Posted 25 November 2022

iD Mobile 30-day SIM Only - Unlimited 5G Data, Minutes & Texts, EU Roaming - £15 p/m + 3 Months Apple TV+ Free plus £15 TCB @ iD Mobile

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About this deal

Good price if you are looking for Unlimited Data, Minutes & Texts and it comes with EU Roaming, Wi-Fi-calling & 3 months' Free Apple TV+ for £15 plus £15 Cashback via Topcashback Premium



iD Pay Monthly SIM

30 days rolling
Data: Unlimited
Minutes: Unlimited
Texts: Unlimited
Inclusive Roaming: Roam like you’re at home in 50 destinations
Bill Capping: Limit your monthly spend

3 months' Free Apple TV+

You will receive a free subscription to Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple News+ for up to 3 months when you purchase an eligible product from iD Mobile.

iD Mobile More details at iD Mobile

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    Is this id mobile 5g

    Is this three 5g and do you get reduced speeds (edited)
    i get up to 500mbps in my huawei 5g CPE and reception in my area is not the best, upgraded recently to same unlimited deal + samsung A13 phone (that will be put for sale) for £14.99 a month / 24month contract - will keep using it as broadband (edited)
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    What's the point of 5G on an "unlimited" data plan? The speeds are definitely going to be capped
    No cap. I use over 300gb per month and never get reduced speeds.
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    Just looked on my upgrades and I can get this but on a 12 month for £15. Bargain
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    Why isn't this getting hotter? Genuinely interested. Hot from me.
    Because the plan itself is available from Smarty for £15 unlimited and despite being the same price now works out cheaper overall because there’s no RPI Inflation price increase early next year with Smarty. There’s also no credit check and a better customer service experience.

    Also Smarty is owned directly by Three, the network that provides the signal. ID is owned by Carphone Warehouse/Currys. And I think their reputation speaks for itself without me needing to say any more.

    No cashback incentive but you otherwise get the same offers including EU Roaming, 5G, WiFi calling etc. I’d personally pick Smarty between the two of them.
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    This or smarty ?
    smarty runs on three network too
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    Just bear in mind, ID require a credit check even on 30 day rolling contract.
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    Yea seems hot, especially considering three have emailed to say the price of my 30 day rolling unlimited contract must go up £7pm or £17pm if i want a 2 year contract
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    I’ve had Smarty for nearly 2 year. If I’m honest the Three network is terrible around Newcastle / North East. I get signal but it’s constantly congested in Newcastle city centre, which is extremely frustrating when you subscribe to streaming services. Defo looking at alternatives to SMARTY (edited)
    In Newcastle EE is by far the best. The only network to have signal in Metro tunnels and stations too. But you’ll pay a price premium for their network.

    You can go with Plusnet though. Their SIM only deals are decent as long as you don’t need LOADS of data. They use the EE network.

    Vodafone is the close second best in Newcastle. For that network TalkMobile is owned by them and if you go via USwitch they have some Black Friday offers going on right now. Or if you need unlimited then it’s ASDA Mobile at £20 unlimited with no speed caps and no contract. Still comes with EU Roaming, 5G, WiFi calling etc.
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    Which network do people use to quickly port in and out easily? Got a ee sim but think need to buy a pack to activate it
    I don't understand the question. Maybe others will understand. If not, perhaps you could rephrase it?

    Is this any use?
    ee.co.uk/hel…sim (edited)
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