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Posted 25 February 2023

iPhone XS Max 64Gb Refurbished Good- £169 (+ £10 PAYG goodybag for new customer) @ Giffgaff

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giffgaff refurbished peace of mind:

  • 12-month warranty
  • A more sustainable option
  • 30-point phone health check
  • 80% battery health, or better

added by @sigorney

  • Dual 12MP rear cameras
  • 6.5 inch
  • 4G-ready

Welcome to the big screens.

Super Retina in two sizes — including the largest display ever on an iPhone. Even faster Face ID. The smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone. And a breakthrough dual‑camera system. iPhone XS is everything you love about iPhone. Taken to the extreme.


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  1. Vish1's avatar
    Took my iPhone XS Max to Apple Store for battery replacement. Apple Store charged me only £79 and gave me box packed brand new xs max in return. They said it’s too much hassle swapping battery as they had some issues with diagnostics following replacements. So I’d say buy this and book battery replacement at Apple Store. You may be lucky like me to get brand new device for another 79 quid
    Nealjane100's avatar
    Apple battery replacements go up in march i believe. Got my battery replaced last week iPhone 11 Pro £69, think they’re going up by~£20., (edited)
  2. iEimis's avatar
    Just arrived, fantastic condition, better than grade A i’ve had before. Basically looks as good as Apple Certified Refurb. Now to check what the battery health is at, will get it done for £69 before 1st of March (when it goes up to £89) if it’s running low. Think my dad will be very pleased. Thanks OP.49657415-AfvrM.jpg49657415-mGbd6.jpg
  3. shariifi's avatar
    Any screen burn or scratches on these phones?
    SlimaB's avatar
    Look at the pics in some of the other threads. Odd ones are ok but lots with significant scratches on them.
  4. haywan's avatar
    Ordered yesterday and arrived this morning - very impressed! Condition is very good with very few minor scratches. Battery health is 89%. Great deal
  5. Bonedome123's avatar
    Voted hot, good phone still IMO . 
    Docman's avatar
    Still rocking this 4.5 years later and doing the trick
  6. masai's avatar
    Received today and very pleased!! Not a mark on the screen, a few faint scratches on the back that only show when looking hard!
    Battery at 85%

    Thanks again Saj! Fantastic deal.
    HammerTime10's avatar
    what colour did you go for?
  7. Bonedome123's avatar
    Do you have to buy the £10 goody bag in addition to handset price or is it free for new customers? 

    Thanks in advance for any answers to my question.
    masum07's avatar
    You don’t need to
  8. punkindrublic's avatar
    Got one to use for work, didn’t bother with goody bag. also Quidco appears to have tracked at £26.25 so bonus if it pays out.
    Thanks for posting.
  9. masai's avatar
    Thank you Saj! Fingers crossed its not too bad. Bought a few from music magpie that were in awful condition, they even sent me a non-pro 11! They were all easy to return and refunded promptly.

    £40 TCB too!
    sajidtg's avatar
    You welcome.
    Most people who got from giffgaff were satisfied with the conditions and battery percentage.
  10. Bonedome123's avatar
    Voted hot, bought with hopefully £40 TCB, thanks for posting.
  11. billyblanka's avatar
    Has anyone placed an order for this?

    If so what was condition like on arrival out of 10 please?
  12. mohammed_saqibgdq's avatar
    Will I still get the back when I already have the Giffgaff SIM? It's says in conditions to purchase and activate sim
    Dustlandfairytale's avatar
    Looking at the terms, I think you need anew sim and have to activate it with Topcash back. I went with Quidco as there were no terms for a sim card
  13. Dustlandfairytale's avatar
    Received mine today. Good camera. 82% battery. Back is unmarked. Scratches to the front screen. I've never used an iPhone, so still trying to figure it out. It doesn't seem to have always on display. No home or back buttons. Can't seem to add a Web search bar to the home screen. Really not sure if I like it tbh. Screen is nice but no better than my old Mate 20 Pro. And I can't find the open Apps I've left to go on something else

    49657977-kmKpv.jpg (edited)
    Bonedome123's avatar
    I think you have been really unlucky.

    I personally would send it back and see if you can get sent a better one..

    Mine arrived today (Space Grey colour) and is in excellent condition with 86% battery.

    Others that have ordered the one with Space Grey back ones seem to be getting phones in great condition.  

    It really seems luck of the draw.

    I wish you the best of luck.  (edited)
  14. HammerTime10's avatar
    Just ordered one for my old dear, tried her on android, but she won't have it lol she’s still rocking a iPhone 6!

    Hope it's in good nick!
  15. mohammed_saqibgdq's avatar
    Received my one today. It's in excellent condition cannot see any marks. Strangely it has 100% battery. The last time the phone was updated 2.5 years ago. There are no messages to show any parts has been replaced. I have updated the phone new software. I don't understand how it can have 100% battery when the phone is old now. (edited)
  16. Bonedome123's avatar
    Received mine today, it’s in excellent condition front and back, checked screen brightness and has True Tone so would appear it’s the genuine OLED screen.

    Battery health  at 86 percent, hopefully will get £40 Topcashback once SIM card activated.

    So £169 for phone plus £10 Giffgaff SIM Goody bag minus £40 brings cost down to £1139f which will help towards new battery cost of £89.

    So all in all £228 for an excellent condition IPhone XS Max with a new battery is a great deal IMO,  thanks for posting.
     🍺 (edited)
  17. billyblanka's avatar
    Hi does anyone know whether the cashback only works if you takeout the sim card as well please?
  18. smartstyle's avatar
    My phone arrived yesterday and its in a perfect condition with very minimum usage. Also for anyone who bought it ebay.co.uk/itm…OPY this is a genuine leather case for £7 enjoy
  19. HammerTime10's avatar
    Got the gold. It was immaculate 😁 not on scratch on the back or sides! Screen was perfect too. Thanks @sajidtg mums happy lol
    mohammed_saqibgdq's avatar
    What was the battery health on yours?
  20. _saeed_'s avatar
    Gold running out aswell , other option oos. Only 3 left in gold
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