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The original iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007 and since then iPhone has been dominant in the marketplace. Known as a trailblazer for many technologies that are now standard, such as touchscreen functionality, a “pinch to zoom“ interface and inertial scrolling, iPhone has now become Apples flagship product. HotUKDeals keeps its ear close to all things iPhone to bring you all the best deals in one place. Read more
Apple iPhone 8 64GB Silver Brand New Sealed Box Unlocked to all networks £524.98 @ Smart Phone Store
Found 13 h, 40 m agoFound 13 h, 40 m ago
Ok, new models will be out shortly but if you need a new iPhone today, this is a good deal. Apple price is still £699 for this phone, in John Lewis it's £639. Smartfonestore have p… Read more
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Good price for what it is but can't see why you would so close to the launch of the new ones and if you're not fussed about that then why not just get an iPhone 7 which is extremely close in features but about half the price?


I bought iPhone 6 from them and didn’t have any problem with them too.


Just this site mate, that is a cracking deal and deserves heat


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/iphone-8-64gb-ee-30gb-data-36-a-month-24-months-864-with-ee-mobile-phones-direct-3022927 Why is this one gone cold then ? 864-525=339 Then 339divided by 24=14.125 for 30gb internet and unlimited minutes?



Belkin power bank at sainsbury reduced by £5 - £20 instore
LocalLocalFound 15 h, 42 m agoFound 15 h, 42 m ago
Belkin power bank 5000 mah at sainsbury reduced by £5 in Durham arnison centre.

£20 for 5000mah haha (excited) I’ll stick with my 20000mah Aukey


£20 for 5000mAh...meh!




terrible price for this to be fair, you can get 4 times the battery for the same price on amazon, from many different makes anker aukey ec technology (not at the moment but always on offer) cold from me

iPhone 8 64gb EE 30gb data  - £36 a month 24 months £864 with EE @ Mobile phones direct
Found 17 h, 1 m agoFound 17 h, 1 m ago
iPhone 8 64GB Unlimited calls, Unlimited Texts, 30GB Data - £36 a month 24 months £864 with EE @ Mobile phones direct

Is EE good?


I am awaiting for the announcement before changing


Good deal, expect for cold votes as its iPhone, im sure if this was an Galaxy S9 it would gain massive heat




Voted cold as it's a rubbish phone and you can get it cheaper at mobilephonesdirect

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Adidas iphone Hard Cases, iphone 5/5s, In Store £1 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Spotted these in Trongate, Glasgow earlier - wonder if there's more varieties out there? Personally not my taste but my teenage niece would love these!
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Need one but for a iPhone X


I know these can be deemed as chavvy, I am far from being a chav-but actually had one of these on my older 5s: officially licensed, they do look quite good. Heat from me: I’d have one for my 6s happily.


There's probably more things in poundland that are not £1 than are..




Poundworld shut a few weeks ago, mate ;)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Apple iPhone and iPad. Discounted to £4.69 from its original £8.49 - Itunes
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Much acclaimed and sprawling RPG Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) – oft quoted as one of the best Star Wars games of all time – has received a price cut. A sizeable one too. Dis… Read more
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Does Amazon underground still have a free version of this?


It hasn’t aged well.


KoTOR is currently free on Xbox Game Pass.


This is great on the PC, and the steam version got updated a few years ago with better visual, joypad support and steam chevoos....cracking game.


I once completed this game on my iPhone, it run like crap but it’s such an awesome game. It also looks very good in 4k on my X1X

iPhone X 64gb, 60gb data on EE £58 a month no upfront costs x 24 months = £1,392 @ BuyMobiles
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
I know iPhones contracts are seriously not cost saving but I just stumbled on this price on buymobiles.net EE Max Plan 60gb data (up 90mbs) Unlimited texts & calls Free roamin… Read more
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Haha, I think my number of connected WiFi devices may be a bit extreme too, I might count them and report back for fun :D Yeah, it's an Osmo but the first generation one, I paid around £250 for it a few weeks before the 2nd gen was announced, so not my most savvy purchase unfortunately. I'd never had a drone, but took advantage of an offer here just recently, the Muvi Q1 at just £94.50. Was very impressed for the money so bought a second one for spares too. I know it's not the best available but I don't think I'll use one very much so couldn't justify going too crazy on this occasion.


Yeah I’m the same with any tech,love it and always got to buy the latest and greatest,preferably on launch day Put it this way, i rang Sky the other day about my internet and the woman said let’s have a look at how much data you are using and how many devices you have connected,you could almost hear her chin hit the floor when she seen what the figures were lol Oooh is that a gimbal i see in the shadows ? I’ve got the osmo mobile 2 myself,and it was rude not to get a Mavic Air to go with it lol


I’d probably give it a couple of months before boasting about a new Samsung Note having a massive battery if I was you... My P20 Pro has a 4000mah too, battery life is epic.


Yes apple update your phone 2 or 3 years down the line to make your 2 or 3 year old phone slow, so you have to go and buy a new one lol.


Of cause it will have a better resale value. They cost a hell of a lot more than other phones.

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iPhone SE 32Gb, 2 year contract, 4Gb, unlimited calls, £22 p/m 24 months £20 off with code £518 Mobiles.co.uk
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
OK, now the newest phone, but good price. 2 year contract on EE, 4Gb data, unlimited calls/texts, iPhone SE Silver or Grey 32Gb (no upfront cost), cashback and with 'Deal20' code … Read more

Yeh £180 32GB SE unlocked freezing cold £240 last year on eBay 20% freezing cold


And just cause apple over price their phones doesn't mean they are better or even worth it. Only mugs pay iPhone prices. Again, just my opinion. And the majority of HUKDers also think that, since its gone this cold. Along with all the other iPhone deals....


I didn't say they was the same. Android is far superior. IN MY OPINION.


No, it won't be. iOS 12 is being rolled out to the 5s this year. The CPU in this phone is from the 6s, minimum software support you can reasonably expect is up to and including iOS 14.


A budget iPhone is £300 A budget Android is £60 You think they are the same?

Iphone X 24 month phone contract with EE at £53 a month. No upfront cost. £44.10 TCB @ MOBILEPHONESDIRECT
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Unlimited mins, unlimited texts, 4gb data £44.10 topcashback Cheapest iPhone x contract with no upfront cost out there.
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Get dissent branded device and you will be fine. Many people buying cheap Chinese models and start complain about.


Of course is not about how many devices, Look at this article - the only person who fight for ios was you, rest of forumers staid calm. Generally you do support ios and see yours benefits in it - i don't. Reason why i answered in short because i can see your full enthusiastic in ios... I let you satisfy with it but it didn't worked for me. ... And be honest, we at work place cisco engineers, mostly do not support ios. Nothing against unix, only against iOS restricted functions.


Six months to a year later and by then your manufacturer and carrier have stuck their dirty fingers in it.


It's not about who has the most phones. Your comment was "who likes ios???", the answer is over 1.3 Billion. An interesting asside, however, note how Android has an install base of just over 2 Billion active users, which is indeed far greater than 1.3 Billion and means that Android is live on about 35% more devices overall. However, that does give an interesting dynamic. Android outsell iOS devices approximately 86 devices to every 15 (worldwide), but despite this they only have a 35% swing in active users. That's one hell of a lot more Android devices chucked in the bin every year than Apple devices and highlights the value of the Apple proposition. You do indeed spend more buying an Apple iPhone, and some of that pricing is indeed high level profits for Apple. But on the flip side you iDevice will, statistically, last far longer and end up saving you money over time. It's the same with their line of computers, they cost more upfront, but add in the years of software support and resale value and you will usually end up saving over time.


Ios - just reached 1.3b devices, android - year and half ago over 2b.

Free INRIX Traffic Maps - No Ads - Android - iPhone
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
INRIX Traffic Version 6.8 is a traffic, navigation and parking app that uses one of the world’s largest driver and vehicle communities to simplify your commute and to get you to im… Read more

I don’t have a Tomtom...


TomTom does the same.


No one has pointed out that Waze also tells you where all the speed cameras are unlike Google Maps, particularly useful to avoid any nasty letters, +1 for Waze and as @mrtea1967 mentioned, if you need an app to tell you what lane to be in then you shouldn't be driving..


Hasn't here maps closed down my Lumia 950 got a message.totally agree with your driving comments, some people have no directional sense and this isn't the answer


What settings?

Samsung EVO Plus 128GB SD card - free delivery $27 (£20.87 Revolut) @ Joybuy
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Great to see prices around £20 again. Comes to just £20.87 at current Revolut rates.... Cheap and cheerful if you are looking for the plus model. 1603 reviews at 5* on Joybuy pa… Read more
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Anyone buy this card?


Yes I have this in my Nintendo switch


Does this work for a Nintendo Switch?


It isn't a saving if JoyBuy declare the full value on the customs ticket. Which they most likely will (because that's how they do things)


Yeah, good point!

iPhone 8 64GB Unlimited calls, Unlimited Texts, 30GB Data - £36 a month 24 months £864 with EE @ Mobile phones direct
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
The best deal around at the moment, been searching for one for my partner, everything else is around £42 a month or cheaper but with an upfront cost for the phone. You get a warni… Read more

I found this on same site the other day but now it’s disappeared ;(


Its there but seems to be reduced to 20GB.


Under offers


Not showing for me, very odd


This deal is still live and is the best iPhone 8 deal around

IPhone 8 £34 pm / £915 over 2 years @ CPW
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
Seemed like a good deal to me. EE struggled to match on my wife's retention call.

£36p/m, no upfront fee and twice the data! https://www.mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/contract-mobile-phones/apple-iphone-8-64gb-silver


I've looked - there's nothing cheaper over 24 months.


Wait till September they are releasing a new phone


I am looking for a iphone 8plus or x on a pay more up front lower payments tariff. CPW look ok on those deals


Have a look on mobile phones direct. Com

Betron D51 Bluetooth Speaker Wireless System for Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Smartphones, Mp3 Players, Computers and Tablets - LIGHTNING DEAL - £14.99 (Prime) £19.48 (Non Prime) @ Sold by Betron Limited ( VAT Registered) and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Enjoy your music through 5W dual high-performance drivers and an unique enhanced bass Equipped with the advanced bluetooth technology,compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices … Read more



I'm not familiar with Betron, are they any good?. :-)


"Expires TODAY at 23:00" WOW!!, a Deal Posted 20 minutes before it actually expires?, hehehehe. Lol, I'm impressed. ;-)

Iphone 8 Plus 64gb £659 @ Very using £100 off code
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Very have money off the iphones and if you take it on buy now pay later they have another £100 off this phone direct from apple is £799. The 256gb has £100 off plus the additional … Read more

anyone remember the code pls?


is the code still valid


Anyone else having problems at checkout getting the code to work? Seems to loop round when you try and enter the code for the £100 discount


Don't they all look like this though?


Haha not a chance, I'll be glad when the notch phase passes on all phones. I was just saying what everyone else is thinking but won't say because it's an iPhone

Targus 10W Super Fast USB Power Adapter with UK 3 Pin & Extra European Wall Plug for iPad, Tablets, Kindle, iPhone, Android etc £5 @ Asda
LocalLocalFound 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Targus 10W Super Fast USB Power Adapter with UK 3 Pin Wall Plug for iPad, Tablets, Kindle, iPhone, Android etc Comes with extra 2 Pin European Wall Plug which is quite handy if y… Read more
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Apple iPhone SE and iPad From £25 per month on a 3 year deal @ Virgin Media
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
I know this deal will not suit most people but if you want a mobile plus ipad and dont want to pay up front then this may suit you. I'm personally going for the 2,500 minutes, unl… Read more

How is it ‘about 97%’, surely it’ll just tell you exactly in the Battery Health (beta) bit. Anyway that figure is an estimate so if you’ve charged it 1400ish times then that percentage will bear a linear relationship with the charge cycles so it doesn’t sound right. Maybe they don’t ‘rig for performance tests’, they’ll just underclock your CPU and not tell you... not like you can compare it directly to something else. Anyway I have an iPhone as welland I’m happy with it.


Well I have it here and that’s what it says in batt health..Best phone I’ve had , gonna keep this as long as I can..too many suffer from upgradeitis. Just checked my wife’s and her iPhone 6 battery is 88% , still not bad for a 4 year old phone.


Even if it was switched off the last four years in a drawer that's unlikely


I dunno you tell us?


That's a really silly thing to say. Why would anyone have a product they think is trash?

Used iPhone X for £670 @ John Lewis clearance
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
John Lewis Grand central got few used iPhones on clearance. Please look at the picture for more details. I liked the price of iPhone X at £670.
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Those down voting can't find a better price, although people like plewis00 will pretend that they can to try and justify their response. Besides, to them that is not the point anyway as they typically fall into one of three camps: 1. They have an irrational hatred of Apple products and would down vote this phone, even it was being given away for free. 2. How much?!?! People who knee jerk at a number and refuse to consider that others may find value in a product that that they consider to be outrageously priced. This mentality applies to everything from computers to Ice Cream and anything in the premium space is marked down on principal. 3. Finally you get the "you can buy a basic smart phone for around £80!" camp, these people tend to be even more extreme than those in category two and will vote down anything that is not around the cheapest price they have ever seen, specificaitons and functionality be damned!


Can’t remove your own posts


No. You will just have to keep an eye on it like everyone else. Even if I could link one it would not last long. It’s first come first served just like GPUs on Amazon Warehouse. It’s just a waiting game with plenty of patience needed but it’s not impossible.


Ex display just sealed off sure but ex display left on and poked all day every day, he'll no used would be better as it would have been treated well (most likely)


That's some price (y)

eBay: Apple iPhone X / 64GB 256GB Unlocked Space Grey/Silver 12M Warranty £510 - 2013luckypenny
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Seems legit? Could be 'too good to be true', use PayPal if this is indeed a scam.

Yes, just gave them a call and they are investigating and will try to speed up the money-back process.


The seller was hacked, I bought one, eBay have removed the item, just ring eBay on the 0800 number, the raise a case over the phoneI got a refund off the seller within 2 hours


Of course not, need to start the eBay / Paypal money back process in a week or two. Well, still worth the gamble but as usual, just so disappointed with eBay.


Did any one who ordered get theirs?


PayPal refund will take a week to clear ... con men

Apple iPhone SE 64GB - Unlocked, various grades from £119.99 @ Smartfonestore
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Seems like a good deal for an unlocked 64Gb version.I bought a grade B, it was mint, no scratches or nicks. £4.99 postage
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Yeah my grade b was pretty mint, perfect for my kid as it’s cheap (can be replaced), not desirable (won’t get it nicked) and it can play fortnite


Ordered a couple of grade b’s and they came looking perfect. Haven’t turned them on yet though...


All the options I would consider (iphone 6 64gb unlocked) are only avail in either Grade A(more than I want to pay) or Grade C(Ilower quality). Decent deal for an SE though.


I’ve been browsing for a cheap SE with higher than 16gb storage for a few weeks now and this deal stands out. Tempting. Thanks OP. Voted hot.


Because it’s apple and the haters happen to be on here

Iphone 6S Unlocked Giff Gaff - £279
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Apple iphone 6s Internal memory: New: 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB Pre-owned: 16GB/64GB Size: 138.3 mm x 67.1 mm x 7.1mm Weight: 143g Display: 4.7" Retina HD display with 3D Touch … Read more

I bought from that Malaysian ebayer, and discovered that Apple warranty had expired 6 months ago. Their response was that they offered their own 2yrs warranty and despite the phone being ‘factory sealed’ they were registered by Telcos at purchase time...i’m sending it back.


Malaysia uses the same Type G plug as the UK so it was probably Malaysian stock. I'm not suggesting it's inferior, just that it probably wasn't UK sourced.


I had a look for this, found one for £207? Is this the same as your wifes? Do apple need to worry about missing bands (20?)Thanks


Is that a bad thing?


We still talking 6s in mid 2018 !!

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