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The original iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007 and since then iPhone has been dominant in the marketplace. Known as a trailblazer for many technologies that are now standard, such as touchscreen functionality, a “pinch to zoom“ interface and inertial scrolling, iPhone has now become Apples flagship product. HotUKDeals keeps its ear close to all things iPhone to bring you all the best deals in one place. Read more
New iPhone SE 2020 edition - from £419 + Possible trade in @ Apple
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Refreshed 17th AprRefreshed 17th Apr
Will go mega cold as its apple but this is a stonking price for the spec https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-se

Any ways I can get it cheaper?


I think the one year warranty is the manufacturer one. So whether you buy the new phone from John Lewis, Argos or an ebay store, in the first year you can go to the manufacturer directly to address defects. While buying my iPad at the Apple shop they told me that, over and above the manufacturers warranty, if the Apple product has a defect that comes to the fore a few years down the line the Apple shop will sort it out. He said that’s six years. Nice


I know... in response to someone suggesting you got 6 if you bought from the Apple store. I suggest they are getting confused with ‘the consumer rights act 2015’.


You are talking about the 1 year manufacturers warranty.


Not true, Apple warranty is 1 year, but they will be lenient if it is a known product issue. However, know issues are usually recalled. You get free Apple TV no matter where you purchase, personally I think it’s sh!te...

Used Grade B Apple iPhone SE (2020) 4.7'' Smartphone 128GB Dual-Sim Unlocked - £378.69 @ cheapest_electrical ebay
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Posted 8 h, 33 m agoPosted 8 h, 33 m ago
So after 12 years of lurking and buying on this site, thought i’d put my first post. Iphone se 128gb grade B. I’ve bought one and there was a white one left.

It’s only been out about a month, I’d expect it to be pretty good with most of its warranty left. Wouldn’t bother me being grade B for the saving.


Haha! It’s probably longer to be honest. It may even be 13-14 years! I’ve spent so much and saved so much due to HUKD. Thought i’d start by posting i know is a deal!


it has just expired :(


Heat just for posting after 12 years!


Had mine which was a grade B and advertised with a damaged sim tray slot. With exception of the sim tray the phone was immaculate and accessories never opened. I’m sure yours will be fine, enjoy (y) .

iPhone SE (2020) 128gb O2 90gb £35 / 24 Months £0 Upfront £192 Cashback & £42 Quidco Total £840 (£606 Effectively) @ MPD
Posted 10 h, 17 m agoPosted 10 h, 17 m ago
First deal so go easy, I’ve been looking for a deal on the more generous 128gb model. I found this which has no upfront and works out to be £27 per month (after £192 Cashback via r… Read more
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(lol) you’ve got me there


I think this deal went cold, partially due to you not putting enough effort into your username.. (excited)


Seems pretty decent thanks, although my partner just got an 11 for a couple hundred more I’m not sure which to go for!


O2 is garbage. Horrendously slow speeds


Its an iPhone, it gets cold no matter how much of a good deal it is

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Apple iPhone 6 Various Network Smartphone - All Colours 12M Warranty Seller Refurbished £94.99 at ebay londonmagicstore
Posted 16 h, 22 m agoPosted 16 h, 22 m ago
Brand:AppleLock Status:Factory UnlockedFeatures:Fingerprint SensorManufacturer warranty:NoneModel:iPhone 6Style:BarCamera Resolution:8MPOperating System:IOSConnectivity:4GMemory C… Read more
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That's because you have to remove the screen from the body of the phone to get inside it, they're not going to try and do that if your screen is likely to crack in half in the process. It does state that this is the case right at the top of their battery replacement page (https://support.apple.com/en-gb/iphone/repair/service/battery-power)


A mate of mine took hers in for a new battery “free” under the apple battery scheme , and the screen was cracked . Apple refused to replace the battery unless the screen was replaced also , at her expense . They wouldn’t just replace a battery .


but that's you, anyone else would find 16GB (actual is 12.2GB) is minuscule, as they will have to continuously manage the storage if they regularly take photos or record videos


WTF. Punctuation?


Yep. 6s was the way to go for me, and the rest of the family. Crazy money to buy anything beyond this.

iPhone SE White (2020) 64GB Open Box - Never Used - £373.89 @ eBay / cheapest_electrical
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Item is new and unused with possible box damaged/ box replaced with item seal removed. Item is otherwise complete with all accessories as you would expect from a new item. 12 month… Read more



Never pay the asking price at cheapest electrical, that’s my philosophy!


I bought one at this price last week. Open box return but slightly damaged sim tray which can’t be seen with a case on the phone.


Never noticed the specs on this before XD



NEW Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64GB (Unlocked for all UK networks) - Space Gray £872 @ Wowcamera.com
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Hi All Found this great deal on a Iphone 11 Pro 64gb Ive ordered from this company before and have had no issues at all - Last time i ordered from here i got the iphone 11 128gb … Read more

I actually prefer the Android variant. Rip off or not, if you're saving money off of RRSP surely it makes this a deal no ?


They don't relate. This is a product that costs so very far beyond what it should. And are generally bought as a status symbol over practical use. Besides this is a deals site, a rip off with a bit of money knocked off is still a rip off. But hey, your money. If you want one go nuts.


Calling people lunatics and having no logic is a bit harsh based on their spending habits. All because it doesn't agree with what you'd want to spend on a phone doesn't make it less of a product. What's next, laughing at people who shop at the likes of Lidl ???


No. Original price is an unbelievable rip off that only and lunatic would pay. This is just a massive rip off. To think I got a phone with 8GB ram, 256GB storage, and a Snapdragon 855, all for about £180. And this is a deal? HA! If it was £400 it would be okay for an iphone. But why do I even bother. People who buy these have no logic. Most buy it as a symbol.


So you prefer original price which is over 1K or just trolling?

Apple iPhone XS 256gb with free case which you have to apply for £629 at BT Shop
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Just had an email from BT offering the iPhone XS 256gb for £629 brand new. There's a free case available if you look at the promotions tab further down the page on the website. You… Read more

Private message me on here for code and link


Can i get a code please


I couldn’t get it to work which is a shame


No, I didn't, as I not a student! ;)


Anyone had any luck with student discount?

Brand New Sealed Apple iPhone SE 2 64GB 2020 Smartphone - £394.24 With Code @ Mobile Deals uk / Ebay
Refreshed 26th MayRefreshed 26th May
Update 3
Update - Price increase from £389.50 to £394.24 on 28/05
New Sealed Apple iPhone SE 2 64GB 2020 OVERVIEW Type SIM-free smartphone SIM type - Nano SIM - eSIM Operating system iOS 13 Processor - A13 Bionic chip - Third-generation … Read more

128gb grade b from same seller https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apple-iPhone-SE-2020-4-7-Smartphone-128GB-Dual-Sim-Unlocked-Black-B-/293595558039?hash=item445ba8b097


Wow, you've not had much luck with your phones, hope you have better luck with the SE. Me and the Mrs have a number of android phones, mostly Samsung but had an LG too and only had a hardware issues with one of them and that was resolved quickly by the local Samsung service centre. My 2 year old S9 plus is working perfectly fine and generally has at least 40% battery left at the end of the day. In the 2 years that I've had it I don't recall ever starting a day with a full charge and running out before the end of the day


Maybe this is being too simples but if the battery life is not so great why not download apps and video etc. with the phone plugged in to the mains?


Don’t know what (or why) your experience has been like but I’ve done chargebacks after 30 days... no questions ... send back item...


It has fatest cpu and GPU but useless with such small battery when you cannot play 3d games and run GPS, take plenty pics or videos which will drain small battery quickly..yes apple software is power efficient but still no excuse for apple to use same battery capacity in phone which was used back in 2017 when all others manufacturer are increasing the capacity to 5000 to 6000 mAh even in midrange phone and worse this small capacity also charge very slowly i.e take two hours lol why we need fastest CPU and GPU for others simple tasks ? Better give me old CPU and GPU but give better screen, better design, better battery life, quick charging , Ip68 , better sound , camers etc

Apple iPhone XR White 6.1" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £599 @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
More Apple iPhone offers from laptops direct Apple iPhone XR White 6.1" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free Key Features: Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultra fast ne… Read more
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Open box usually, but the point still stands.


Brand new?


This is a horrible deal and nobody should be paying anywhere NEAR £600 for one of these. I constantly buy iPhone 11s on eBay for £500-520 during eBay codes.


After getting in on the O2 deal last year this is simply terrible. Probably better to spend less and get the 2020 SE.


I have Mate 20 Pro and I can't fault it.

Apple iPhone XS Space Grey 5.8" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £619 @ Laptops Direct
-150° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Looking for some tech gear and came across this deal. iPhone XS Space Grey 5.8" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free Key Features: Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultr… Read more
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That’s the only thing that’s putting me off this deal


From past posts in HUKD it's the loud shutter noise which can't be turned off.


Grade A?


£519.89 here, 5 available https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apple-MT9E2B-A-iPhone-XS-4G-Smartphone-4GB-RAM-64GB-Unlocked-Space-Grey-A-/392421017878?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276


Hmmmmm. This or 3 really really good Android phones?

iPhone 11 64GB Red - Opened Never Used - £577.89 @ eBay / cheapest_electrical (£50 applied @ checkout)
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Item is new and unused with possible box damaged/ box replaced with item seal removed. Item is otherwise complete with all accessories as you would expect from a new item. 12 month… Read more

They seem to have started running 10-15% off during non-code periods. The current £x off £xx promo is nowhere near as good as a no-limit percentage off. Currently using a 128GB 11 that I got for under £500 during the 15% promo.


Yep, £530 a week ago & even as low as £489 for a Black version.


I got this same deal but for £530 (they had a 15% offer thingy) and at this kind of price it begins to make sense - it has great Antutu scores and everything just works because all the apps are optimised ...just wish the screen display was better ...prefer the display on my Redmi Note 5 to be honest


I am sorry I didn’t know I didn’t get it yesterday morning morning


Hate it when people give nonsense advice (annoyed)

Apple iPhone XS 512GB (Unlocked for all UK networks) - Gold - £696 @ Wowcamera
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
iPhone XS features a 5.8 Inch Super Retina display with custom-built OLED panels for an HDR display that provides the industry’s best colour accuracy, true blacks and remarkable br… Read more
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How do you get student discount


And modest


I have the 128gb iPhone 11 and I used 50gb on apps and 20gb in photos( not iCloud photo)And it’s worth getting the bigger storage just incase especially if you are photogenic like me


Depends if you have a Plex server! I’ve already used over half of my 512GB and only had it a week!


BT or wow camera do student discount?

iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Gold - Opened Never Used £809.89 (£50 deducted at checkout) @ cheapest_electrical ebay
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
This item is Open Box Grade A Item is new and unused with possible box damaged/ box replaced with item seal removed. Item is otherwise complete with all accessories as you would e… Read more
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For anyone following its just been delivered, all sealed and new and with a 3pin adapter included. 7 days including bank holiday. Pretty good really.


Any deals on 256?


Yeah, apparently they throw in a 3pin converter for free, but I just decided to buy a uk one as well. You don’t have to of course. I’ll use the spare one to replace the slow charger Apple bundled with the XS.


Forgive my technophobia, but what’s that for? Won’t a normal EU converter plug work for the charger?


The only thing extra I did was buy an 18w charger plug from fleabay for £16, so total spend will be £898 (phone was £883 when orders last Friday)

Apple iPhone 6 Various Network Smartphone - All Colours 12M Warranty - £59.99 @ eBay / londonmagicstore
20° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Grade A - Excellent Condition. Fully Tested & 12 Months Warranty Included. Fully Working Condition. Phone may show minor signs of handling or use with insignificant blemishes a… Read more

Actually I've found Apple fairly annoying with this but Android (probably due to the range of hardware it has to support) is a lot less fussy. I'm not fussed either way but this is a risk with older devices and the 6 only has 1GB RAM which is not a lot at all.


It CAN happen with any brand, just like it CAN happen that Apple can block all phones with third party displays fitted, just not going to though unless theres a change in architecture or huge feature changes


Until app developers enforce newer iOS versions and break the older apps which can happen.


why do you need updates? You can still download almost everything on the App Store...


Misleading. The only poor iPhone 6 at this price.

Apple Iphone 11 125GB EE no upfront £46 a month (24mths) at Affordable Mobiles
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Apple Iphone 11 with 24month EE contract and 125GB. 24 months contract 46£ a month
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Sounds good what did you have to do to get this


just manage to get an ee retention deal, £44pm inc vat 60gb data and unlimited calls and text, iphone 11 pro 256gb


That's great for you, i tried Three in an sim only and here(close to London), it sucks in comparison to both EE and Vodaphone. However when i say EE is better than Three than that is based on a plethoria of researches rather than purely personal experience.


I am fortunate enough to have never had any issues with Three in the 10+ years I have been with them


Yeah sure, if you click on the + button with the word ''submit'' next to it you can share all those great deals! Can't wait to see you do better..

iphone SE (2020) THREE network 30GB £29 / 24 months £19 upfront at Fonehouse
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
£29 a month £19 upfront 30 gb data unlimited mins and texts on Three network iphone 8 also available same deal for £26 a month, £39 upfront cost https://www.fonehouse.co.uk/mo… Read more

it's 24 month contract (y)


Great deal if you like the three network and 3 year contract. just ordered my mother iphone se 64gb £26 a month upfront £39 24 month contract o2 network with 30gb data.


Why would anyone in their right mind want to get in debt for 3 years for a £400 phone. Two years is more than enough, if you need to do this due to finances I would recommend getting something within your budget.


I haven't done a lot of digging around, but that sounds like a decent deal. I'll check that one out. Thanks. Edit: Just noticed it's over 36mths so not so great.


Hello all, New to HDUK, believe this is my 1st post. What do people think to the deal on virgin mobile website Which is £0 upfront cost for new iPhone se 2020 unlimited mins and txt 30 Gb data at £26 a month for 36 months against this offer on fonephone? Thank you

iPhone SE 64GB, Vodafone £22pm (24m) + £85 upfront 6GB data £613 at Mobiles.co.uk
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
This is a cracking deal for the new iPhone SE. £22 per month plus £85 upfront for: Unlimited calls, texts and 6GB data on Vodafone. * Don’t forget Topcashback for £35. Thanks @t… Read more

Me either, I’ve just seen a few comments on here and other places about poor battery capacity which has put me off a bit. I’ve got a 6s just now which is still fine with the only exception being shocking battery life. Doesn’t seem much point in me upgrading to a very similar phone if the battery isn’t great. Although I suppose 25 a month isn’t much for a new phone these days XD


Don't know much about iD, thought it was something to do with CPW using 3 network. The data would be fine for me, I've never used more than one gig of data on my current contract in any one month and it says the data roles over but I can understand it's certainly not for everyone


It’s cheap, but it’s 1/ iD mobile, and 2/ 500MB to 1GB Not bad at all if it suits you though. Thanks for sharing (y)


You can get this really cheap (total cost) with iD mobile if you don't mind only half gig to one gig of data, no upfront and either £23 or £24 per month


I’d not actually researched the battery. I got this for my Dad, who had the SE from 2016, so I’m sure this battery will last longer. When you work it out with the upfront cost, this is about £25.50, so I was aiming for around £26 when we contacted EE upgrades. Would have probably even gone up to £27-28 to save the PAC hassle, but EE couldn’t come close.

Apple IPhone 11 Purple 128GB Excellent Condition - £529.99 delivered @ 4Gadgets
55° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
1 Available What's included? 12 Months Warranty Free Next Day Delivery 4Gadgets Branded Secure Box Brand new genuine Apple Lightning Cable (USB) Sim Removal Tool

oh excellent price, was it an ebay code on Argos ebay?


iPhone XR 128gb in black £579 delivered in 48hrs Amazon.de (Germany) if anyone interested. £100 saving x


No need to apologize at all ! Just not on my internet toes due to the waiting for the ludicrous amount of time the Premier are taking to OK the NUFC takeover ! (Four times as long as previous longest takeover check I read somewhere)


Sorry mate


That didn't last long. Was after exactly this for the wife

Apple iPhone SE 2nd Gen. (2020) 64GB - Black - Used - Like New @ Amazon Warehouse - £350.60
190° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Apple iPhone 2020 SE (64GB) in stock on Amazon Warehouse for £350.60 with next day delivery if on Prime. Condition is labelled as 'Used - Like New'.

Glad someone managed to get it! Was after a 128gb myself which never comes up :(


Quick update - received today and looks brand new. Box has a few marks but inside is fine.


Man...make fire.


Picked Good £368 white


Yes, setup keyword alerts

Refurbed Apple iPhone 11 & 22GB data - Vodafone - £30 per month x 24 Months / plus £100 upfront - Total Cost £820 @ Mobiles.co.uk
-339° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Dont forget possible £35 cashback from Quidco. Experience the latest smartphone technology with iPhone 11. This handset features the A13 Bionic chip – Apple’s fastest CPU to dat… Read more
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I think if it was gold I'd have bought it.


It could have been a 24 carat plated phone with diamonds on the picture. Picture didnt matter.


Yeh, that was my point.


Good point!


It’s just the wrong picture on the deal. iPhone 11 is full screen with the notch, just has lcd screen rather than the OLED of the Pro models and less cameras

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