Washing up liquid has salt in it, which causes scratches/swirl marks and strips out all the wax
  5. scoobytawazara's avatar
    Mm tripe pack yummy
    Owlsnotwhattheyseem's avatar
    Sounds offal!
  6. c0nsumer's avatar
    Home bargains have Carnauba Car Wax for about £3
  7. Quklux's avatar
    flex is good, their pure shampoo is my favorite for snow lance to
  8. melbeenie's avatar
    I use this I think it gave same finish as the meguirs I used before but seems to last longer on the car
  9. Laskha's avatar
    Bought the paste wax version of these to try out after using up my bottle of Meguiars Liquid Wax, which was rubbish compared to the ArmorAll wax I used previously. Will see how it goes, good price and worth a punt.
  10. hat_ok_dear's avatar
    Offal deal?
  11. louiselouise's avatar
    I fixed the typo
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